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Working in Warsaw as a Oracle DBA / IT manager - what's the best salary that I can get?

c2k01 1 | 10
16 Jan 2015 #1
Hello everyone,

I'm Moroccan from Casablanca , if anyone of you have ever visited ;)

I applied for big international IT company, and had the first technical interview that went well.

Next week ,I will have a second interview with the manager and really confused about the salary expectations in Poland , especially in Warsaw comparing to France that is close to us .

I think I will ask for a salary between 13000 and 15000 net as I have in total a 6 years experience with 3 of them in Oracle administration.

I want to ask you point of view about working and living in Warsaw and also what the best salary that I can get knowing that this is a big International company and whether they offer a relocation package or not.

Monitor 14 | 1,820
16 Jan 2015 #2

Net is around 70% of gross. Median for database administrator was 7000 PLN gross in Warsaw (2011 Hays). Max 15 000 PLN gross. With the experience and the fact that it's big company you should ask for something between median and max. You can add 10% because salaries increased since 2011. Of course you can ask for whatever, but at least write us here what answer you get :)

Also some companies employ programmers for minimum salary ( 1600 PLN gross ) and the rest pay separately as "Umowa o dzieƂo" (agreement for a project). In this way taxes can be lowered a lot, but I don't think they would like to do that for a foreigner. But if they were ready to do so, then 13000 PLN net would be much more realistic.
OP c2k01 1 | 10
16 Jan 2015 #3
Hello Monitor,

Thanks for your useful answers .

Yes , that's what I will ask for (Between 13000 to 14000 Net) and I will also see what they are willing to pay.

Because in my opinion it's a big risk to travel to Poland ,especially if there is no relocation package included for foreigners.

Monitor 14 | 1,820
16 Jan 2015 #4
Because in my opinion it's a big risk to travel to Poland

You mean racism toward Muslims?
OP c2k01 1 | 10
16 Jan 2015 #5

What I meant is , I have a job here in Morocco, A bad job but with average salary.

What I'm looking for in International companies is experience in the multicultural working environment within big an huge infrastructure that will allow you to evolve professionally ;in my example on database and on OS systems ( and maybe Oracle applications/ERP/BI and so on) .

I used to work in a Multinational company here in Morocco and had to quit because it doesn't pay so good.

So it's Not what you think .
Monitor 14 | 1,820
16 Jan 2015 #6
International companies in Poland aren't very international. At least most of them. Check in who is working in Warsaw department, often it's just Poles. If you want really international go to London.
OP c2k01 1 | 10
16 Jan 2015 #7
Also to add , that we as Muslims don't believe in that kind of stuff .

With all due respect , I don't know what your thoughts about that towards Muslims and really interested in knowing it and respect it whatsoever.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
16 Jan 2015 #8
Simply that Muslims aren't very popular in Europe and Poland especially. They are often equaled with terrorism, especially after recent events in Paris.
OP c2k01 1 | 10
16 Jan 2015 #9
Yes I totally agree with you . But in London they demand expert with 10 to 20 years of experience or in a technology that isn't well available

Ok, Good to know that.

At least ,I will see what they will offer if you know what I mean.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,849
16 Jan 2015 #10
I would not worry about that too much , you are going to warsaw not the back of beyond
OP c2k01 1 | 10
16 Jan 2015 #11
Hehehe, Why do you say that.

I'm just asking for opinions about the salary and the costs of living in Warsaw.
cms 9 | 1,255
17 Jan 2015 #12
Amazing some of these IT salaries at the moment - seem to be getting the same as surgeons, pilots, top lawyers nut without any of the responsibility and liability issues. i know what line I will make my kids do at college.

i suppose the market will adjust though - dont be surprised to see people start outsourcing to Morocco, Egypt etc once Poland prices itself out. whatever I invest in IT i rarely seem to get a measurable payback on it.
17 Jan 2015 #13
IT has aways paid well, nothing special about the money today. There is good reason for it -- they make money.

BTW i would not put airline pilots iin the same class as doctors etc, they are glorified bus drivers.
McFly 1 | 14
17 Jan 2015 #14
They are until something goes wrong watch the lot pilot land with no wheels on YouTube.
18 Jan 2015 #15
is asking for 13,000 a risk when asking an employer for such money since the median for an IT person is 7,000? Or have the salaries risen since that time and it might actually be possible?
OP c2k01 1 | 10
25 Feb 2015 #16
Hello everyone,

Thanks for your answers.

It's me again.

I got accepted to work in Warsaw as an Oracle DBA and got the offer below.

What do you think ?" I don't understand the Bonus , is it monthly or what ?
Position: Oracle DBA
Salary: 7500 zl gross + additional one 6000 zl gross bonus (payed in two payments after probation period - of course attached to contract)
Startdate: depending on your availability and administration, such as work permit, visa, etc.
Benefits: private medical care, multisport card, benefits and discounts for employees, parties and trips for employees, cinema tickets

What do you think about this salary ?

