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Irish man wanna move to Poland

20 Feb 2006 /  #1
I am an Irish man lucky to be in a relationship with a lovely polish lady.recently we have spoken of her disire to return to poland. I am willing to go with her and relocate in poland. I have lots of fears and worries about this but Im sure i will be fine. Is there many irish in poland now or can anyone offer any advise to me

20 Feb 2006 /  #2
hm I am from big city Kraków, but i don't know any Irish person. Don't worry, we are tolerant. You must be yourself.
20 Feb 2006 /  #3
thanks karolina
your city is one of the nicest i have been too in poland

Marzena 2 | 122  
21 Feb 2006 /  #4
Derek, there might be some Irish communities, but they're probably not very big or popular - at least to my knowledge. But don't be afraid of that, why would you like to spend all your life with the same kind of people, maybe different is actually for the better! :). After all Poland is not that far from Ireland either.

I'm sure you'll meet many incredible Polish people, but the thing is that you'll probably have to learn the language or it might become difficult to carry on.
21 Feb 2006 /  #5
Hi Derek. I'm in a very similar position having a polish girlfriend and relocating to Poland. The all important specter of CASH looms menacingly. Basically Poland as we all know has a high unemployment rate, therefore making sure you are employed is essential to survival. If you have any savings and you and your partner are serious purchase property where you live. The method we used is to buy a flat off plan and pay it off whilst we were in the UK. Obviously the prices differ wildly depending on where you are. Major cities have an over-inflated price, this ripples out even into the suburbs. Best plan is to find a village or small town near a major city and purchase there, the property costs are much lower.

With regards to employment if you have a TEFL qualification you will find work and eventuallly can always tutor privately. As for many Irish people probably in warsaw. There will be some, I know there have been substancial investments by Irish buisness men in the last few years mainly in property in warsaw.

best bet mix with the locals its the only way forward. G
21 Feb 2006 /  #6
Hi Thank you for the replies

I have just applied for the Tefl course (even tough i'm asales rep not a teacher )
I have been taking polish lesssonsnow for 8 monts OH my god its so stange.
I will be in poland mid april hopefully to buy propery to live in as suggested by gilest
then back for christmas Have to keep the lady happy then hopefull move permantly in march. Any info on irish buying property in poland would be great

Again thanks a million for all info

Jestes boska ! boski !

21 Feb 2006 /  #7
:)Wow what rapid response, you too must be skiving work and floating on the net.
regarding buying property do you mind me asking where you are looking at.
the best website to visit for property is:
You are a sales rep, believe me teaching will not be so hard. Essentially its about communication skills. Be cool no worries.
21 Feb 2006 /  #8
Kalisz is the area i will be heading too. but dont tell my boss :) thanks for the website address
OP Guest  
28 Mar 2006 /  #9
do you think i should liv in poland
OP Guest  
28 Mar 2006 /  #10
It depends - have you ever been in Poland? If not, I advise you to go there first for at least a month. If you like it, you're bought :), if not you may reconsider other options. It's like - some people love Florida while others prefer California.
OP Guest  
1 Apr 2006 /  #11
Hi, I am an Irish guy too, I have been offered a job in Poland to start within the next 2 weeks, however, my problem is lack of accomodation, I am looking to possibly rent a room or share a house? I dont really fancy living in a hotel or sharing a bunk room with 200 people!

If anyone has a room they want to rent, or feel sorry for me and want to adopt me for a short period, I would be very happy! ( I can cook all foods, easygoing, positive attitude!)

Please email me directly if you have or know of any empty rooms some where in Warsaw!

OP Guest  
22 Jun 2006 /  #12
There are loads of Irish people buying property in Krakow.
There is an Irish web site( to type in Google) "DAFT" international properties ( Poland, then Krakow) which has tons of offers for Irish people and others to settle permanently or short time in Poland and particularly in Krakow which is the pearl of Europe.:)
23 Jul 2006 /  #13
u all in poland now ?? hating it or loving it ? LOL
opts 10 | 260  
31 Jul 2006 /  #14
Many years ago, I heard that couple centuries ago, a group of Irish settled in Poland. That there is a community of Poles, of Irish descent. I do not know if this is true.
1 Aug 2006 /  #15
I have no idea about an Irish community - but I think that it`s very possible, since thruout centuries many Scotish people settled here as well.
opts 10 | 260  
1 Aug 2006 /  #16

You are correct. It was not Irish but Scottish.

Do you know where Scottish settled in Poland?

Irish and Polish do have a lot in common, drinking in pubs/bars and telling stories.
I heard that from an Irishman who lived Poland. He liked living in Poland.
1 Aug 2006 /  #17
Do you know where Scottish settled in Poland?

As far as I know they`ve settled mainly in todays Eastern Poland (which at that time was Central Poland) ..and in the former Eastern Poland (which now is Belarus).
semper_malus - | 21  
14 Oct 2006 /  #18
The Scottish people where in past employers by the Radziwił family as soldiers. It means that (IMVHO) there was lokated more in Grand Duchy of Lithuania then in Poland .

As for irish- I don't know any but in my small town are 2 or 3 pubs in irish style so at the Saint Patrick day u can feel more or less like in the Éire :)

And don't worry we don't eat any newcommers (for now) :)
15 Oct 2006 /  #19
there is an irish pub in the centre of krakow... if my memory serves me correctly its called... the irish pub... or something like that... just wander in and mention leprachauns and they will great you like a long lost brother... to be sure...
Frank 23 | 1,183  
15 Oct 2006 /  #20're not taking the Michael there are you?........2 be doubly sure........
15 Oct 2006 /  #21
now frank... you wouldnt be suggesting there is no such thing as a leprachaun now would you?
Frank 23 | 1,183  
15 Oct 2006 /  #22
Not at all, its just that they are exclusive to the Emerald Isle......not allowed to export them even to new neighbours.........:)

Secondly, you never find an Irish man in an Irish pub abroad.......or...even leprachauns......
15 Oct 2006 /  #23
whilst part of me would like to disagree i must conceed that you are right... on both counts... :)
OP Guest  
29 Nov 2008 /  #24
hi . Im irish and moving over to warsaw with my polish wife. We have some land and was woundering do any of you good folks know if there any or many english speaking builders or any ideas or leads. Jinky ,
SeanBM 35 | 5,793  
29 Nov 2008 /  #25
Hello Guest (above)
And welcome to the Polish Forum.
Join this forum, I can not promise you that anyone can build your house but everyone is welcome.
I am irish and I live near Krakow.
Keep in touch
29 Nov 2008 /  #26
I am irish and I

And we don't hold it against him.... much.
SeanBM 35 | 5,793  
29 Nov 2008 /  #27
those is fighten words! well if I could be arsed, which I "aint".

Learn how to spell Sean and get back to me.

I really liked ratatouille, by the way :)
29 Nov 2008 /  #28

me and the little rug rats did too....
5 Dec 2008 /  #29
Moving to Poland is similar to having a terminal disease.
First stage: Denial
Second stage: Anger
Third Stage: depression
fourth stage: acceptance.
krysia 23 | 3,058  
5 Dec 2008 /  #30
fifth stage: suicide

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