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1 Jun 2009
UK, Ireland / Poles claim UK benefits after working only one year instead of going home [156]

All of the Poles I meet would much rather work than claim Dole.

The problem is with other Nationalities who turn up and are totally unemployable. 'Asylum Seekers' in this country are mostly bogus and quite happy with benefits and a free house to build a huge family in.

Many of them are doing really poorly paid jobs (by UK standards), so I think they deserve to claim.

If there was a list of people that should be kicked out of the UK, the Poles would be near the bottom, along with the Chinese.

The way the UK is going, Brits may end up working in Poland in a decade or two!
10 Apr 2009
UK, Ireland / Polish people in an english army [85]

Get him to go to a local Army Recruitment office.

They do have University Units which would be a good bet for him. A guy in my first year did it and would go away for weekends with them. Used to turn up at odd hours wearing his uniform!

The Paras' are a crazy bunch if he wants to see some action. Or the Marines'.

Failing that, the French Foreign Legion will take anyone, turn them into a killing machine, and send them into Hell! They are at least as bad ass as the SAS.

I know there are Fijians in the Army, as well as the Gurkhas' from Nepal.

These guys are mental!
10 Apr 2009
UK, Ireland / Recruitment agencies advertise for Polish only workers [162]

I blame the Companies themselves.

Most Brits would not work for the lousy wages and poor job security that they offer. So rather than pay a decent wage, and treat their employees as human, they exploit the poor Polish.

Employment Agencies in general are the scum of the earth! If you earn £6 an hour, the agency gets £9+ from the firm.

Why can't they just pay £8 an hour?

10 Apr 2009
Love / Advice from Polish Girls please :) [54]

Ask her out dude!

Get her phone number or ideally arrange to meet her after work.

If it is a nice sunny day, you could take her to the Beach!

There is a beautiful Pub in Rhosilli if you are near there.

Maybe use a Lidl trolley to wheel a Tuna down the aisle for the lulz?
26 Oct 2008
UK, Ireland / Magda Pniewska's "Last Breath" Heard Over Mobile [11]

A disgusting event.

I feel so sorry for her, and her family.

When she came to London, she probably had no idea about what scum inhabit it.

After Dunblane, only Criminals have guns now.
26 Oct 2008
UK, Ireland / Polish tramp dies in Wolverhampton. [17]

It is strange, but some people want to live like that.

They are not all 'lost souls' though. Many have worked hard to get addicted to drugs and crime. Bad people.

That is why I never give to beggars. Not that I think that this guy ever did beg. He seemed too proud.

And 87 too!

Living in a tent, inhailing traffic fumes on a roundabout.

For forty years.

26 Oct 2008
UK, Ireland / Negative attitude towards Polish immigration in UK becoming stronger [90]

What Poland needs is some Muslims.

They are the kindest, most hospitable, and tolerant people you could ever meet.

We have a surplus in the UK and would be glad to share them with you.

I will give you the bargain rate of 3,000,000 Muslims for 10 Poles.

It is a good deal.

For me.
26 Oct 2008
UK, Ireland / Are the Poles in England hated? [450]

So in the end, these are the reasons why the Brits/Irish hate Polish people.

This, from a guy who is probably stacking shelves in the UK on minimum wage. I am so upset that I cannot get a job at Tesco because of you. Damn you! My Career is over.

As for British Women, they are about on a par with Poles, to be fair. But cleaning toilets for £5 an hour is pretty demeaning.

Now, education. What has Poland invented recently? Despite our rampant alcoholism, we are regarded as one of the most creative nations in the world! This from a Country that has just agreed to put a bunch of American Nukes on it's soil. Aimed at Russia!!!
26 Oct 2008
Love / Polish Girl ruining my sleep [30]


Don't be such a girly-man.

You are better than that.

Google 'David Deangelo'

All will become clear.
25 Oct 2008

Freddy Mercury wasn't really British tho, was he?

He was from Zanzibar or somewhere like that

True, but he headed a Brit band. And no other Brit lead singer could touch him.

Although a few other blokes did.
24 Oct 2008

Gay tunes are pretty good.

Freddy Mercury is the best British front-man ever!

We had a Mardi Gras in my City a few years back. This gay bloke was waddling around in a pair of Dr.Martens and arctic camo underpants! In the main shopping street!!!

A lot of Gays' have issues.

As a Libertarian, I think that they should be allowed to do what they want in the privacy of their own homes.

But a fair few are just out to shock people.

I am far more scared of Lesbians. They are not like what you see in the Movies. Look at them the wrong way and they will beat the crap out of you!
24 Oct 2008
Life / Polish people start families at early age-how true is this? [20]

A Women ability to have children starts to drop-off when she hits 27. After that, it becomes increasingly difficult to conceive.

If you want a big family, you need to start young.

Men can keep on trucking until they kick the bucket.

25 is probably the cut-off if you want a few kids.

75 if you're a bloke.
24 Oct 2008
Life / Feminism in Poland:Pro and against [14]

Feminism is the right for Women to be seen as identical to Men.

Ladies, you really do not want that.

In the UK, we have a glut of bolshy, loutish Females wondering why no Man wants them.

Feminism is the antithesis of Femininity!

Just as the 'New Man' was to Men. (In the UK)

Feminism hates Women who want to have and look after a family. Like it is a horrible thing to do. It is why Divorce, rampant alcoholism, and kids born out of Wedlock is so prevalent in the UK now.

The Family is the ground that a society is built on.

Take away that, and everything else goes to hell.

A feminist, yesterday:

24 Oct 2008
Life / Will western traditions eventually impact Polish tradition? [13]

Christmas Day is also on December 25th due to the Winter Solstice on 21/22nd. I think the original Pagan festival was called Samhein?

Jesus was apparently really born in the Spring or Summer. But with Samhein being the biggest Pagan festival, they shoehorned it into it's current day!
24 Oct 2008
Love / Why english men like polish women ? [126]

As for women who are career oriented blame it on the economics since the household cannot be supported by one income in most of the countries, so since men are apparently better with economics, I am surprised that such an important factor is missed.

You have got the wrong end of the stick there, Miranda.

Imagine if the average house sold for 1 million pounds. How many people would buy it? Not many, right?

Families used to get by with just the Husband working, and the Wife maybe doing some work if she WANTED too. Because of this, you could only charge so much for the average house.

Now, if both people in a relationship are working, they have more money to spend. This means that the average house can be sold for more money as there is a higher income available to pay the mortgage. The downside is that Women are now FORCED to work full-time as well as their partner in order to buy even the most rat-infested hell-hole in Britain.

Thanks, feminism.

How many Women out there now are sick of their 'Careers' and would rather be taking care of their kids themselves and not by some minimum-wage Nanny?

Personally, I think my future family will come a long way before my Job, and I would expect my future Wife to think likewise.

Nobody on their death bed ever wished they spent more time at the office!
19 Oct 2008
UK, Ireland / Are polish pupils harming native british childrens education? [280]

Rather have a bunch of Polish kids than Muslims.

My old Primary School looks more like the UN than Wales. At least Poles want to learn the local language and not try to ram their culture down our throats.
19 Oct 2008
UK, Ireland / Great Britain vs England, Ireland, Scottland, Wales [37]

You won't see that many Union Jacks, but you will see loads of Welsh, Scottish, and England flags.

I like being British, although there is a movement to make Wales independent. It will lead to more bureaucracy and higher taxes.

Not sure about Scottish Politicans though: Brown, Blair, Darling!

Welsh ones are just as bad too. David Davis is ok though.