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Am I obliged to have a business before I apply for a temporary residency on the basis of starting a business?

Tripaloski 3 | 8
13 Nov 2017 #1
I'm visiting Poland on a tourist visa and I want to apply for temporary residence on my stay on the basis of starting a business, my question is: Can I apply for a temporary residence permit on starting a business activity basis and once I get the permit, I then start a business, or I must have a business before I apply on that basis? And Can I even apply for it on a tourist visa?

Thanks for taking time and helping out :)
peterweg 37 | 2,309
13 Nov 2017 #2
If you enter on a tourist visa and attempt to work eg apply to start a business, you will be arrested and deported, probably with a ban on every entering Poland/EU again.

I'm not sure about Poland, but most countries have a scheme whereby you can invest assets, say 1 million euros and be give residency.

Failing that, Business visa's can be sponsored by a local company.
peterweg 37 | 2,309
14 Nov 2017 #4

Temporary residence permit for the purpose of business activity
A permit for people who carry on business activity. New rules determine, more precisely, all the requirements to be met by a company or a business so that the foreigner who conducts it can get a residence permit in Poland to manage his/her business.

OP Tripaloski 3 | 8
17 Nov 2017 #5
About the first comment, you're making dangerous claims, that a lawyer I'm contacting from Wroclaw just denied. He told me that Starting a company is not illegal, but working in that company on a tourist visa is illegal and will ban you from entering the EU for up to 3 years.

Unfortunately, I don't have that much for the budget

Thanks for the link!
21 Mar 2019 #6

Aliens who opened a business in Poland - temporary residence permit for business purposes

I'm looking at the paperwork for obtaining a "Temporary residence permit for business purposes".

As I will be opening a new business, quite a few required documents are unobtainable like CIT-8, balance sheets, etc. as per Annex 1.

What evidence or documentation did you provide those sections?

I'm in Wroclaw if it matters. I'm also looking for a local lawyer and accountant if anyone has a suggestion.


I'm an EU citizen.
Lyzko 42 | 9,507
21 Mar 2019 #7
G-d save us, the aliens have landed!

Of which European country are you a citizen, not that it matters:-)

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