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Coffee Grinder in Poznan and Warsaw

usafpj 5 | 6  
19 Mar 2009 /  #1
Okay, I know that most everyone in Poland drinks that freeze dried stuff or espresso, but I use a french press and need some ground beans. I can't find any ground beans at Piotr and Pawel and the store that sells ground beans at Stary Browar charges 25zl for 100grams. I looked for a grinder at Mega Avans but they only had two choices that cost as much as an espresso machine. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
Olasz - | 69  
19 Mar 2009 /  #2
try any of them shops called "1001 drobiazgów"
coffe grinder = młynek do kawy
good luck
OP usafpj 5 | 6  
19 Mar 2009 /  #3
Would you know of one of these shops near Stary Browar in Poznan
Olasz - | 69  
19 Mar 2009 /  #4
no, sorry, I'm not freom the area.
Have a look in one of them shops selling coffee and tea.
How about on-line shopping?
rdywenur 1 | 157  
28 Mar 2009 /  #5

try this link. seems reasonable
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446  
29 Mar 2009 /  #6
Traditional hand-cranked coffee mills should be available at many household-goods shops in Poland. BTW using a little msucle power saves a few watts of elecrticity, hence less coal is burnt and the atmosphere benefits. As does the one getting a bit more exercise than just pressing a button! All benefits, no drawbacks!
johnkelleran - | 9  
27 Aug 2009 /  #7
I can grind fresh roasted coffee at my roastery in Krakow and ship it to you. Let me know if I can help, JohnKelleran@gmail
krakow 1 | 42  
1 Sep 2009 /  #8
Hi john, just out of curiosity, Can or do you deal with Lila Lofsberg Coffee .........A swedish Poducer, I am looking for a specific blend that they do, could you help??
rdywenur 1 | 157  
10 Sep 2009 /  #9
Did you know that your blender can grind coffee beans also.. (providing you own a blender) Just an option that is also available if all else isn't.

Related: Where can I buy a small coffee grinder in Warsaw?

Which store in Warsaw might have a coffee grinder or something to grind coffee. It must be small because I want to bring it in my luggage and it can be a manual grinder, I don't need to grind very fast.

Saturn (in Arkadia or Zloty Tarasy). Or any large grocery store like tesco, real or auchan has them. I saw a manual coffee mill at the Merkury (small department store) in Żoliborz on Słowackiego Street.

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