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Grace Pianka case - Injustice to Polish Citizen

8 Aug 2012 #31
Grace was offered a plea agreement before her second trail, that would essentially have sentenced her to the time she had already spent in jail if she pled guilty to manslaughter. She refused.

Why would she have turned down this offer if she was guilty?
12 Aug 2012 #32
My thoughts are exactally the same! There is not much info about this case when you google this poor woman's name....which tells me nothing is being done to help out this women & the injustice. This women Jen & her husband are scammers! When the 911 calls were made the blinds were closed &a mans voice in the background & the fingernails...why was this not focused on immensely during the trial! A guilty person would have taken a plea deal w time served...not an innocent person who wants to clear her name. How can this poor women be helped? Where is Jen & her husband? How can they live w themselves?
28 Aug 2012 #33
Without a doubt! I was a juror in the first trial.. and frankly there was NO DOUBT Grace killed her husband! Unfortunately a few jurors fell asleep during the key points of the trial. Bottomline! She did it! And she is where she belongs!
jon357 66 | 16,187
28 Aug 2012 #34
Is it normal in your country for jurors to discuss trials?
24 Oct 2012 #35
I just finished watching this story. My thoughts are that, why would Jen go to Adams house? The wife may be there, they may be talking or possibly trying to work things out(that might explain why he didn't call her). And why would she not tell her husband about the affair if she was planning on leaving him. I believe this was planned to make it look like Grace killed him. I keep going back to that 911 call, the 911 operator heard another voice and even asked if there was someone else there and the fact that she became the administrator of his estate after his death is very strange. What has been done with that $. If she sent it to the family, I could say she was not guilty of anything but adultery and tax evasion. But if she kept the $ and spent it on herself then something is very fishy. And why did she run away and not testify. If she was so heart broken she would want to face the person who killed her lover and make sure he received justice. I think she fled because she was afraid that if she did testify she would incriminate herself or her husband. I could have never found Grace guilty with so much reasonable doubt.
24 Oct 2012 #36
I'm not saying either way how I feel about either woman in terms of their guilt or innocence.

I will say though, that Rookie Detective needs to be moved to a Citizens Parking Ticket department (I realize there is no such department. If you think I do, then you have missed my point entirely. For that detective to sit there and say that he doesn't regret things that are considered standard procedure is beyond comprehension. He is not being truthful about the fact that he doesn't think that the decision would have changed jurors ruling. When he was interviewing the mistress, "she said, "I understand how you may think affairs are 'salacious, fun and sexy', but... " Immediately, my first thought was, wait did I just hear that correctly? Rewind.... YEP, I sure as hell heard that correctly. WOW! Rookie of the year there better be glad that the wife got a guilty verdict because of his lack of investigating so he didn't have to answer questions from his boss. I think we can all agree that throwing around words like 'sexy, fun, and salacious' around, especially to a Rookie might throw them off their game a bit, as to keep that ball down at one end of the court.

Truth is, the investigation itself on a superficial level was so lacking that it would not matter who was standing trial for this murder, we still wouldn't have or not have reasonable doubt. Sure hope that Detective learned to do more thorough investigations. If for nothing else, so that he won't have to blink so many damn times the next time he has to take the stand. Sorry kid, communication 101 taught me long ago, that is a very telling non-verbal communication clue.
truthnright - | 1
27 Dec 2012 #37
Saw this episode twice. The McIntyre mistress and the "trainee" investigator will have this hanging over their heads for the rest of their sorry lives.

