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12 Aug 2009
Feedback / Thread Leader [9]

we don't live in an ideal world ;)

True true, I'll head back to the drawing room, to the drawing board and draw... new drawings :)
11 Aug 2009
Feedback / Thread Leader [9]

Hi Admin,

Was recalling this from Php.

Whereby I start a thread, I can delete off topic threads in threads that I start only.
This way it helps mods as the thread leader wont want off topic and can delete off topics.

Perhaps just for gold members also?

29 Jul 2009
Life / Internet in Poland [8]

got 20 Mbps UPC here in Ireland - its pretty good - go UPC:)
24 Jul 2009
UK, Ireland / Foreigners: Please buy the Irish Land! [49]


Entitled to your opinion.

Im not FF by the way.
I have an Honours Degree in Business.
Work as a Tax Accountant the last 5 years.

Of course if fooking does you tool, economic 101 price rises to meet demand.

You failed to see the point of the paragraph. This is not a free market. You are regurgitating baby economics 101 yes. This is a mixed market - or 'open economy' and is subject to regulation by the authorities. As such, the govt controls price floors and ceilings etc. taxes on second homes, first time buyer grants etc.

So yes, it is the governements fault for not regulating correctly. They could and should have stopped the upward spiral - but greed was too tempting. Now we have the downward spiral and they cant stop it.

Tools like you caused the property bubble.

Fail. I do not own a house - I would not buy (and have not) with such ridiculous prices.

you spread their propaganda for them.

If you mean, foreigners welcome? Then yes of course!
Diversity is healthy - if it wasn't for the Central & Eastern Europeans coming to Ireland the past few years our boom would have happened sooner and sharper. Not to forget the passing trade that is tourism.

Unless Im mistaken, which I hope I am,you strike me as pseudo socialist (i.e. you think your left wing - the land for the people, up the 'RA', etc.) but the above comes across as ignorant and a racist (i.e. you think there is free market here and the land for the people....except foreigners).

Now, i've no doubt you'll reply some nonsense and insults so off with you.
I couldn't be arsed giving you anymore of my time.

I say goodday.


boom to bust*
24 Jul 2009
Travel / Taxi cost from the Wroclaw airport to the city center? [9]

Get a taxi OUTSIDE the terminal!

There will be people inside asking if you want a taxi - ignore them!

Go out the door and look for a registered taxi. They'll stand out.

Enjoy your stay in Wroclaw :)
24 Jul 2009
Work / BA in Business Admin, will this help me become a teacher in Poland? [15]

I have a business degree

Me too :)

More Business Studies - Management, Behavioural Science, Strategy than Admin and Law....And I'm an Accountant!

On a side note - You'd find it difficult to be a teacher in Ireland with a BA - there is a cap on those degree's to teacher ratio's here as they have too many!! (Crikey!)

But I recall, walking off the street in Wroclaw to enquire about teaching english. The Degree was enough. Celta and the likes im sure is no harm at all and prob helps you to actually teach.
24 Jul 2009
Travel / Aer Lingus LGW to WAW [5]

gone bust & the big daddy "Lot" is soon to follow.


came up with that gag

if you're gagging then your doing it wrong ;)
24 Jul 2009
Travel / Aer Lingus LGW to WAW [5]

It is :)

Wish CentralWings, (they're gone aren't they?) or whoever! would keep the Cork - Wroclaw flights! miss those!
13 Jul 2009
News / Dealing with constant insults against Polish [323]

we Irish love a joke :)

Every person, no matter what country he/she is from, has to deal with some kind of insults.

we even tell the jokes that take the p1ss of ourselves :)
Ive many central euro pals who also dont mind the pole jokes either :)
29 Jun 2009
Life / Is private health insurance necessary in Poland? [9]

Ireland has a free healthcare system but you'll find many pay the bit extra for the private health care - and alot of larger employers will provide it as a benefit.

If you are moving to work in Poland - see what it provides you.
Im sure if there is an emergency you'll be treated alright but im sure a member could provide you with a link for PL Health Insurance.

Id say if its affordable - better safe than sorry.
26 Jun 2009
Feedback / What if Polishforums would not exist? [50]

Id not have found all of you in the one place :)

Like most things, I honestly believe that if PF didnt exist in the guise, some other form would exist due to the demand of it....

not saying it would be better - just economics of it all.

