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Radiology Field Jobs such as Computed Tomography Technologist - salary and job requirements

CT Tech
31 Mar 2017 #1
I am curious to see if anyone knows the current salary and job requirements to work in the Radiology Field (ie Computed Tomography) in Warsaw. I am in the midst of confirming my Polish citizenship and if I were to move from the US where I am licensed to work to Warsaw, what sort of transition is there or additional requirements. I have googled this multiple ways, and cannot really find any information for healthcare fields such as that. Thanks
DominicB - | 2,709
31 Mar 2017 #2
@CT Tech

The reason you won't find too much on the internet is because there have been extremely few Americans who have moved to Poland to work in that field because wages in healthcare fields are EXTREMELY low. An experienced CT tech would make on the order of about $10,000 US a year at best, and probably less. That's about five bucks an hour, or less. That's if you could find a job, at all. Forget about savings and retirement; you'd be living from hand to mouth.

You would have to go to the grueling and time-consuming process of getting your certificate recognized by the Polish authorities, too. It's called "nostrifikacja".

I'm a pathologist who moved to Poland on sabbatical and ended up staying twelve years. Getting licensed in Poland was not an option because of the ridiculously low wages and the even more ridiculous nostrification process.

Sorry, but moving to Poland to work in the healthcare field is not at all a viable option for an American. In general, the job market in Poland is not at all attractive for qualified Americans, and even less attractive for those in the healthcare field. It's not even attractive for Poles, who leave in droves for better jobs and better pay in Western Europe.

If you want to live in Poland, your best bet is to work in the States and save up to take an extended vacation.

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