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28 Nov 2009

I tip my hat to the Poles for honouring their traditions.

I already told my class we are going to sacrifice one English lesson to celebrate St. Andrew`s Day on Monday. Now they are preparing the necessary stuff.

28 Nov 2009
News / Does Poland count in Europe or is it ignored? [428]

Isn't Steinbach just a scapegoat/ instrument for the Polish government to avoid/ suppress any discussion about the ethnic cleansing which happened in Silesia, Pomerania and East Prussia after the war? Having this chapter of history covered in debth in the documentation centre might not be in the interest of the Polish government, I would assume.

Poles are not afraid of revealing the story of German expellees. Much has been done so far, we have already talked about it here in this forum. Nobody serious in Poland denies the fact that German civilians suffered a tragic fate.

But Steinbach is unacceptable to Polish government and most Poles. How Poles see Steinbach:

Is this image justified?

Yes, to some extent. 30% leaders of German Expellee Organizatian belonged to Nazi party during WW2. E.g., a vice president of the Organization was a judge in occupied Poland, and he sentenced Poles to death for minor transgressions.

Stenibach claims that the Center she wants to lead is going to cover all expulsions during WW2. However, the website she created gives false information about the expulsions of Poles from Polish land occupied by Germans - 400.000 instead of 2 million.

Her expellee past is also very controvercial - her family settled in Kashuby region after German had conquered Poland in 1939, she was born in occupied Rumia near Gdańsk in 1943. And they had to leave it in 1945, so she believes she has the right to usurp the title of expellee for herself. Isn`t it funny? :):):):)

In short - Polish politicians consider Stenibach a liar and impostor.

suppress any discussion about the ethnic cleansing which happened in Silesia, Pomerania and East Prussia after the war?

Besides, haven`t we already said here that most of ethnic cleansing was done by German Nazi administration when it gave orders to German civilians to leave their houses before the Red Army`s invasion?
28 Nov 2009
News / Does Poland count in Europe or is it ignored? [428]

The intelligent Poles stay in Poland while the less intelligent ones come to America

There are exceptions, of course. I know a few intelligent guys who went to US to make a buck or two. Including me. :):):):):):)

Another case of appreciation.

Some German politicians are very considerate of Poland and are visibly trying to keep up good relations.,1518,662900,00.html

[...] A controversy has been raging for the past year over appointments to the board of directors of the Flight, Expulsion and Reconciliation Foundation. The foundation's planned documentation center in Berlin is intended to memorialize the ordeals of people who have suffered expulsion and to further advance reconciliation with Poland, but the government in Warsaw is opposed to Steinbach's inclusion in the board of directors.

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle has announced his veto of Steinbach's candidacy. This is crucial because anyone hoping to be appointed to the foundation board must have the support of the entire administration.

Merkel has been trying for some time to convince Steinbach to abandon her claim to board membership, but Steinbach has stood firm. In doing so, she has not only provoked a crisis in the new coalition government of Merkel's conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the CDU's Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union (CSU), and the business-friendly Free Democratic Party (FDP), but has also highlighted the deficits of Merkel's governing style, which is often based on adopting a "wait and see" approach when faced with difficult decisions. [...]

20 Nov 2009
Food / Lamb in Krakow [11]

Does anyone know of a butcher where I can get lung, heart and liver of lamb/mutton? Or just any butchers who deal in sheep in Kraków?

Ask the guy who did the Dragon! Surely he kept the sheep`s entrails after stuffing it with tar and sulphur.

20 Nov 2009
Life / Why Poles don't use Facebook? [43]

what's the main reason ppl in PL are not using facebook

What is Facebook? I never used it.
17 Nov 2009
History / Valenza. "It is to fools we owe the minors joys of life" [14]


If you really think in such terms, it means that Russians are light years behind civilised world. :):):):) You should already know that it is not fertile land which matters, but economy. For goods and services produced and exported by an efficient economy you can buy any food you want :):):):) Mere land and resources are not enough to play a superpower. :):):):)
11 Nov 2009
Food / How often do you have Polish Food? [49]

As for bogracz, leczo and Hungarian pancakes, well, they are not Polish.

Let me guess. Eskimo? :):):):)

Seanus, how many Poles you have met claimed that leczo, gulash or bogracz are Polish? :):):) Are you sure you live in Poland proper? :):):):)
11 Nov 2009
News / Does Poland count in Europe or is it ignored? [428]

The problem is that modern Russians who accept the heritage of the Soviet Union don`t need to talk longer than 2 minutes about the Wall. After all , it was their Soviet predecessors who created the totalitarian communist system which spread all over Eastern and Central Europe and who supported the Wall for 35 years.
11 Nov 2009
News / Does Poland count in Europe or is it ignored? [428]

Germans appreciated Polish contribution in the fall of their Wall in 1989. Thank you, German brothers.

Walesa starts the Berlin dominoes falling
09.11.2009 20:42
Former Solidarity leader Lech Walesa tipped the first large foam block in Berlin, Monday evening, unleashing a cascade of giant dominoes to symbolise the fall of the wall, twenty years ago.

The tumbling of thousands of foam slabs - stretching over a kilometre and a half of the old route of the wall, and decorated by German school children, artists and freedom rights activists - was part of the climax of events marking the ending of the separation of east and west Berlin and the fall of communism in central and eastern Europe.

Before, speeches had been given under the Brandenburg Gate by world leaders, including a video address by President Barack Obama.

The first blcok was paintd by German and Polish children to symbolise Poland`s role in toppling communism and the Wall.

PS. Funny that at the same time Walęsa knocked over not only a domino block but also a cameraman who was standing behind. The broadcasting for German TV was broken. :):):):):):):):):)

Germans, I am so sorry, forgive us and Wałęsa. He is Great Destructor, he abolished communism in Poland, because it is such a type of man, he just abolishes everything.

See the film:

PS2. Russian politicians are furious that Walęsa got 5 minutes for his speech while the others only 2 minutes. "It seemed that the Soviet Union had had no contribution to the fall. " a Russian politician said.,12,rosjanie_protestuja_piec_minut_dla_polaka_w_berlinie_to_za_duzo,item.html
11 Nov 2009
Life / Are Polish traditions dissapearing [93]

The tradition of wearing scarves around heads by old women is certainly disappearing.

I think the custom is slowly dying out. When today`s young ladies become old, they won`t wear them. A straightforward association on seeing it is that a person comes from the traditional countryside and implies rustic simplicity. It is not fashionable anymore.
11 Oct 2009
History / Did Ukraine really "steal" Polish land? [302]

BY the way, I think that Lwów should simply belong to Poland!

Wow, so simple. :):):):):):)

Good luck in bringing Lvov back to Poland. :):):):):):)
11 Oct 2009
Food / What are the most popular drinks in Poland? [23]

Water is probably the most drunk drink.

Served with some brown leaves in it..... or brown powder.... which makes water look contaminated. Yuk!
28 Sep 2009

I think if they are so good at sorting out messy organisations why dont they stay and try to sort out the mess in their own country? Also, I cant imagine a British boss taking advice from these Polish upstarts

:):):):):):):) Do you suggest British bosses are so proud they don`t listen to advice from novices?
Hey, being Welsh, aren`t you a bit biased?
27 Sep 2009
Travel / Polish Zoos and their animals [27]

The zoo is in Lasek Wolski, not Bielany. In Bielany is the monastery where women are allowed to enter 12 times a year.