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Warsaw Business District (banks, insurance, legal, textile)

kev 1 | 4
10 Nov 2007 #1

What type of businesses are located there? For example banks, insurance, legal...... Are there any British companies?

hello 22 | 891
10 Nov 2007 #2
All kinds of businesses you can find in Warsaw. Including British affiliates of companies.
21 Mar 2008 #3
Merged: How is textile business in Warsaw?

hello.i am from turkey and i want do business in maxsimus center and want rent there place and 40 dolar per meter they want for rent.minumum 40 meter and its coast 1600 dolar 4500 zloty per months.same one know about that business maximus good or not good?

and if rent near center is how much coast more expensive?

if also same one think kebab restaurant with pizza i am ready of that also.thank you
HelenEastman - | 3
29 Mar 2009 #4
Merged: Where could you buy felt in Warsaw

We have a childrens show touring to Poland next week, to Warsaw, and when we arrive we will need to buy quite a lot of blue felt material. Can anyone reccommend a cheap material shop that might sell felt?

Thanks for your help...
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
29 Mar 2009 #5

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