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1 Sep 2009
Life / Coffee Grinder in Poznan and Warsaw [9]

Hi john, just out of curiosity, Can or do you deal with Lila Lofsberg Coffee .........A swedish Poducer, I am looking for a specific blend that they do, could you help??
1 Sep 2009
Life / Appreciate any remarks on life in Kraków [41]

Ive been in and around krakow for almost 7 yrs here, and as a professional musician, I have seen my fair share of the world, and I must state that Krakow is one of the best, and If not one of the safest major cities in the world.

Its the moon unit, lager filled drunk Stag parties that have screwed up Krakow for expats and natives alike. It will slowly return to normal, but tension and "foreigner distrust" has certainly risen here as a result!
1 Sep 2009
Life / Wonderful Poland.......but the attitude of Polish people [150]


You really think Polish country folk have never seen a black person before ?

Well doll, you really dont know your own country do you>!!!

I live in gorlice,(6 yrs and counting) and about 2 yrs ago the circus came here, and lo and behold the kids were oogling,pointing and laughing at the coloured guys who work for the circus, rather than make the most if the camels,elephants and such.

So YES there is places in poland where the locals havent seen a coloured pwerson face to start exploring and getting to know your own country dude
21 Aug 2009
Life / Leroy Merlins Price Protection [41]


stop trying to rank "american way" on a country that clearly has its own history and way of doing things, of sourse some things could and should be better,and cust service is still in its infancy here.

daft yanks trying to push there "we know best" qualities.....................humbug .....

We see your point, just stop thinking that what your used to in the good ole us of a is the way you expect things to happen here.

grow up and stop being so aggressive....................bring back jerry springer .........all is forgiven!
21 Aug 2009
Life / Question for British Ex-Pats in Krakow [18]

I think it would be the right time to finally start a regular Krakow expats club, and hook ups, any one finally gonna help me get this off the ground?????

I have a brand new (opening oct) cafe bar venue in podgorze/kazimierz , so no probs, we can have a permanent "home" there as it were..................the owners would be delighted lol.....

cmon guys n gals, I could also provide a website as a focal point,aside from here, to help organise things, meets ups diary etc.....

Anyone interested lets get this rolling,
31 Dec 2008
Life / Need some advices from fellow expats in Wawa [14]

Three courses for less than 60zl? At a milkbar maybe!

maybe you all should think about moving to krakow!!!!

Average 3 course meal here in about 90% of the GOOD restaurants are about 60-80 Zls for 3 Courses!!

Warsaw's like London, overpriced, over charged and OVER most normal peoples heads.
25 Nov 2008
Real Estate / what is the price to rent or buy a bar or pub in "Rzeszow" [10]

Going by what Ive seen here and looked at myself in Krakow (Kazimierz, for example etc) to "rent will cost about 50,000 - 150,000 zls Deposit (Kaucja) depending on the state of the equipment ....

and about 5000-9000 per month, In a Rental Agreement

To buy will cost about 500,000 - 850,000 Zls

although I would think that Rzeszow is a bit cheaper.

anything else just ask
24 Nov 2008

British-Polish typical wage scale: shop assistant, anaesthetist, bus driver, barmaid, plumber, computer programmer, etc.

Average wage scale as I pointed out above APPLIES to ALL of the occupations you mentioned Polonius .......that is 1500 zls Netto!.........average working Mans salary here is approx 1500-2000 zls (not mentioning other sources)


THE Economy is right up the shi%#er as far as Im concerned, and I mean for "real' people, daily life , day to day.get the drift!

and do me a favour folks, dont throw in and mention Warsaw wages are higher etc........thats the same as saying London/New York salaries are "average"

and If anyone thinks this "rant" of mine is by anyway related to bitterness or unhappiness, your sadly mistaken, I am very comfortable here, but feel angered at the way the countries pricing structure in real world terms is almost ignored.