10 Apr 2013 #38
I am so in agreement on this case. The fact that the woman who solicited Grace's husband through a married spouses website and phoned him repeatedly on his cell phone and then the HOME PHONE from her motel room the night before he was murdered was NEVER brought to task for fleeing the subpeona TWICE. WHY??? The court let it lapse after the verdict. And look at the photo of the other woman taken after SHE discovered the body while looking through the bedroom window (SERIOUSLY??), she is dressed frumpily and a nail is broken off. My feeling is she had changed her clothes before calling police. A woman attempting to woo a man from his wife doesn't show up at his house looking like a disheveled house frau. There is grave injustice done to Grace Pianka and we need to remember her in prayer as we head towards April 15, the anniversary of the murder.
Rysavy 10 | 308
11 Apr 2013 #39
It was a strangely handled case...
I've sat in cases that the bloody entrails still steamed on the hands (yes literally) and had more trouble convicting.
I didn't sit the box in that one though. She also was picked at for her looks in a couple of pieces.
Most the "damning" evidence came mere fact of the husband's affair (for major motive) and statements from a neighbor who changed his tale and even got mad at the atty (or was it a journalist? It made the rounds) and said some smart ass thing like "if I was badgered that day like now I prolly just said what they wanted to make them leave me the hell alone!" Yet his testimony pegged her leaving the crime at the given required time of event. He came off a major dick...

It had weird reporting from what can remember (was in last stage of my divorce then and traveling from home, my mom's to WA til I moved completely back to AZ in 2007). I remember bits and bobs the "witness" who was hostile and the mistress fled the state.

I remember she wasn't a full citizen (they made a big deal about it in WRONG way) nor did she have anyone make sure her first questions were made really clear in her native language (ACLU is only fer fokin illegals and sleazy gangbangers that moved in from Oakland : ( )

That is about the same time period that Aussie family was being deported with thier Visas revoked -for no wrong doing- after living here like 22 years and half the kids citizens?

Regardless of her possible guilt I think her rights to a fair trial were violated
19 Apr 2013 #40
Watched show tonight. I believe there was reasonable doubt for Grace. Jen & her husband appear to be scammers or cons. They owe the IRS 480,000. She & her husband work as a team. Oh yes, he "forgives" her for her affair. Jen goes to the house peeks thru closed blinds & finds the body & calls 911. She charms a rookie dedective. Yes a spouse is to be ruled out, but what about the mistress that found the body. The instant message between Jen & her lover discussing about her 57 Magnum having tough kick & her boyfriend suggesting that she use 38 caliber bullets in it to avoid that problem. He was killed with a 38 bullet. She was familiar with guns. So she goes to court to get to be administrator of his estate. How about that she does not pay his mortgage. The mortgage company rep was there to testify to that fact. Great way to protect his assests. Honestly all they wanted was his money. The day before he died she was back on the website where they met available again. Really understanding husband or should I say accomplise. In the beginning she was right with the dedective leading him by the nose down her yellow brick road. She was supoenoed to testify at the trial and failed to show up. There is a $100,000 warrant for her arrest now. According to her son no one knows wher Jen & her husband are. Their whereabouts are secret. None of this passes the smell test. I would love to see a court accounting of the estate accounting & how much money the parents in Poland actually received. Did they foreclose on the house since she was not paying the mortgage? That would have been an asset for the Parents. I would also be very interested to see how much she paid herself to act in that capacity as administrator. I am sure this was not their first rodeo. Grace went to jail because these experiences con artists duped & gained the confidence of a rookie detective. Some police & DA's got to put someone in jail to close a case & it really doesn't matter who.
19 Apr 2013 #41
It is blatantly obvious that there is reasonable doubt in this case, and the outcome is a prime example of the failure of the American justice system.
19 Apr 2013 #42
It's amazing what you can accomplish through ip addresses and computer tech la.gauge knowledge. With that said most of whom are actually accusing grace seem very fishy :))). You have to be a complete moron to rule out mcintire :) LOL. So worried about her lover right? Enough to take his estate and move on with her husband not giving her OWN son knowledge of her whereabouts???? That's a shady person~ too many things to say about VIRGINIA, and not enough about grace. May I also add that noone even talked about an obvious language barrier with grace. Of course its more difficult to express yourself in a language other than your native. My girlfriend is Japanese and has been in America for 8 years and I can still feel difficultly in her trying to fully express herself. I'm almost for sure Virginia is reading this. Hope u google this some more. U can only run for so long lady~ justice will be served!
20 Apr 2013 #43
Well, I watched the show, I've read all of the articles (online), I've read all of the comments here; and I'm still miffed by a few things which haven't been mentioned (I'm not going to bother rehashing what has already been said).

