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Minisurvey about living in Tricity (Sopot, Gdynia, Gdansk)

26 Sep 2009 /  #1
Hi everyone,

I've just moved to Gdansk from the UK and I'm curious to know about other non-poles who are living in the Tricity area.

What I'd like to know is:

Where exactly are you living?
What's your background?
What brings you here?
Are you working and if so in what sector?
How long have you been here for and how long are you planning to stay?
What do you like the most and like the least about living in the Tricity area?

I'll start off with myself.

Where - I live in Przymorze in Gdansk.
Background - 36 year old male from the UK
Why here - moved here to be with my fiancee and because I liked the look of Gdansk.
Work - I have a background in IT, I've had one very small assignment, and now I'm looking for work.
How long - I've been here for 3 months, would like to stay here long term if I can find a job.
Best bits - The sea and the weather (so far).
Worst bits - Not understanding what people are saying to me and not being able to make myself understood (I'm learning polish but it's going to take a long time).
scottie1113 7 | 898  
26 Sep 2009 /  #2
I live in the Old Town, Gdansk. Great location just five minutes from my school (I teach English) and Absinthe, the best bar in the trojmiasto.

I came here because I'd always wanted to live andwork in Europe but as an American (non EU citizen) it's almost impossible to get a decent, legal job in France, Italy or Spain. I've been interested in Poland and Polish history since I was 8 (I'm 61 now) and wanted to experience life in Poland. I've been here for two years and I love it. I plan to stay for the rest of my life.

Best bits? The people, the beauty of the Old Town with it's unique (for Poland) architecture. The sea, of course. I won't live inland. Piwo and golonka. The weather's fine. I'm from San Diego so that may surprise you, but weather to me is a state of mind.

I really can't think of any worst bits. True, Polish is very hard to learn but that's part of the challenge and adventure and it keeps my mind working.

We'll have to meet for a beer soon and compare stories.
tipy_typ1 - | 8  
26 Sep 2009 /  #3
Hi ...

I live in Sobieszewo Island, only 6 km. from the Old Town,Gdańsk. Wonderful location, just by the beach...forest,sea...really beautiful place.

I am from Bulgaria, lived in Poland from 1995 to 1998. then moved overseas...thought it was for good. My husband is polish guy and he insist to move back to, I am here:) I am not to satisfied with my life here, but the most important thing is that hubby is happy.

I work in tourist business. Like my job, like my coworkers and also place I work. Of course, everywhere are good and bad sides, but as far no particular reason to complain.

I like Tri-city because here people are more open to foreigners. I speak Polish language with a bit accent and see immediately people reaction...they are just curious where I am from but very few ask me this question. Really can't imagine to live in different place in Poland. At times we are going to Warsaw to visit my husband family and frankly...can't wait to be back here.

The only thing I don't like about Tri-city is weather. Here is always windy!!! Most part of year I feel cold, for me is really cold here.I am from warmer country and lived in East Coast,USA...still miss hot, humid weather:(

I have good language skills and Polish language wasn't difficult to learn. However, grammar is no easy at all:) Still need dictionary at times, can't understand diferency between "y" and "i"..

Any questions...let me know:)

Have a nice weekend!
scottie1113 7 | 898  
27 Sep 2009 /  #4
Sobieszewo Island is beautiful. I spent two weeks there teaching at a summer camp and loved the forest and the sea although the town itself doesn't offer much. Still, that's part of its charm.

Ah, the wind. I call it the Baltic breeze and I really like it.
Trixity 8 | 30  
27 Sep 2009 /  #5
So it's just us three then. :-)

Scottie, meeting up for a beer definately sounds like a good plan!

And yes Sobieszewo Island is great...but I got eaten alive by mosquitos the last time I was there on the walk back to the car!

The whole baltic coast that I've seen is just fantastic - I've also been to the coast near Sobieszewo and Krynica Morska and both places are so beautiful - and nice and quiet too! Not like the penguin colonies of Sopot! :-)

P.S. If you think weather is a state of mind try living in Manchester in the UK for a few years. ;-)
tipy_typ1 - | 8  
30 Sep 2009 /  #6
Hi all...

We still have a cool weather, however is very windy (LOL) on the beach. I am saying about the beach, because live very close - only 10 min slow walk. Sobieszewo is not interesting at all, just few places where you can have a beer or buy some post cards. I live in Swibno, it's about 5 km east of Sobieszewo. There you could see that something is going on...people build big, modern houses and land prices increased almost 200% since 2006.

Hmm, I didn't note mosquitos this year, probably you were in the wrong place and the wrong time:)

How is going searching for job?

have a nice day, all:)

zoo - | 3  
30 Sep 2009 /  #7
Here's another to the brew.