I work in Music, I deal with electronic goods daily, and the "amateur entrepreneurism" that goes along the name of "business" here is an absolute disgrace.....I KNOW the majority of Electrical goods ditributor costs, and retails costs and the margins of profit are scandalous to say the least.

almost all goods sold to countries in the EU are sold at the same price, either in discount or in bulk, either from china or elsewhere, and the Markups that are going on in Poland are a disgrace.

Doing business here has definately got about 10-15 yrs to go before it balances out on par with most of the EU.

Trying to sell houses with out descriptions, or even photographs, laughable estate agents cashing in on the "stupid tourist syndrome.

people trying to sell cars without a price attatched...mmmm I dont think ive ever met anyone who wants to phone a complete stranger only to be told and embarrased that the item is "out of their reach" pricewise.

The fear of your neighbour finding out what your selling your goods for is still too reminiscent of commusnist times.

2008 goodbye....hello 2009....... lets see if it will be better .lol
24 Nov 2008

electro is cheaper here...

I take it your talking about the music , not electricity!!!!!!!!

I have stayed and travelled many many countries, and when it comes to it (Ive been here 5 yrs ) POLAND IS PROBABLY THE MOST EXPENSIVE PLACE IN EUROPE TO LIVE DECENTLY WITH WHAT YOU GET PAID,.......and this is not sour grapes but reality speaking.

I earn a really good living here (far far better than I did in the UK, but comparitively Poland is not expensive .............but EXTORTIONATE!.

and I ask anyone to comment otherwise! current estimations is that Poland is about 40 - 1000% more expensive to live than the UK (cost to cost)...

Do not work out your costs by currency conversion, BUT REALK WORLD LIVING AND EARNING COSTS

examples are as follows! please read closely!

Average wage in the UK approx 1500 GBP netto PER MONTH
" Poland 1500 Zls netto PER MONTH

Average cost of decent secong hand car UK - 2000 GBP
" Poland 15000 Zls

Average Gas Bill in the UK 50 GBP (per month)
" Poland 300Zls ) (Per month)

Average cost of Home DVD Entertainment System UK - 400 GBP
Poland - 2000 Zls

Average Cost of a Vacuum Cleaner UK - 70 GBP
Poland - 450 Zls

AVerage Cost of a 2 adult / 2 kid Family Holiday Majorca (Package) UK 1500 GBP
Poland - 8000 Zls

Average cost of Baby Milk - UK 5 GBP
Poland 15 Zls

Average Cost of a Jar of Coffee (Nescafe) UK - 5 GBP
Poland 22 zls
...................................................................... ............................

UK Total 4,030 GBP

Poland Total 25,787 Zlotys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starting to get the Picture ?

Comments PLEASE
17 Nov 2008
Life / muslim community in poland [430]

This thread is going to be over 20 pages long for sure :(

quality foresight !!...rofl
27 Oct 2008
Real Estate / Current state of the property market in Krakow [135]

but the prices in Krakow city center are quite unreasonnable for the average Pole or even the average European.


220sqm House anywhere in Krakow 2 yrs ago , would have cost you 750,000 - 800,00zl

Now same House will cost you 1.700,000

bring on the stupid tourist!!!..plain simple fact is that its the system of "valuation" coupled with the system of 1-3% paid to the estate agent.

the estate agent puts the value on the houses in Krakow,

talk about a conflict of interest.

1 sale of a house in krakow pays for all the office costs of running a Nieruchomosci busines for the whole yr.

its the estate agents in Krakow and the rest of poland that is to blame,

NOT supply and demand just plain ole' greed

asking someone to put a value on something that they are going to sell AND also get a comission on is plainly LUDICROUS !!.....

Independent valuations is the only system that could possibly save Poland housing stagnation..No ONE IS BUYING HERE!! FACT, not avaerage polas , and not average dummy tourists either
27 Oct 2008
Life / Where to do laundry in Krakow? [24]

the "main " laudrette is in Ulica Dietla , get a tram, and by the way its a cool place to do your laundry, internet,cafe etc...........only one in central krakow i believe
27 Oct 2008
Travel / Best way to travel to Krakow from Gdynia? [5]

Anyone done this lately? What do you suggest?

