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Internet in Poland

29 Jul 2009 /  #1
Hi, I'm going to study in Krakow for a few years and was wondering about the internet plans there.

I'm going to be living in an apartment near the city centre and was wondering what sort of internet plans are available. I'm a pretty heavy internet user, and I like my internet fast - does anyone know of any plans that would fit this?

frd 7 | 1,394  
29 Jul 2009 /  #2
if heavy internet using means illegal downloading movies and games then I guess you'd need something around 30Mbit.. in that case UPC should be enough for you it operates in Krakow.
dxx 12 | 108  
29 Jul 2009 /  #3
GHnet is pretty fast too, whatever u do, dont go for play mobile :)
Raficoo 3 | 34  
29 Jul 2009 /  #4
if you can get UPC.. get 30mbps.. if their not Available in your Area.. check Aster and get 10mbps..
daffy 23 | 1,500  
29 Jul 2009 /  #5
got 20 Mbps UPC here in Ireland - its pretty good - go UPC:)
polishmeknob 5 | 154  
30 Jul 2009 /  #6
Don't use Orange with a Huawei 3G modem. I don't know if it's the modem or Orange, but it's right out ******.
Kapusta 2 | 66  
30 Jul 2009 /  #7
Huawei 3G modem

I don't know if it's the modem

It's the modem. I have one of those and it doesn't work well. It's sporadic and it's usually very slow.
30 Jul 2009 /  #8
Don't use Orange with a Huawei 3G modem.

I've got a Huawei PCMCIA modem (E620 I think) and it works fine. Mine is on Era. At my office we've tried a lot of PCMCIA modems and that one is by far the best.

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