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Spanish lessons in Gdynia/Gdansk

capri 1 | -  
27 Aug 2009 /  #1
Can anybody advise me Spanish course in Gdynia/Gdansk? I am staying there till New Year and would like to continue studyng Spanish language during this time. The problem is that I don't speak Polish, so the Spanish course should be held in English. And I would prefer native Spanish teacher. Any advice is welcome.
erdemath 2 | 17  
28 Aug 2009 /  #2
As long as I was an erasmus in Gdansk, I knew many Spanish who were erasmus as well. I studied at the Gdansk University of Technology (Polistechnika Gdanska) . Their ESN (Erasmus Student Network) community is very well known in Gdansk. They are one of the hard workings in Poland. They have good connections, especially with Spain. Besides, some of my Polish friends take part the spanish courses at the universty. In fact, they are already students of the GUT. I suggest you to contact ESN of the GUT.

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