I like it here :)
25 Jun 2009
Love / Advice for meeting her Polish parents! [44]

And of course just be polite and honest - they will like you for who you are not who you are trying to be. That, the fact you make their daughter happy will go a long long way to them liking you :)
22 Jun 2009
UK, Ireland / Modern Plantation for Poles in Ireland [352]

Ireland for the Irish. ;)

What a plonker ;)

Ireland for all!

Regarding the plantation of Ireland - It happened.
Much wrong was committed on both sides
As with alot of old history, the stronger side at the time won
Many abuses followed.
peoples divided.
only in the past 15 years have we really seen moving on from this?
15 Jun 2009
UK, Ireland / England, Dirty, Expensive and a dangerous place to live? [205]

Id have to say that Irish people (i am one) are as dirty, as a culture, as the rest of the British Isle's.

Especially with Ciggerettes, Chewing Gum and Litter on boozey nights out!
It is disgusting and the recent economic boom, resources were spent on frequent cleanup so as not to see it - it is a pity that the culture of not dropping it in the first place doesnt exist.

I would think UK/IE cities are good looking and on a par with other EU cities. But I feel that we spend more via city councils to clean up after ourselves.

I know places like Paris, Warsaw can be dirty too and as said - all big cities have this problem.

England is cheaper than Ireland for instance and seems more expensive than Poland.
As for Dangerous. Ive lived in the UK & IE for most of my life and would say its no more or less dangerous than any other EU city (having been to my fair share) I think danger is increased when in unfamilar territory and exposing yourself to risk.
15 Jun 2009
Food / Wroclaw has an Indian Restaurant [34]

we have a bollywood dance night every friday

Nice! next time im over ill drop in! Best of luck! Powodzenia!
31 May 2009
News / Libertas - what chances does the new party have in Poland? In Europe? [23]

Libertas is more a thorn in my opinion.
In Ireland during the referendum, they would not publish how they funded there campaign.
Something all parties must do here in Ireland.

I would imagine that 2% estimate in Poland is accurate enough.
They do not hold much sway here either, Declan Ganley the leader has an opinion poll rating of 9% but that wont transfer to votes is my guess.

Lisbon failed in Ireland due to the Politico's failing to reassure the people.
They more or less assumed it would just pass - this in my op, was the main problem.
Groups like Libertas lambasted the treaty and the gov't was like, thats not true, that wont happen, where are you getting this from? It was a load of bull the libertas scaremongering.

But the gov't failed to deal with treaty properly.

Ireland's No vote was unfortunately more a protest of out gov't then the treaty.
30 May 2009
UK, Ireland / Polish Beer in Ireland! [13]

I didn't realise how big Beamish had been in the past

Last day of the brewary was yesterday...100% production now moved one mile down the road to the Murphys (heineken Ireland) brewary now.

Are there any Polish Brands brewed outside of Poland?
25 May 2009
UK, Ireland / How do I get a replacement copy of my Polish Citizenship in London? [5]

Some girls here in Ireland had their passports stolen.
We called the embassy in Dublin and made an appointment to visit.
Trip up to dublin, straight to the embassy, replacement passports.
They were in and out in 30 mins.

It was hustle and bustle there too - So I don't know, keep trying to call before wasting time queing?
24 May 2009
UK, Ireland / Polish Beer in Ireland! [13]

I thought they bought it years ago, about the same time Fosters, or someone, bought Murphy's.

Beamish had the rights to make Fosters and Miller here in Ireland.
Heineken did buy Murphys a few years ago and now they bought Beamish
Had a pint today of the new owners go, its good. :)
24 May 2009
History / Territories of eastern Germany should rightfully belong to Poland? [161]

And welcome back Pan Daffy! You have been gone too long! :)

Thanks SG :) nice to see you too.

Yes, The EU idea is one that would see greater cooperation than what crow is suggesting by placing high walls, barriers between peoples. Its counterproductive.

Germany & Poland are Member states of the EU with free movement of peoples between each state. What Crow suggests is antiquated, and re-opening old wounds.

The lessons of WW2 took a long time to learn. Who then could have seen the level of cooperation and friendship today? More please!