Earlier in the evening, "Jen" told the 911 operator, "..I'm scared to death." Umm, why would she be scared to death? I have not seen nor read anything which would indicate Grace was a person prone to violence and that there was sufficient reason for Jen to fear for Adam's life/safety. Merely not being able to reach him during a 3 1/2 hour period equated to (purportedly in her mind) something TERRIBLE must have happened to Adam?

I read (here) that Jen had been to Adam and Grace's home; however, the program made it a point to specify they always met at various hotels. My question here is as follows: Most cheating husbands I've known in the past have NEVER taken their mistresses to their homes. Also, the home profiled on the show appeared to be a 2-story house. Most master bedrooms (in a 2-story house) are on the upper floor. Can anyone confirm or refute this? If this is the case, I'm sure some of you know where I'm headed with this, (aside from the blinds being closed, which has already been stated) how was Jen able to look in the window of the bedroom?

If she had never been to the home previously, how did she find the house? If she had never been to the home, how would she know the layout/floor plan (ie. where the bedroom was located)? Additionally, what mistress would have the thought of going over to a married couple's home when the likelihood of the wife being there is quite high? Also, at what point would that "logical" person conclude that stalking around the outside of the home peering into all of the windows late at night might be a good idea?

If you listen to the 911 recording, Jen makes a "contextual/situational" error when describing the events to the operator. She states, "I went around the back yard." That statement would indicate she was no longer in the back yard. If you see a person you know and love is dead and you dial 911; are you going to make your way back to the front of the house prior to making that oh-so-urgent call? Interestingly, she was able to tell the detective the color of Adam's face (rather matter of factly) and she didn't appear to be disturbed in the least during any of the segments shown of the investigative interview.

Secondly, when asked by the detective whether Jen knew where Adam kept his gun, she said, "Yes, in the nightstand by the bed." does THAT come up in conversation between Adam and Jen? My friends know I have guns but I can't recall a single one of them EVER asking me where I keep them in my home and NONE of them (even those I've known for 25+ years) could tell you where they are. Was the nightstand's drawer handle dusted for prints?

Thirdly, crime scene photos show the bags Adam was "packing to leave" being placed downstairs in the hallway by the front door. Common sense would tell me, if he was packing to leave, the bags would have been nearer the closet/dresser where his close would logically be kept.

Fourthly, as a couple of others have pointed out here, Jen speculated Adam must have been coming out of the shower prior to being shot. I'm just curious as to why he would feel the need to take a shower after having just elected to move out of the house, abandon his family, marry Jen, and live happily ever after. He gets into a heated exchange with his wife (according to the prosecution's theory of events) and then thinks, "I'm going to take a shower before I leave"? How would she conclude he was coming out of the shower unless she was either in the house or furnished with crime scene photos (a violation of protocol) when being questioned?

Fifthly, I've read many times that Grace attempted suicide by taking a bottle of aspirin because she was distraught about having just killed her husband. She claimed she was taking them to numb the pain (perhaps a translation error English/Polish?). Am I the only one thinking anyone with a modicum of common sense would conclude the LAST thing to come to mind when attempting an overdose is aspirin? Why not sleeping pills? Why not simply use the gun you just shot your husband with? She had the sense to empty the bank account so she obviously had her wits about her. Prior to concluding she was entirely too drunk to think logically; realize that she and her vehicle were found 120 miles from the home. Was any thought given as to where she might have been headed?

Sixth, the neighbor approached Grace's driveway as she was leaving which means he was likely outside prior to her exiting the home and getting into her car. However, there were at least FOUR .38 cal rounds fired off and he didn't mention having heard a single gun shot? For those who do not know, the sound (even though it would be muffled by the interior of the house) would be audible to at LEAST 50 yards and likely up to 100 yards away. This leads me to believe the timeline must be wrong and the shots were likely fired at a later time.

