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Jobs in the field of electronics in Poland? I have an engineering degree.

Sunnyday21 1 | 6
25 Jul 2015 #1
Witam to all :)
This is my first post in this forum, I'd like to ask about work in Poland in the field of Electronics, assuming I have an enginnering degree is it a demanded proffesion? would it be easy to find a job? I speak a bit of Polish too :) not master of course, but pretty well we can hold a conversation.

Also I'm a polish descendant ( by nationality polish too but citizenship is a whole different topic :D).

I've worked as a technician too so maybe it'll help if all engineering posts are taken ;)

Any help & advice would be appreciated. :)
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
26 Jul 2015 #2
I'd like to ask about work in Poland in the field of Electronics

Is there still any such field in Poland ;)

would it be easy to find a job?

Almost impossible but what would you want to do?
OP Sunnyday21 1 | 6
27 Jul 2015 #3
I thought electronics are everywhere hahaha :)

chcę tam zamieszkać, mogę studiować, nie wiem ale chcę tam być
^Basically I want to move there :)
27 Jul 2015 #4
There's actually some electronics in Poland.
What sort of electronics are you after? What are your qualifications & experience?
OP Sunnyday21 1 | 6
28 Jul 2015 #5
Micro Processors(like intel8051,8086) and communication system are the main qualifications I guess
Also hardware programming like VHDL.But there are loads of stuff that there, but the main qualification is this.
I have exprience in being a technician in communication electronic systems well and in another place as a technician haha ^^
28 Jul 2015 #6
I don't think programming knowledge of those old intel chips will lead you anywhere. The focus now is rather on ARM cores.
A few suggestions:
Intel has a development center in Gdansk where you could put forward your experience with VHDL.
Wroclaw has various things, among which S3 (contracting electronics), Dolby (if you fancy audio) and Siemens.
If you're interested in manufacturing boards, there are also quite a few PCB production and assembly plants (for example Techno-Service in Gdansk).
More suggestions:

Good luck ;)
OP Sunnyday21 1 | 6
28 Jul 2015 #7
I could list a lot more :D like ASM language, Logic design :D
Wroclaw and Gdansk.. nice places :) ok I will look! :)
Now I'm working in a semi conductor company that makes wafers but I doubt that poland makes them.

Anyway thank you very much for your answer :)!!
28 Jul 2015 #8
Realistically, no one programs in assembly language anymore. Always good to have as a general background though, but even in signal processing applications you rarely see the asm code.

Discrete logic is also obsolete, it uses a lot of board space and can be expensive. Most of this stuff is integrated now.
Recruiters will be sensitive to RF design knowledge if you want to stay at the physical layer, as well as knowledge of communication protocols.
If you don't have the edge into something very specific which is in demand, then you fall in the category of general application developers. Most applications nowadays include a high-definition display and/or an internet connection or similar, so there's an embedded operating system.

As a result, you'll be expected to know the modern 32-bit processors, their development tool chain and how to interface with the OS (and of course C/C++ language).

Recruiters will value your knowledge of scripting language for test routines (Python).
Knowledge of firmware architecture design will also be regarded (UML).
Finally, recruiters will value experience with version control (Git/Perforce/SVN) and bug tracking tools (Jira).
My take: you're probably in the UK, so check the ads for electronics and firmware engineers locally and see if you could be a good fit. If not, then don't expect to find easily a job in Poland.

As far as I know (but I could be wrong) there's no wafer plant in Poland.

Summarizing: either you're a specialist of something specific, or you must be up to date with current practices.
29 Jul 2015 #9
It depends on if you're young or not. At this point there is a huge demand for young electronics engineers/technicans in Poland. My colleagues after graduation with bachelor degree got jobs without no experience beside the school paper - employer fixes everything. They just want fine men to work. Pay is also pretty good for polish price conditions - you could be suprised if you're lucky. I would recomend thorough research and direct contact with companies if you find somebody that fits you. If I were young and you I would find an electronics fair trade and just come to speak with representatives present in kiosks and most important - job trades for tech universities- hundreds job opportunities in one place - usually you don't have to be a student from particular university to get in. And even if - just write to the student parliament of that Uni and they will help you for sure.

Good luck
OP Sunnyday21 1 | 6
29 Jul 2015 #10
@ Niko
Well if in case of RF, and protocols, I have that qualification, though to be honest I didn't think it would be demanded. My project even was RF based :). No I'm not from the UK. Originally I'm from Ukraine, born in Lvov, but at age two we moved to Israel ( miracles of having a jewish grandma haha)

So I'm all mixed up in case of that :)
Almost 22, I think it's young enough.
That's motivating :)
29 Jul 2015 #11
I indeed thought you were older when you mentioned the 8051 and his cousin...
Well if you're just 22, then all doors are open. Matts' post above is more relevant.
(getting the working visa could be the most difficult part - try to find out if potential employers are willing to arrange one for a junior position).
OP Sunnyday21 1 | 6
30 Jul 2015 #12
Ah that's always the issue, finding an employer who will give such a contract, but I could try to get Karta polaka, since I've got a ukrainian pasport it may help right?
Dakota - | 2
23 Apr 2017 #13

How hard is it to find a job in the Subsurface engineering field in Warsaw?

I have education in UK and France and was wondering how hard is it to find a job in the Subsurface engineering field in Warsaw?

Any tips welcomed.
terri 1 | 1,664
24 Apr 2017 #14
It all depends on what level of education, your ability to speak different languages and your experience. Look on job portals and send your CV to as many firms as you can. If you are from within the EU it will be easier, from outside they have to obtain a working permit, visa and other documentation.

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