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Canadian-raised moved to Poland? Just got an idea while working on North Sea.

thecooldude 1 | 3
27 Dec 2012 #1
I think I am going to do this and experience life in Poland like maybe 6-12 months.

Born in Canada but I went to Poland for entire year grade 6 to live with my babcia and help her with her only cow. To think about it I loved to take that cow out to pasture everyday. Funny I actually remember licking the salt bricks that cows used (probably not a good idea).

Anyhow so my Polish is pretty good so I think I can blend in with the the people maybe not initially.

Anybody Canadian raised move to Poland? Do you miss it? I just want to experience my culture and I think Poland has been pulling me all these years. Still young and just want to have fun in a different, more cultural environment. Also travelling to other EU countries will be easy on the wallet. Also Polish woman are fine! I told my parents about this and they pretty much saying Canada has not much to offer for you. Just taxes and consumerism!!!

What city though that is the question.....ahhh yeah moving to Poland like the sound of that.
MoOli 9 | 480
27 Dec 2012 #2
Just taxes and consumerism!!!

Dude I wasnt born in Poland but am doing same as you are,but about what im quoting dont be surprised,its rapidly happening there as well but again it will be like us/canada in 12/15 more years like real estate taxes insurance etc also which are my main concern in usa,,oh not to mention medical facilities which are way cheaper in Poland than in usa with similar or better quality.
OP thecooldude 1 | 3
27 Dec 2012 #3
It would be bad if Poland votes for the EU currency.

See I went to Mazury which is the poorer area of Poland and life seemed slower. Food was cheap, cops were ********, rental company gave me vehicle with expired papers but I am sure Krakow or Gdansk or Warsaw would rock at least for a year.

Canada is awesome dont get me wrong and when I do come here I aint maxing out credit and running although the idea did come to my head. Not for some chump change of course. haha there see Polish attitude. Kanciarstwo I think I would fit in.

Just idea of living to many countries in such close proximity and all things one can see might as well live before shacking up
pawian 182 | 16,920
27 Dec 2012 #4
What city though that is the question.....ahhh yeah moving to Poland like the sound of that.

Go somewhere where you can look after a cow. Or even two!

Stara miłość nie rdzewieje - old love doesn`t rust!!!

help her with her only cow.

kcharlie 2 | 165
27 Dec 2012 #5
I love Southern Poland, not least because my family's from the Kraków, Tarnów and Nowy Sącz areas.

Krakow is a pretty cool city, but the real reason I love the area is because of its cultural richness and the awesome, beautiful mountains especially. :)

Plus, the area has a pretty balanced, moderate Central European climate. You usually get fairly decent, warm summers there, as opposed to the Baltic coast, which tends to have shorter, cooler summers and fairly chilly autumns and springs. Plus, if it gets too hot, you can escape to the mountains.

Winters are pretty unpredictable in Poland anyway, but, if you like winter, this area generally gets better winter weather than the coast or places further west. And if you really like winter, well, mountains.

Did I mention the mountains? :)

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