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1 Dec 2009
Language / Not sure if I will be able to speak Polish [53]

- Well, I hate to point out the obvious, but maybe starting posts on Polish speaking groups would help? Try logging in to Polish chat channels and such, and find someone to poke at. Also, word of advice try reading Polish news - reading did help me quite a bit when learning a language. Since you live in Chicago sign up to some interest grup - kolko przyjaciol Krakowa, there are a LOT of them around. There you'll find people to talk to you. May I ask why are you so desperate to learn Polish?
1 Sep 2009

So....what more could Poland possible want?

- Katyn massacre is still an unresolved issue.
Other than that I think that Putin finally broke the ice of political ignorance of both countries in regards to each other. I would take that as a gesture of good will. Obama's timing in ignoring this event clicks in perfectly with Putin's opening; Im contemplating if this was agreed upon Obma's trip to Russia.

A good word has also be said towards Merkel and Germans overall.
Merkel, once again, has shown that she is a politician of a great caliber by not interfering with Polish-Russian interpretation of history and to Germans for opening the memorial in Leipzig. I hope Polish-German relations will only grow stronger form this point onward and I also hope for normalization of relations between Russia and Poland.

Good Day.
1 Sep 2009
History / Prewar Warsaw book [8]

- I would look on, but that depends if you're willing to spend any money on it...
28 Aug 2009
News / Microsoft Poland whitens a black face in its advert [130]

Most people in your country are basically racists against anybody who doesn't LOOK like them

Who exactly gave you the right to this pretentious name: Afropolak?
Were you born here?
Were you schooled here?
Know the culture, the language?

The comments by some people says it all.
Regarding if blacks and Africans use white people in there Advert.

Yeah right!
I visited a couple of African countries, where the whitey is portrayed as the second one to Lucifer himself. Including South Africa where the black politicians make statements that sex with a white virgin cures aids….
27 Aug 2009
News / Jews use American congress to pressure Polish government to PAY [63]

As to who owns the city of Warsaw, you're obviously OK with the Commies stealing everything. I'm not. But then again, it wasn't me who abandoned Poland to the Commies, it was who?

- Don't also forget that after Germans left there was not much to steal...
So, the commies (or I call them survivors) had to rebuilt everything collectively, if you research somewhat a lot of those people worked on it free of charge - just food and place to sleep (including my grandfather). Now, zionists like yourselves would like come in with its attitude of: " get the $%^$ of here, it all belongs to us..." and to return everything free of charge to whomever holds an Israeli passport.
27 Aug 2009
News / Microsoft Poland whitens a black face in its advert [130]

How is offensive to a Pole to see a black person in an advert?

Its not offensive; its misplaced.
Would Microsoft show white employees/reps/whatever in an African country's add?
27 Aug 2009

How many more Poles have to die in Afghanistan for Washington to send a top-level representative to the 1st September WW2 observance at Westerplatte?
Putin, Merkel and other govt chiefs are coming.

- Bring our boys back. The Afgan war is already lost anyway.
LOT is owned by Government, so they should cancel all of its Boeing orders and simply bring business to Airbus. I totally don't understand this one sided love of Polish government towards Americans, does Polish government have to everything from the kneeling position?
25 Aug 2009
News / What needs to happen in the world so that Poland and Russia form alliance? [297]

What needs to happen in the world so that Poland and Russia form alliance?

i need answer on this question, please

- I firmly believe that couple of generations of people will have to pass... And even that doesn't guarantee anything.
History and its current Russian and Polish revisionism for its own use needs to end.
Russian imperatory appetite for smaller surrounding nations needs to end. By the way it always stunt me: why would you want to enslave countries you get nothing in return from?

Just for the land? You have plenty of space, being as large as you are, why would you want to rule in Poland? The best I came out with was: "...we're screwed, lets screw someone else, so they wont have it any better...".

Having said that, I don't believe Poland should ally, help or even get involved with anglo-saxon/semitic western order. Sit quite, smile and keep waving without committing to anything, work on its own commonwealth and partly trust only the small satellite nations around US: Hungarians, Czechs, Slovaks, Lithuanians, Estonians.
1 Mar 2009
History / UPA barbarian murders on Polish and Jewish neighbors during WW2 [150]

My parents were moved form Ukrainian villages in 1947 to Poland having 2 hours to pack, not knowing where they were going.

- Unlike my family members that were cold blooded murdered by their ukrainian neighbors during their sleep; they did not have a chance to move back to Poland. Take your ukraininan whining somewhere else and try to explain it to someone who doesn’t know any better. The Wisla action was the most civilized and NEEDED way of getting rid of you... I wish my family members were given this option.