I'm a 34 year old yank living up in Gdynia Orlowo on occasion. That is when I'm home on vacation from being on the sea. Been living up here almost five years. Was kind of rough in the beginning finding basic goods in the beginning, but Poland has completely changed since then. It makes me realize how much I took the convenience of shopping in NY and I cannot even imagine how bad it must have been in the eighties. When I would fly back to NY, I still come back with household goods that you just couldn't find here. I'm talking things like ice cube trays five years ago.

I plan to continue living here as the outdoor life is great. As for a job, I heard that it could be rough trying to land a job from scratch. My polish is pretty good for not being here all the time. I have my private teacher to thank and I recommend her if you are looking to take private lessons. Check her site out at, she lives in gdansk and deals strictly with private students.
tipy_typ1 - | 8  
30 Sep 2009 /  #8
Yes zoo, you are right. Here everything change fast, and change for good. When I came back from US, I was surprised to see shopping malls, HD TV, etc. etc...But is not everywhere. As I said in my previous post, Tri-city is different. Here you could see that almost everything is improving. Even people here think more positive, probably because they have more opportunity to do career....Anyway, I feel good here:)
pawian 195 | 19,915  
30 Sep 2009 /  #9
I am sorry to spoil your fun but they say that the sea waters in Sopot and Tricity area are very polluted, aprtly because they are isolated from the mainstream Baltic by Hel Peninsula.
Trixity 8 | 30  
30 Sep 2009 /  #10
Interesting stuff.

The job hunt is difficult - but then I didn't expect to just be able to land a job straight away without some concerted efforts from my side, and I've had a couple of things sidetracking me - like the birth of my daughter two days ago for one (at Zaspa hospital by the way).

I've given myself until the end of the year to find something work wise and then we might have to consider other things, but I am still feeling confident that I can find something - the rewards of living here for me are worth the effort (and the cut in salary).

Regarding the mosquitos - as far as those little gits were concerned I was very definately in the right place at just the right time! ;-)

As for the water quality - I come from a place on the coast of the irish sea in the UK and compared to that the Baltic sea looks much cleaner - whether it is or not is another question but I've had a swim in the baltic on more than one occasion and I'm still here to tell the tale and I would consider a swim in the irish sea potential suicide - it's all relative I suppose.
zoo - | 3  
1 Oct 2009 /  #11
I agree that living in the Tricity is a great atmosphere to be in. Each city has there own characteristic too. Gdynia tries to push forward its modernization and progressive agenda, while you can find old European style in Gdansk. As for Sopot, they are busy trying to attract the tourists. And all located near some of the largest parks and reserves.

I've heard all along that Gdansk bay is just for the tourists, while the Poles avoid the dirt and head North or to the Hel Peninsula. I agree that the water does get stagnant at downright putrid at times between Sopot and Orlowo. Then again, I come from NY where the Hudson river has been heavily contaminated ever since I've been born.

Being in IT, have you thought about trying to go out on your own here in Poland. I know that a lot of people with private firms could use help in developing their firms. At least making proper translations for english customers.
Trixity 8 | 30  
1 Oct 2009 /  #12
In the height of the season it gets way too busy for me on the beaches all the way from Gdansk to Gdynia so I can understand why alot of people want to get away to somewhere quieter.

For the work, you know I have been thinking about exactly the same thing. I used to work for an international company in Belgium for a while and I helped out one of the girls who was a copywriter - proofreading her first drafts of an ad or a spec and making corrections. She said I should go into it if I could make money out of it as she said I'm really good - I tend to agree as well! ;-) It's just a question of knowing where and how to start and I haven't got a clue to be honest! Do you have specific examples of firms needing help or do you mean in general?
gumishu 12 | 6,103  
1 Oct 2009 /  #13
I've heard all along that Gdansk bay is just for the tourists, while the Poles avoid the dirt and head North or to the Hel Peninsula.

Hel is much too expensive (sort of elitist). Most Poles go to places like £eba, Ustka or places further west (Mielno, Kołobrzeg, Niechorze etc etc). I should also mention locations east of Gdańsk (like already mentioned here Sobieszewo which is within Gdańsk limits) Krynica Morska, Ustronie


there is a company in Gdańsk near the airport which makes computer based learning systems and sells them in the whole Europe and even further something like Digital Youth - they employ people who translate things into English - with your IT background you can apply to them for a proofreader position -

ok checked them out - it's Young Digital Planet
be patient their website is pretty slow - they are based in Słowackiego 175 which is on the way from Wrzeszcz to the airport (on the right side of the road, new building complex, just behind a pretty big stretch of a forest and a railway crossing) - they have two business units - the one you could be interested in is Young Digital Planet International
Trixity 8 | 30  
1 Oct 2009 /  #14
Hi Gumishu,

Thanks for that. I already checked them out - they do look interesting. I keep meaning to drop them a line - this is the perfect opportunity now to actually do it!

