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Packet soups recommended or not

sausage 19 | 775  
21 Apr 2008 /  #1
I got a taste for barszcz czerwony on my recent trips to Poland. Can anyone recommend any particular brands of these that you can buy in packet form. I have already tried "Wariany", which I quite enjoyed.
z_darius 14 | 3,960  
21 Apr 2008 /  #2
I use "white borsch". Probably the only prepackaged Polish soup that tastes just like mom used to make it.
OP sausage 19 | 775  
21 Apr 2008 /  #3
thanks darius, i will keep an eye out for it
plk123 8 | 4,138  
21 Apr 2008 /  #4
knorr makes great barszcz.
OP sausage 19 | 775  
22 Apr 2008 /  #5
knorr makes great barszcz

yes, i remember seeing the adverts (more times than I can remember) for it on Polish TV. not sure if it is available in the uk though...
sapphire 22 | 1,241  
22 Apr 2008 /  #6
In the UK you can buy it anywhere they sell Polish food, which seems to be a fcuk of a lot of places of late... in either packets or jars. My personal favourite is Knorr Ogorkowi, with crispy croutons. I have introduced this and Barszcz to my entire office.
plk123 8 | 4,138  
22 Apr 2008 /  #7
yeah, their ogórkowa is pretty darn delish. :)
sapphire 22 | 1,241  
22 Apr 2008 /  #8

ah thats the one, I was getting confused with orgorki, which seem to be breeding in my fridge lately.
Dagmara 1 | 38  
23 Apr 2008 /  #9
Krakus makes an awesome barszcz in a carton ready to drink.
Eurola 4 | 1,900  
23 Apr 2008 /  #10
Isn't Knorr a German brand? I love their Goulash and Sourbraten, but never seen ogorkowa from Knorr... I'll take a look around.
If I want a polish flavor I get Adamba! You can't beat the flavor.
(I wish they did not put MSG in it, however)
plk123 8 | 4,138  
23 Apr 2008 /  #11
yeah, knorr makes it.. i just checked... got it at wallys or endys but i am sure all the other stores have it too. knorr makes all kinds too, grzybowa, borowikowa, czerwony and bialy barszcz, a couple of different tomato ones.. etc.
Eurola 4 | 1,900  
23 Apr 2008 /  #12
got it at wallys or endys

They've got wallys and andy's in vegas? wow! :)
plk123 8 | 4,138  
23 Apr 2008 /  #13
maybe, maybe not.
Seanus 15 | 19,670  
24 Apr 2008 /  #14
Knorr do great value cuppa soups, as has been stated above. It will never match a real żurek done here in Silesia but they fill a hole and are tasty, especially barszcz czerwony.
Jannie - | 2  
30 Aug 2008 /  #15
I am looking for a recipe that my grandmother always made. I am not even sure what the correct spelling. I am guessing at it so I hope someone can tell me. It was callled Faus? All I know was that it was a bit on the sour side and we used to put hungarian noodle in it. If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it very much. I live in Georgia and when we go to Ohio I make sure that I hit the Polish market for Kielbase and Pierogies.
McCoy 27 | 1,268  
30 Aug 2008 /  #16
farsz (read: farsh) = filling. there are different kinds of farsz. it could be sweet cheese farsz; sour cabbage and mushrooms farsz; meat farsz; chees, potatoes and onion farsz.

I live in Georgia

beware of russians ;) ruskie pierogi recipe:

cabbage and mushroom pierogi recipe
Dagmara 1 | 38  
30 Aug 2008 /  #17
Do you mean "kwas"? Then it's bialy zurek that you want, it has kwas (acid) in it. Kwas is made by fermenting grain. It gives the soup a great sour taste. We put sausage and potatoes in our zurek.
shopgirl 6 | 928  
31 Aug 2008 /  #18
especially barszcz czerwony.

The best one! Yummy! :)
Seanus 15 | 19,670  
22 Jun 2009 /  #19
Didn't you mean Winiary, sausage? They are good, Knorr too. Knorr Serowa is tasty :)

It felt so good to go back to the cheap soups after having forked out 16PLN for a bowl. To hell with that, never again! The packet soups nicely fill a hole.
OP sausage 19 | 775  
22 Jun 2009 /  #20

Yes that's the one. 38p a packet. 2 servings. Plenty of E numbers too.
daffy 23 | 1,500  
22 Jun 2009 /  #21
Ive gotta say, ive not found any packet Barszcz that I like.
And I love the stuff!
Seanus 15 | 19,670  
22 Jun 2009 /  #22
So about 1.50zł? They are just as filling. I was mortified at the cost of that soup (16PLN). Soup is traditionally a food for peasants to warm their cockles and get them going.

Plus, packet soups can be made quickly. Most workplaces have a kettle so it's just pour and go.
OP sausage 19 | 775  
22 Jun 2009 /  #23
Plus, packet soups can be made quickly.

The Winiary barszcz czerwony takes 15 minutes. It has loads of dried pieces of beetroot in it. You are supposed to take them out before serving, but I always eat them.
Seanus 15 | 19,670  
22 Jun 2009 /  #24
15 minutes, wow, I didn't know. Well, it's as the HP motto said, 'the best things come to those who wait'. Have you tried the new soup, simply called 'Smaczna'? I think it's from Winiary too, a subsidiary of Nestle I believe.
OP sausage 19 | 775  
22 Jun 2009 /  #25

no subliminal message there, then!
no haven't tried it. I wasn't at all into soups before going to Poland.
Seanus 15 | 19,670  
22 Jun 2009 /  #26
I liked soups as Scotland is very much a soup culture. We have soups that can compete with the best Polish ones. We have peasantish ones and high-end ones.

Haven't you seen the commercial about it, sausage? No, konkretnie, smaczna ;)
OP sausage 19 | 775  
22 Jun 2009 /  #27
Haven't you seen the commercial about it, sausage? No, konkretnie, smaczna ;)

I am in the UK at the moment, haven't been in PL since March
Seanus 15 | 19,670  
22 Jun 2009 /  #28
Aha, I've forgotten the packet soups back home. We are more of a pot noodle culture.
polishmeknob 5 | 154  
23 Jul 2009 /  #29
I recommend them.
They're not nearly as good as the real thing, but they travel and ship well and are a pit of Poland when you're far away.
Lefty 13 | 124  
23 Jul 2009 /  #30
knorr makes great barszcz.

I second that motion.

That's why I have several packs in the cupboard.

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