Frankly, I think that any type of dialogue between Poland and ua should not continued until ukraininas come forward, admit their wrongdoing, punish the murders and organize some sort of reimbursement for the survived victims. Until then we really have nothing to talk about because our relation will never be healthy.
16 Feb 2009
History / UPA - Ukrainian Insurgent Army. How they killed poles in Volhynia (1943). [139]

Yanek found a russian site about UPA and how they killed Poles.

- "our" relataions? We need constructive Russian relations, but we need ukraine like a pimple on our a@#$@... Relations with animals that murder their civilian neighbours, at night, with a usage of hammer? Dont let the truth blind you, but you're sick on the head.
15 Feb 2009
Life / Opinions about Radio Maryja [134]

i learned about this radio station based in toruń, does anyone have any opinions about what this station is really about ? i hear that it broadcasts religious programmers but i hear as well they have antisemitism broadcasts as well . i was told that it is run by a priest called rydzyk
does anyone have more information and views on this?

Quote | Reply Guest


- If jews can march trough Krakow pushing Goy's around, if gambling and buzz is legal, if polish politicians are corrupted and get away with it, if gays can get married and adopt children, if prostitution is almost legal in Poland - certainly it is much more popular in any other European country - seek google: szukam sponsora... Why should anyone go after a cult?

I think, as an atheist, that those people and Rydzyk should be left alone, they don’t make anyone unhappy illegally or being on margin of law? Or do they?
12 Feb 2009
News / "We buy out Poland, Hungary, and Romania!" - the President of Israel [74]

- All true Ela, but now do you relate this to Poland...? No economy - everything was "privatized", pretty much the only items Poland still produces on a large scale are dill pickles, corrupted "democracy" that fits more in south America than Europe, corrupted law enforcement system - not too while ago I think an ex-minister was, by court ruling, apologizing to a doctor that proved to be corrupt, foreign owned mass media that are owned either by jews or Germans. Poland as it stands attracts all kinds malfeasance from all aver the world and since "the chosen nation" have always specialized in such, here goes your answer: We are the Nation of Goys...
11 Feb 2009
History / germany prepares for invasion of Poland [43]

Russians and Germans what pigs they are!! We will never forget history!!

- Maybe its time to take some past due medication...? Who says that WE have to forget something? Why are you insulting all Germans and Russians?
10 Feb 2009
News / "We buy out Poland, Hungary, and Romania!" - the President of Israel [74]

PS: I think lot's of Poles profited from german firms settling in Poland due the lower wages and lower overall costs, leaving unemployed Germans behind, you shouldn't forget about that!

And you shouldn't forget about a lot of Polish firms that were put out of business just because their stupid government liquidated the import tariffs overnight, as part of a process to EU membership... Or the ones that survived, that were "privatized", which in many cases equaled to some German company buying and closing their Polish rivals... Its funny how Germans ONLY see what Polish did to them and not vice versa... That's why the EU concept has no chances of survival.
30 Jan 2009
History / What Krakow and Detroit, Michigan have in common? (Tadeusz Kościuszko) [6]

Just a little bit of historical trivia.

The answer is Tadeusz Kościuszko.

- Detroit MI has more similarities with certain cities in central Africa than with Krakow. The vast majority of americans doesnt know that West Point academy was created by Kosciuszko... We have NOTHING IN COMMON.
30 Jan 2009
News / Israeli youths misbehave in Poland ceremony score [47]

European? How about the American? We're about to be flat busted by these fools. Look at Bernie Madoff. Steals 50 billion and goes home to his townhouse every night. A goy would have been drawn and quartered.

- As my favorite British columinst, Jeremy Clarkson once wrote: "...American middle class is as complicated as fire wood...".
30 Jan 2009
News / Israeli youths misbehave in Poland ceremony score [47]

Why the double standards?

Nothing new, the new breed of jew that grows up believing that Goy is a Goy... and they have their USA colony to support in case anyone stands up. Meanwhile, majority of European mass media is corrupted by zionists that strictly control who gets attention and why... When an average European is finally going to wake up?!
30 Jan 2009
News / Polish-American Edward Moskal [6]

I had a pleasure of meeting him in person... He was an outspoken and in many cases controversial person, what I can say is that during his cadence the PNA was vibrant, strong and active. At some point he received a kiss of death from zionists, for standing up. The new breed of so called polish decent americans that leads PNA should really take the Polish part out...
25 Jan 2009
History / Polish Anti-semitism - origins? [186]

- Who told you you're not welcome?! Come, settle, live and work!!!!!!!!!! Just beacause some hick idiot posted one add, doesnt mean everyone feels that way... Maybe what he meant is that an average Irish might not be satisfied with a pay scale?
25 Jan 2009
History / Pan-Slavic dreams of Polish/Russian cooperation. [12]

We are brothers in arms too !

