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Gross Salary 20000 PLN in Poland

akt 3 | 10
29 May 2019 #1
I am getting an offer of 20000 PLN gross in gdansk, how is the salary?
How much will be net salary?
How much I can save with wife and 2 kids (5 years and 3 years)?
Can you please provide details of living cost (housing/internet/phone/electricity/water/food/medical/transportation etc.)?
terri 1 | 1,665
29 May 2019 #2
Far too complicated a question. It all depends on whether your wife will work, whether you will submit tax returns jointly, whether you will get 500+ for children.

As for savings it is a piece of string. How are we to know if you expect to eat out in the most expensive restaurants every day, once a week, never, or if your wife is a good cook and can make a meal out of nothing. What about schooling for your children? Where will they go? if to an English establishment then you will pay a high price.

Do your research well before you decide.
Salary of 20K pln gross per month sounds good,. but out of that you need to factor in accommodation, car usage, bills for gas/electricity/telephone, private medical insurance, clothing and everything else. No one can tell you these costs, some like heat at a higher level than others. Winters are terrifically cold.

This is not the same as if a Polish person was getting this salary, they have a family network who can invite them for dinner, help them with things. You will have no one.
OP akt 3 | 10
29 May 2019 #3
Thanks terri for information.
My wife will not work, will file tax jointly. Kids may go to English schools. Wife will cook food at home. We eat out not very frequent.

I think kids should be eligible for 500+.
1 Jun 2019 #4
Very good money. Kids - originally I thought it was for Polish kids (who have Polish citizenship) only, but you are right that kids from around the world apply as long as their parents get a job in Poland. 20K PLN is very good money - it is gross income I assume? After taxes it would be like 15K or so (still very good).
delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
2 Jun 2019 #5
but you are right that kids from around the world apply as long as their parents get a job in Poland

They don't even have to work here. Someone that turns up from Somalia with 10 kids to "study" is also entitled to it.

I know one case where an Arab guy with 5 kids is claiming 500+, and he works in a kebab shop.
terri 1 | 1,665
2 Jun 2019 #6
You cannot blame people for claiming benefits if they are officially entitled to them, and your kebab-worker must be entitled to them. Good job it is only 5 children, if he had 10 children, there would be no point in working (officially) at all.

But what is worse, is that many people do not have the right to vote, so their votes are not being bought by the 500+ benefit. This is what happens when new laws/regulations are written on the back of a fag packet without consultation.

It would be extremely difficult now to re-write the 500+ entitlement. PiS know that if they cut this entitlement there would be an uproar and they would lose the next election. No party can now take these entitlements away.
29 Jan 2020 #7
Hello, my net income in India Pune is INR 1.85 lac per month. Is it worth moving to Krakow with a gross pay of 21K PLN? My kid is a 5th grader. Please advise me
DominicB - | 2,709
29 Jan 2020 #8
21K PLN is a lof of money

So is 1.85 lakh. With cost of living and cost of schooling for the child taken into account, he may be better off staying in India.

s it worth moving to Krakow

Probably not. Your chances for advancement are probably higher using India as a base than using Poland as a "foot in the door" to the richer countries of the EU. Living in Poland will probably not increase your chances of finding work in a richer country that is more receptive to Indians. As for staying in Poland long term, very few Indians do. By far the overwhelming majority either move west, legally or illegally, or return home within a few years at most.

Also, Poland has become a less attractive destination for Indians, and Indians have become less attractive employees to Polish companies over the last five years. This forum hardly ever gets questions like yours anymore, whereas five, ten years ago it got several a week. The golden age for Indian workers in Poland is long past.
Cargo pants 2 | 1,099
29 Jan 2020 #9
Please advise me

Dont come or you will really feel a third worlder here.No cleaning ladies,no dish washing servants etc at that salary.Wait till you get twice that offer,and forget getting a chauffeur,until you get a cab.

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