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Working in Warsaw as a Oracle DBA / IT manager - what's the best salary that I can get?

DominicB - | 2,602    
7 Oct 2015  #31

but as I hope you would agree, life is not only about savings potential :)

That may be true, and I myself did take a massive cut in savings potential when I lived in Poland for twelve years. But, having already had more than enough in the bank to retire quite comfortably, and having no obligations to anyone besides myself, I could have afforded to.

If you still need to save up for retirement, or if you have or plan to have a family, especially children, thumbing your nose at $100 k a year would be very foolish indeed. A wise choice would be to keep working in the States and take extended vacations from time to time in Poland.

Believe me, the older you get, the more important potential savings will become for you, until you reach the point where there is little else you think about unless you have enough stashed away. Personally, I think you're setting yourself up for some major disappointment and a lifetime of regret, because I get the feeling that you are acting on some silly romantic idealization of life in Poland, and life in general. While I thoroughly enjoyed my twelve years in Poland, I can assure you that any romantic fantasies you may have are going to be dispelled very quickly. Poland has a way of doing that.

elamine82 - | 1    
18 Apr 2016  #32

Hi everyone,

I am from Morocco and I have been interviewed by an IT company in Wroclaw for an Oracle DBA position...

I have a Masters degree in IT and 8 years of professional experience including 7 years in Oracle/SAP Administration..

I am not sure about the salary that I can expect from my next interview ? Can you give me hints ?

Mohamed123 - | 1    
2 May 2016  #33

Please elamine82, would you mind telling what were the questions you have been asked in the interview??
22 Jun 2016  #34

To the guy from Morocco, why do you want to come work in Poland and take a job away from someone who is born and raised in Poland? There are young Poles who need work in their own country, so stop taking their spots.
30 Jun 2016  #35

2 polaczek
Common, many poles are going abroad for new opportunities and that is one of achievements for EU. So you have this privilege of free movement within Europe and still you have negative attitude to those who are trying to change life for better. Also involving more people (especially abroad) is making Poland more attractive for investments. More investments => more companies => more money. Think about it.
9 Jun 2017  #36


Is 40000 PLN gross per month a good salary in Warsaw?

Planning to move to Warsaw with my wife and 2 children, one 11 years old and the other 7 years old. The company is offering me 40000 PLN gross salary per month. It is a senior role in IT and I have around 15 years of experience, out of which 4 years into Big Data.

Please suggest whether it is a good salary and how much can be saved considering my kids schooling in international school.
9 Jun 2017  #37

Looks like a lot. Is it per month or per year?
9 Jun 2017  #38

40000 PLN gross per month is a very good salary. Most of the poles can't dream about that salary. You will have a very comfortable life. You should be easily able to save 10000 PLN per month.

Is this real?!!! Let us know your qualification please. Such kind of salary might be possible if you are in a very senior position only.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,106    
10 Jun 2017  #39

I have around 15 years of experience

Always puzzle me that you big IT guys cannot use calculator and divide salary by 4.20. You guys are overpaid ;)

27937zl / 4.20 = 6651 euro pcm netto
mafketis 16 | 5,706    
10 Jun 2017  #40

Always puzzle me that you big IT guys

Of course this is not any real type of employment. It's an immigration chain to western Europe. Real employment offers would TELL the employees about all this stuff. Employment equivalents of diploma mills (we'll give you a job on paper and you can cross the non-existent border)....
Harry84 1 | 84    
11 Jun 2017  #41


Can you confirm your skills ? is your job permanent position or contract basis ?
Average salary of IT people(4 to 8 yrs exp) having around 10k / month, so i dont have to say anything more here.
even doesn't matter location as well anywhere in Poland in your case.

12 Jun 2017  #42

Thanks Harry.
My skillset is big data architecture and machine learning.
Based on your reply it sounds like the salary I have mentioned should be fine for my move.
I am a bit not clear on how much would be the net savings considering the international schooling costs.
I think that instead of considering my current role in the US, I would prefer moving to Poland where the plan is to recruit bright talent from universities there and set up a team.

Just a bit paranoid about moving from the US to Poland from finance perspective, though the HR is guaranteeing that this package will not make me to loose money comparing to the savings potential I have in the US.
Harry84 1 | 84    
18 Jun 2017  #43

You can easily affordable international school or British school here in Warsaw, otherwise rest of foreigner get admissions for their child in meridian school.
you can send me PM for more details.
delphiandomine 86 | 16,477    
18 Jun 2017  #44

get admissions for their child in meridian school

Not a bad option, if you want your child to receive a Turkish military type education.
Harry84 1 | 84    
19 Jun 2017  #45

meridian school is international school in warsaw.
delphiandomine 86 | 16,477    
19 Jun 2017  #46

meridian school is international school in warsaw.

It's a Turkish school run like a military camp.
sameh_elramlawy - | 1    
23 Aug 2017  #47


Oracle DBA Salary in Warsaw

Hello everyone,
I had an interview with an international company in Warsaw and they asked me about the expected salary. I did some research and found different numbers ranging from 8000 to 13000 Zloty.

Are these numbers correct? and what are the tax deducted from the salary and will it be sufficient for a family of 3 (one year old child included) ?

Thank you.
terri 1 | 1,382    
23 Aug 2017  #48

Count on getting 2/3rds of given salary. Rest goes in taxes, insurance payments.

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