Tell it to the KATYN families.

The Poles are working ever more closely with the Ukrainians too.

- An average Pole wants to have as much to do with Ukraininas as with a black plague... if you read a little in many circles Kaczynski is viewed as a traitor for following a path directed by Washington. Path of forgetting historical facts just to destabilize russia in the form of ukraininan so called "friendship" and “democracy” spreading.

The dreams of a Pan-Slavic unity are noble and worth pursuing

Explain my WHY?! Why is it worth pursuing? Historically russians brought nothing noble, worth mentioning to our culture. To name a few: Communism, poverty, propaganda, mass murder and cleansings,enslavement, corruption... Live and let live, don’t try to imperiate others claiming that you know what they need. We don’t need YOU and part I already know!

That doesn’t mean we should be jumping to each others throats. Business partners and good neighbors? Yes, but nothing above that.
23 Jan 2009
News / Poland..wake up to a multicultural world [1059]

WELL NO MORE TALK...ITS now president of the free world....Poland when are we gonna make history? i wanna listen to his speech..pls do not disturb

- History of what? Of USA demise? Look at Africa, ever since whites stopped governing and local morons type of Robert Mugabe, came to power those countries and their economies are truly ruined. Read about downfall of Rhodesia, since the blacks killed or forced the white farmers to run away from their farms; blacks cant even feed themselves. And just for the record: ask an average French/German/Austrian what he or she thinks about multicultural society: you'll be sent to hell.
22 Dec 2008
News / Poland will take half a century to catch up with the West [240]

According to the latest data published by Eurostat, Poland will need 55 years to catch up with the standard of living in Germany.

- I don't believe Poles will ever catch up with Germany. They lack of solidarity, discipline, protectionism and respect of their own culture, that behavior is very uncommon in western European nations. Poles collectively can do nothing; what are the famous polish trade marks? Dill pickles? In 17 years they cant even pick anyone sensible to their government, the same reruns are swapping back and forth. Tv shows them a corrupted politician from PO party and what happens a day later? PO party wins smashingly the election... If you don't believe me look at Czech republic - they are light years ahead of Poland.

18 Dec 2008
News / What you think about the Polish President, Kaczynski? [53]

why polish president didn't being to english lessons ?

- It looks like you need some lessons yourself Bubba... But seriuosly, I dont care if he speaks any other language or not, he should be a true Patriot, representing Polish interests and lets leave it there.
7 Dec 2008
News / What did Poland get out of the wars and struggles for others? [1108]

I've got a bottle you can break and use.

- First of all you referred to my family members that fought for your slimy island with disrespect...
Second you haven’t proved a jack s$%##$, again Australian are not English. So let me re-phrase for your little scummy fuzzy pompon ass: No English graves that died in combat on Polish soil during WW2. The first grave you will (miraculously) find I will drive to and plant flowers and light some candles, and unlike your gay ass I stand behind my words.

France never betrayed Poland... France did what though?

-Believed fighting against such a force is pointless (Germany)... No lies, no gimmicks just a straight up answer!
5 Dec 2008
News / What did Poland get out of the wars and struggles for others? [1108]

So, if Britain did, yet France did not betray Poland at the start of the war, how can this discrepancy be explained?

- Churchill promised to fight for Polish independence if Polish troops would unite and help fighting against Germans. Thats ONE
- French did not try to mask Katyn massacre like Churchill did - that would entirely change the face of enemy for Polish troops. TWO
- French did not kill Sikorski. THREE
- French did not sell us out in Yalta.

Lesson learned.
5 Dec 2008
News / What did Poland get out of the wars and struggles for others? [1108]

Read what you copy and paste... And use that bottle on your empty, stubborn melon.
No British died on Polish soil in combat during WW2... It lists some british prisoners of war that were relocated from Germany.
5 Dec 2008
News / What did Poland get out of the wars and struggles for others? [1108]

Nobody likes you and there are damn good reasons for that.

Well then, its just like being british then!!!!!!!!
Enough. You have taught me nothing that I already dont know, you cant even prove that the lame statements you make about WW2 british troops are true; its time to stop feeding the troll. Go hide in your hole.