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Is Poland's ZUS obligatory for a one man LLC?

Tripaloski 3 | 8
18 Oct 2017 #1
If yes, how much? I found some say around 400 and in another article one said around 1,100. I hope I could hear any information from you :)
kaprys 3 | 2180
18 Oct 2017 #2
For the first year you pay the preferrencial contribution - 487,90 in 2017, then the full contribution. In 2017 it's almost 1200 zł per month.
kaprys 3 | 2180
18 Oct 2017 #3
*for the first two years!
Roger5 1 | 1435
18 Oct 2017 #4
It used to be two years at the lower rate. Oh, I've just seen the last post. Glad to hear it's still two years. ZUS is the death of thousands of one-person companies every year. Be sure you can pay in full, whether you have a good or bad month.
OP Tripaloski 3 | 8
18 Oct 2017 #5

Are you sure guys, did anyone of you pay the reduced cost as a one man llc? I saw on this link:

That a one man LLC don't qualify for the reduced cost, or does it mean something else.
Roger5 1 | 1435
18 Oct 2017 #6
I did many years ago. My wife also paid the lower rate, again quite a long time ago. Perhaps someone with more recent experience can advise you.
OP Tripaloski 3 | 8
18 Oct 2017 #7
Poland is weird dude. *incoming rant* Comparing it to Slovakia, Estonia, and Czech republic. Poland is trying to make businesspeople suffer :) I'm not even comparing it to New zealand or France. Even the good thing about Poland which is lower cost, is becoming higher by these inecessary rules that they promised to remove but still haven't.
cms 9 | 1253
18 Oct 2017 #8
I think maybe the terminology you use is confusing. If you mean a limited liability company, sp z o.o, then this does not need to make any ZUS contributions. If you pay yourself as an employee then you would need to pay ZUS at circa 19 percent.

If you are not talking about a limited company, but rather a sole trader, dzialalnosc gospodarstwo - then you need to pay the flat rates of ZUS described above.
OP Tripaloski 3 | 8
18 Oct 2017 #9
I think they made it clear in this link that we need to be insured

Yes, It's a limited liability company and I will need to pay myself as an employer for the purpose of a temporary residence. Please comment the source of that first information.
cms 9 | 1253
18 Oct 2017 #10
I was not aware of that change which was implemented last year. It seems to have closed a loophole whereby you could pay yourself as a director and avoid ZUS. Not sure what country you are from, or if you have the possibility of one other person taking 81% of the shares, but it's best to discuss that with an accountant.
Frederick Taka - | 1
23 May 2021 #11
HI ,,

i am about to open LLC too, i want to know your experience regarding the ZUS payment if only have one shareholder ? how much is it ? i got confuse cus from different source different answer i got . so i hope i got some insight about this from your experience thank you. or maybe you have reference for a attorney that up-to-date with current rule and regulation please let me know thanks
Cargo pants 3 | 1488
23 May 2021 #12
or a attorney

You need an accountant not an attorney.Attorney will do what you tell him and accountant will know exactly what to open and can recommend you.
PolAmKrakow 3 | 870
25 May 2021 #13
@Frederick Taka
You are looking at just over 1400 pln per month for ZUS if you are a one person SP ZO O and a non Pole. Contributions for employee's will depend on their pay.

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