Hi Griff, do your self a favour and take the train,

A) Less stressful, more comfortable ,you can walk about, have a drink etc, no worries about crashing your car on the horrific drive that is 3 city to krakow, or getting it stolen, as well as where to be parked for 3 days in krakow, along with the price of parking it here in krakow as well.. which anywhere near the centre is definately not free, as well as if its dumped for 3 days there is a good chance your wing mirror will be ripped off!, and after having 3 of them torn off or smashed certainly isnt funny.

all in all a journey that long isnt funny doing it in Poland, and I have done many thousands of Km here. & driving over 250kms I feel is never truely enjoyable here. for the many reasons i aint got the time to type! lol

Train is the way to go!
27 Oct 2008
Life / Best Sat Nav devices for use in Poland [41]

The figure you quote is for just one device

wasnt this the whole point of the topic,

as to which device is best for Poland?

sorry i aint got time to review/compare all GPS systems on the market, but if you have the time feel free

and th eTT 6 navigator is still for sale it is a possible buy,although not a good one
27 Oct 2008
Life / Best Sat Nav devices for use in Poland [41]

Garmin and Tomtom are good but they don't have the same updated data as Automapa.

very true,

either an Automapa or TeleAtlas map are the best covered maps in a GPS system for Poland specifically,

for example here is the specs for Tom Tom navigator 6 in regarding Eastern europe

-Poland (34%)
- Czech Republic (99%)
- Hungary (40%)
- Slovakia (16%)

..........not very clever huh
27 Oct 2008
Life / Best Sat Nav devices for use in Poland [41]

Krakow, are you on crack?

Hi Paris, i came here to be friendly, if your little ****head of a brain might realise that you rather immature, one liner might be taken as offensive. then I DO ADVISE you to think a bit before you chuck out a comment like that.


Oh and incidentally, IT is the software, AND the MAPS that make a good GPS SYSTEM.

It aint got **** all to do with your opinion of "models" what do you know?

Its to do with the "model" of software AND the MAp coverage .........Nokia use teleAtlas, for example , who have a more detailed map of Poland , than TT,

I have used both , and I KNOW from personal experience that its to do with the MODEL software....AND the coverage of the up on GPS , ALL TT. Garmin, Nokia. Sony,Panasonic, etc use different software , AND different maps in each model you clown, and they ALL have different percentage coverage of Poland.

24 Oct 2008
Life / Best Sat Nav devices for use in Poland [41]

Another option I guess is to buy one in Poland the next time I am there.


dont buy a TT, or garmin as they aint any use here, buy a polish one when your here, they have a huge range now, I have seen about 20 models available, but what I have to go and check for you is whether they come in english..gimme an hour and ill go to the shop and check, its about 15 metres from my home so no worries lol..

19 Oct 2008
Work / Hot Rod and Preformance Car jobs in Poland? [6]

just aquick one.

Tuning/Modding here in poland is getting really big, so in a specialist sort of way,and dealing with certain cars , I think you could make a decent living here
19 Oct 2008
Work / Working independent / creative industry in Poland [15]

Hi Rob, Krakow is a great place for what you do, Loads of exhibitions etc , and the local development is definately on the rise here.

Great place for someone like you (artistic) to stay , ive been here 6 yrs and absolutely love it (although there are growing pains to get accustomed to)

any other detailed questions just ask/pm
19 Oct 2008
Life / Pay as you go SIM - best option ? [19]

buy an orange POP card, most people here are with orange,

I had a Orange contract for 9 months , average bill was 200zl.(60zl tariff- 140 zls for calls) pissed off and switched to a POP card again, average bill 20zl!!!!.............Yes Im still trying to get to grips with it!.........and I got free 25zl credit for topping up with 25zl?..........makes ya kinda wonder what th ehell theyre up to?.....and this was in the last 3 weeks.