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Grace Pianka case - Injustice to Polish Citizen

2 Jul 2015 #61
I think it's time we take a look at the two attorney's and the stupid judge who awarded the married mistress control over a married couples finances. How could this happen!! Grace has a son who should have received the money or at least a trust account should have been set up for him. The Judge should GO TO JAIL for this. Additionally, why isn't Virginia McIntyre being pursued by law enforcement. A lot of things do not make since about this trial. 1. How do the McIntyre's get away with owing the IRS $400K? 2. Why would a judge overlook the needs of a child or does he have something to gain from this ruling. 3. The Judge gave the attorney's a present......obviously they got paid and we all know law enforcement is dirty...Judges especially!! 4. Why was an inexperienced policeman left to his own devices on this case? 5. Why didn't the policeman get an experienced detective involved with Virginia McIntyre before she was able to leave the police station? Anyone with any sense can see this was all smoke and mirrors. However, you have a liar, cheat and thief gone....i.e. Virginia, you have a Mom locked up worried about her troubled son, You have the prosecution team that just makes up stories and after all the deck is stacked against Grace before she ever got arrested. What do prosecutor's make when they get a conviction.....forget the doesn't seem to EVER matter. They're just out for blood or money...I wish I knew. GRACE was guilt until proven innocent......and that is the way it is in AMERICA because we have the cops, Judge, prosecution attorney's on one side and you have an innocent person and an attorney on the other side who are strangers. The judge can rule what kind of evidence can be submitted so since the prosecution team is of one the judge almost always rules in the prosecution's favor which stacks the deck for the defense and the innocent. The Judge should be removed and the attorney's that took money away from Grace's son should be disbarred. That money could have gone to Grace's defense to save her life and to find Virginia McIntyre. SHAME OF THE PROSECUTOR'S TEAM!!!!

I hope Grace is released early and finds the "B" Virginia and her husband. I hope she makes them pay in court and JAIL TIME.

Just my opinion!!
jon357 66 | 17,040
2 Jul 2015 #62
Surely if there's so much doubt in the case, there's grounds for an appeal?
terri 1 | 1,665
2 Jul 2015 #63
I saw a TV programme where an innocent man languished in prison for 10 years only because his friend said that they both killed a man. As it turned out, the friend made a deal and got 25 years, the innocent man went to trial and got 40 years. Both were innocent. The innocent man was out after 10 years, the other will serve 20 years (before chance of parole). All because of his so called confession. So bad things happen.
29 Dec 2016 #64
Wow. Only one other person in this thread agrees with me that Grace is guilty...and he claims to be a juror from the first trial. You people need to distinguish between murderer and opportunistic she-devil.

Grace is a murderer. I cannot get past her question in the hospital--"Where is Adam? Is he in the hospital?" She has NO REASON to ask "Is he in the hospital?" unless she knew that Adam had been injured.

Jen is an opportunistic she-devil. Seeing that Grace would be found guilty for Adam's murder, Jen smelled a chance to get his money. Come on, Polish folks, I live in a former Communist country, and I see such devilishness on a daily basis.
10 Nov 2019 #65
Poor Grace. There is a afterlife and everyone who did her wrong is ganna pay for it. God know's what happend and people is ganna pay with their souls.

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