When I calculated the Net , I got :

7500zlt Gross ==> 5292zlt Net
6000zlt Gross ==> 4247zlt Net
=== 9539zlt Net

What do you think guys?

Thanks for your help.
25 Feb 2015 #17
That looks like a signing bonus (and it's mentioned one 6000 zl gross bonus), so I think you only get it once, not regularly.
OP c2k01 1 | 10
25 Feb 2015 #18
Thanks DFT for your answer.

Yes , you are right.

I didn't pay attention.

What do you think about the salary for living in Warsaw? and how much can I save from it per month?

Thanks for your help
25 Feb 2015 #19
In Wroclaw where I live, with that salary I think you would be able to probably save 1500/2000pln, living a non-worries life. More if you cut on some entertainment stuff.

In Warsaw, probably a bit less, since the city is more expensive than Wroclaw.
OP c2k01 1 | 10
25 Feb 2015 #20
ah ok, It's good then.

Sorry , it's just my mistake , but the offer for the job is based in Wroclaw.

I thought it was the same city ;)
26 Feb 2015 #21
Hello c2ko1,

can i ask you about the work permit ? did they send it to you ? and how much time does it take to process it ? and also please do you have any idea if it's granted thing that they will send it if i accept the job offer or that's not granted ?

Appreciate your fast response.

Monitor 14 | 1,820
26 Feb 2015 #22
It's rather sure thing. He can probably get Blue Card too:
OP c2k01 1 | 10
2 Mar 2015 #23
Hello Monata,

I had to refuse the offer.

No , they said that , I have to proceed with the long term visa (Work permit by myself) here in Morocco.

How long will it take , I don't know , it depends I think on every case(studies,social history....)

Monata, I don't understand you last question about granted thing , are you talking about the visa

monata - | 11
2 Mar 2015 #24
I have to proceed with the long term visa (Work permit by myself) here in Morocco.

i think it's not possible to issue the work permit yourself from morocco, i think they meant the visa after you receive the work permit and visa here as i know is not issue.

Monata, I don't understand you last question about granted thing , are you talking about the visa

no i'm taking about the work permit not visa.

Thanks a lot for reply.
OP c2k01 1 | 10
2 Mar 2015 #25
No , No , you can here in Morocco .

I checked with the concil here , and they told me that there is a special visa that includes work permit , but sure they will check with the company first.

Monata , Did you get an offer in Wroclaw ?
2 Mar 2015 #26
No , you can here in Morocco .

You cannot get a work permit in Morocco, it is that simple. In fact you cannot get a work permit anywhere: only an employer can apply for a work permit, not the employee.
monata - | 11
2 Mar 2015 #27
In fact you cannot get a work permit anywhere: only an employer can apply for a work permit

yes that's also what i know !
7 Oct 2015 #28
Merged: Evaluating job offer Warsaw international company

Hi All,

I'm now evaluating a job offer from international company in Warsaw. The position is IT Project Manager. I'm currently working in US on the same position and have ~6 years of experience progressing from software engineering to management roles. I also speak fluent Polish. The offered salary is 15.000 PLN gross + yearly bonus (not huge, around 10% of yearly salary). Can someone familiar with the job market evaluate if that's a reasonable salary or higher figure could be negotiated? Would be very much appreciated.

DominicB - | 2,709
7 Oct 2015 #29
That's $48,000 a year. Probably half what you are making in the States, or less.

Using raw wages as a basis, that's a rather large opportunity loss.

However, raw wages are not the best basis for calculating opportunity loss or gain between countries. Savings potential is by far more important. The lower wages together with the high cost of living relative to wages in Poland will enormously reduce your savings capacity, which makes your opportunity loss even greater. This is the main reason that very few Americans are tempted to take up employment in Poland, and why so many Poles leave to work abroad.

No matter how you cut it, financially wise, you will take a big hit by coming to Poland.

That might be an acceptable sacrifice if you had other long-term goals in mind that would enhance your savings capacity to the point that you could soon catch up and then exceed your current projected savings, but it's difficult for me to imagine that a stint in Poland would do that for you. Perhaps you could elaborate on the specifics of your strategy.

Oh, and to address your original question, the salary offered is surprisingly high for a project manager position, and I doubt that you will be able to get much more.
7 Oct 2015 #30
Hey DominicB,
Thanks for response. Why's the salary is surprising? I think I've seen some HR agency report around (someone posted the link here on the forum) and it quoted 15k around average for Warsaw. Regarding the wages, you are right that's roughly a 3 times cut, but as I hope you would agree, life is not only about savings potential :)

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