I'll let you know if/when I get any feedback.
panie kierownik  
1 Oct 2009 /  #15
The TriCity. Wow. What a place. I feel really at home there :)
tipy_typ1 - | 8  
4 Oct 2009 /  #16
Hi Trixity,

congratulations for being "brand new" daddy:)

Just wanted to say one thing from my experience about hunting for a job here in Poland...Somehow sending CV via email wouldn't help a lot. If you find some company where would you like to work, just go there personaly and try to have meeting with the menager. Polish people like personal contact and for them that's mean that you really care to work in their company.

To zoo:

I was surprised to see fisherman on Hudson River just acros Manhattan! LOL! But it wasn't that bad...Passaic River,NJ was the most dirty river I've ever seen!

Have a nice weekend all:)
Trixity 8 | 30  
7 Oct 2009 /  #17
Thanks! Not getting much sleep at the moment! But wow is it worth it!

I think you're probably right about the email approach - I didn't get any response yet from the companies I tried. I think the next step will be to call them and try to arrange a meeting.
gumishu 12 | 6,103  
7 Oct 2009 /  #18
Just wanted to say one thing from my experience about hunting for a job here in Poland...

I wholeheartedly agree

I think you're probably right about the email approach - I didn't get any response yet from the companies I tried.

there is this lingering thing with the Polish businesses - noone really cares to let you know they have received your application and what they are going to do with that
tipy_typ1 - | 8  
11 Oct 2009 /  #19
Again... on the begining I tought is not polite to call and ask " Do you recieve my CV?". Most of my polish friend said is the right way to do. LOL!

One more interesting fact ...My manager is not looking really to hire new stuff, but every now and then he post adds online . I guess he collect CV "just in case":) He never bother to reply on emails..ha ha! Frankly, I know the guy hire me only because of my accent, I am like "attraction" at his company. At times I can't stand when our comp. customers ask " Oh, you speak polish so good, could you tell me where are you from" ..geez!!!
gumishu 12 | 6,103  
12 Oct 2009 /  #20
At times I can't stand when our comp. customers ask " Oh, you speak polish so good, could you tell me where are you from" ..geez!!!

tell'em your from Malta and just have fun ;)
pma674 - | 1  
30 Oct 2009 /  #21
Where exactly are you living?..

1. In Gdynia, near the Urząd Miasto
2. I was offered relocation from the UK just after my marriage imploded, so I grabbed the chance to start all over in a new country.

3. I work in Gdynia in the finance and banking sector.
4. I came in June 2009 and I will be here for quite a while....
5. I love the atmosphere in the Tricity and the beaches and the forests. I don't like the old uncomfortable trains and not being able to understand things.
Trixity 8 | 30  
7 Nov 2009 /  #22
I can definately relate to the "not being able to understand things" sentiment. I'm learning polish, but it's a long, slow process. I've just come back to the UK for a few weeks and it's so nice to be able to understand everything again. I'd started to forget what it's like to go into a shop and just do chit-chat with the person behind the counter.
cjj - | 281  
9 Nov 2009 /  #23
Where exactly are you living? : not far from Bojano (head east from Sopot)
What's your background? : Irish female
What brings you here? : Mr cjj is Polish
Are you working and if so in what sector? : IT
How long have you been here for and how long are you planning to stay? : since 2000, settled here
What do you like the most and like the least about living in the Tricity area? : My answer to that mainly depends on the weather... (living in the countryside focusses your mind a bit on that)

Trixity 8 | 30  
9 Nov 2009 /  #24
Hi cjj,

Thanks for the response. I guess after 9 years you must be feeling pretty settled by now.

Are you fluent in polish after so long?

and How did you find finding a job? Did it take a long time? Did you have something lined up before you came? Is your company recruiting at the moment? *hint* ;-)
cjj - | 281  
9 Nov 2009 /  #25
Trixity -
I'm settled'ish. Been away too long from Ireland to return, but would love to go back to Vancouver.
Still no way fluent in Polish - long story.
Re jobs, I've sent you half an email
(and I'm sure my brain said "WEST from Sopot ...")
Trixity 8 | 30  
10 Nov 2009 /  #26

I've been away from Poland for 3 weeks now and my already limited Polish is getting worse by the day, it's scary!

I'll wait for the email.


P.S. I didn't even think about "east" of sopot until you mentioned it...I thought you had your own yacht or something! ;-)

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