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English school or beauty salon in Poland? Business option

Irish1234 4 | 8
16 Jan 2020 #1
Thinking what would be the best business option.
A English school or beauty salon in Olsztyn Poland?

Serious comments please!
mafketis 37 | 10,828
16 Jan 2020 #2
English school : Market is saturated Poland is long past peak English

Beauty salon : How are you going to communicate with clientele? with employees? What special techniques do you have that aren't already on the market?

Do Polish people like any specific Irish food? Drink? Some kind of Irish establishment _might_ be a viable idea....

What does Irish Polonia miss when they go back to Poland? What do they especially like in Ireland?
mafketis 37 | 10,828
16 Jan 2020 #4
There's your idea! Give people money! You'll never run out of customers!
17 Jan 2020 #5
English school / English-Irish kindergarten.. Hey I Know, set up a kindergarten with total Irish folklore, green leprechauns, looking for gold games etc. It will be fun and at least some parents will appreciate their kids learning about St Patricks Day etc it will be awesome. (This is just an idea to consider, I literally thought about it now as I'm writing it).

Don't mind the saturated market, just enter into a price competition or in fact charge more, but not too much, by adding more value, you are a native speaker after all and not many in Olsztyn can match this. In fact, I thought of it, go for the full Irish kindergarten / school and make it as magical as Kylemore itself, full Ireland vibe, include Scottish, English and Welsh too, and by extension Australian/Canadian/American, but mainly focus on the Irish vibe.

See how it works out, if not you can set up a beauty salon and hire at least one chatty, extrovert and nice native Polish speaker for the customers. Olsztyn isn't Amsterdam so not every customer is going to communicate fluently in English (but many of the younger generation will).
cms neuf 1 | 1,721
17 Jan 2020 #6
Neither would be easy - on the Beauty salon then have a look at existing competition first and look for a gap. The market is growing quickly but rents are high in Olsztyn right now and you need to dip a toe in the water rather than commit to a fixed cost.

Lots of middle class Poles have a regular appointment for nails, Botox etc but I'm not sure they would be keen going to someone who did not speak Polish.
terri 1 | 1,663
20 Jan 2020 #7
Rather than a 'beauty salon' offering Botox, look to opening a place where physiotherapists work offering medical massages. People have troubles with their backs and would go in for this. In Krakow, I know that you pay 500-600 pln for 5 hrs of massages.
OP Irish1234 4 | 8
15 Aug 2020 #8

Opening a beauty salon in Olsztyn. Help! Serious comments please 😁

Thinking of opening a beauty salon in Olsztyn. Nails,facial, massage ,lashes browes and sunbed. Would somthing like this work? 🤔 Or Sports massage therapy.
16 Aug 2020 #9
The market for English language courses here is incredibly saturated. There are some Poles who speak absolutely amazing English who would probably be the first choice for employees. It's not just locals you're competing with either. I knew of some Spanish Erasmus students last year who were charging 15-20 zloty for an hour lesson. They spoke mediocre English, but managed to find some parents who wanted homework help/ extra tuition for their kids. Can you imagine earning 15-20 zloty an hour and traveling around the city to people's houses to teach kids?

Do you speak Polish? If you don't, a salon is out of the question. Would you go to a salon in Dublin where the hairdressers only spoke Polish and maybe a few words in English? I have a feeling the market is fairly saturated here too.

I really think you need to reconsider.
Perhaps a kindergarten wouldn't be a bad idea. I can see lots of parents wanting to give their kids a head-start and in previous recessions, people have often prioritized things like education for their kids meaning it might be downturn proof. You'd need a lot of experience in the field though and I imagine there are multiple complex regulatory hurdles to face.

An Irish bar or restaurant. Olsztyn probably had one already, but if you have experience in the trade, you might be able to do it.
kaprys 3 | 2,242
16 Aug 2020 #10
As for beauty salon I guess you'd have some competition

As for massage make sure you have proper qualifications.
pawian 223 | 24,567
16 Aug 2020 #11
Do you speak Polish? If you don't, a salon is out of the question.

This person doesn`t need to speak Polish to run a business - he or she may hire Polish workers who speak English well. Also, for tax and legal issues, he or she can find English speaking accountants and lawyers. Anything is possible if one is determined and ambitious. I met such Poles in the USA once.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,500
16 Aug 2020 #12
This person doesn`t need to speak Polish to run a business

EXACTLY,there are so many successful business owners I know in Poland who can barely speak Polish.
pawian 223 | 24,567
16 Aug 2020 #13
Yes, they are natural born killer business people who could operate anywhere in the world and even in outer space, dealing with aliens.
cms neuf 1 | 1,721
16 Aug 2020 #14
A beauticians that requires daily contact with customers about the most personal issues obviously requires Polish. There is no sugar coating for that

I suggest you spend a day driving around the main malls of Olsztyn and see what existing competition there is and how much they charge. Work out how many customers you need to cover your rent and other costs - then see how many that would be per week, per day etc and whether it is viable. Nobody here knows much about the beauty business so try and find out from Polish ladies how much they pay and how often they use that service
pawian 223 | 24,567
16 Aug 2020 #15
find out from Polish ladies how much they pay

Why are you so discriminatory? Not only ladies use those services.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,500
20 Aug 2020 #16
Thinking of opening a beauty salon in Olsztyn

If you ever need to rent a commercial space PM me,my friend has a kaminieca in Olsztyn old town on Ul Kollataja I think the number was 22.

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