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Working Vs Private English Lessons Vs Starting a Small Business in Poland

Sidliste_Chodov 1 | 441
23 Sep 2011 #31
As strange as it sounds - if he went just up the road to Bydgoszcz, he could earn a decent living as an English teacher there. Not much competition, and plenty of people.

That's the problem though, isn't it. The most popular places are... well... already popular ;)

If he was, say, an Aussie, he would probably want to move to London for work. But he gets told that there's too much competition, so he would be better off moving to Bradford instead. Not much of a choice, is it? lol
OP Kazikowski 17 | 101
8 Oct 2011 #32
Here is a " Plan D" for you. Turn up with enough money for 2 months, do not severe your ties back home, use the period to look for a job or do R& D. If all fails you will return home a wiser man.

While I wasn't put off by any "negative" or as you say "realistic" comments, I am still in the same boat as before. Plan D which is here mentioned seems quite reasonable; to do R&D that is. But overall I think my original post when I started should have been more like "What to do with my life" rather than listing options for what I can do in Poland. Honestly, how do some people live with no goal in life? That's another interesting question.
JeremyWarsaw - | 6
4 Jan 2015 #33
Merged: Polish: Skype Lessons / business oriented

Dear all!

I French professional, leaving in Moscow and I am currently learning polish by myself, as i plan to move to Warsaw in coming month, but I need to develop my level quickly

Could anyone recommend me a good "Skype" teacher?

Also, if someone is offering this kind of service, feel free to write me.



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