Whether or not any of this (along with the other 10+ "issues" addressed within the various posts here) points to Grace's innocence is really not of issue. What IS of issue is the question as to whether or not there exists "reasonable doubt". ALL, or at least MOST, of the "evidence" was exculpatory in nature and favors Grace (not the least of which was her unwillingness to admit guilt and simply put this matter behind her). The preponderance of evidence points to Jen. The motive points to Jen. Actions/behavior subsequent to the murder point to Jen. I'm struggling to find exactly HOW 12 people unilaterally agreed upon Grace's guilt.

All I can say is, "I wish this prosecutor were the one to have prosecuted the O.J. Simpson, Casie Anthony, and Michael Jackson trials!!" I've seen justice averted, poked in the eye, and even stepped upon from time to time. But, in this particular instance, justice has been treated like a pinata at a 6-year-old's birthday party.:(

In summation, as if it matters at all, here is what I speculate happened. Adam contacted Jen after Grace left the house and told her to stop by. Jen went over and helped Adam pack his things. She likely told him to take a shower, relax, "cool off", etc. and she waited for him to come out prior to shooting him. Again, whether or not this is what happened is inconsequential. What IS consequential is that there is NO way the events could have unfolded the way the prosecution presented them and yet; 12 morons failed to see any reasonable doubt.

She can be helped through one of the 2 following organizations. I trust if there is enough "demand" from the public, one of the 2 following sources might take this on. You will have to Google search the following because the server here will not allow the posting of direct links.

Rysavy 10 | 308
20 Apr 2013 #44
AZ justice should have been involved back THEN.

In the very least making sure she had a good translator. If she had been an illegal...? (Even who had lived here for years and had a good working knowledge of english? ) ; she still would have had translators and help ( case in ..hmm I think 1995? Mexican illegal MURDERED his pregnant local girlfriend-was caught RED HANDED and still took 2 years to send to jail because of activists. He was the city one. There was one in Flag and one in Tuscon almost in month of each other).

mean to say but true.. she would have had EVERY assistance had she been "disadvantaged" sleazy low life in an "official" minority color . : (
14 Jun 2013 #45
From the first time I saw Grace's story on Dateline, I did not believe she was guilty. Adam's involvement with Virginia McIntyre, and the fact that she is the primary evidence against Grace, and that she was not investigated and deliberately "disappeared" to avoid testifying in the trial, her behavior at the scene, the 911 call, her absconding the couple's assets and history of unlawful acts should be more then enough "reasonable doubt" for a jury! I just watched the show again, hoping to hear that an appeal had been granted. I am deeply saddened to find that Grace is still in prison while McIntyre and her husband are free and not being investigated! This is a serious miscarriage of of many! My thoughts and hopes are for Grace to be free, I wish that someone can help her!
3 Jul 2013 #46
I just saw this story on TV to note and I'm so angry and outraged that this woman was convicted. Anyone can clearly see who did it!

This is a miscarriage of justice!

Is there any thing I can do to help Mrs Pianka?
Great knowledge
8 Aug 2013 #47
If grace had blond hair and no accent,she would not be in jail.people don't realize that America has many benefits to live a better life if u never come up against an American in the way of them choosing who is right or wrong,in that situation if u are not a American Caucasian,u rarely win,even if the other person is seen to have done the wrong.If u are a person of color it is many times worse,but don't kid yourself,even if u are the same as them looks wise ,it is rare that they will stand with u.I am almost sure 80 percent that this Jen mcIntyre set this whole thing up.she went online to find some one like this couple,with money and accents,pretended to fall for the husband...had and Affair with him,and when the time was right called him out..kept him out all day...which would bring any wife to a drinking point...somehow her and her husband get in this house kills the husband and sets grace you know of any other woman that would go to the man's house,if she knew he was alive?no.I believe she either also packed his bags,or got him to dicide to leave his wife at such short notice,wich I doubt.this was a master plan for one purpose,money.
Great knowledge
8 Aug 2013 #48
You are very right,welcome to american justice.any blind person can see what happened.something less serious like this almost happened to me.this is why when we see injustice in this country,no matter what color the person is we must stand together,or it will never change.tell everyone u know to put this on facebook please,I did,and I grew up here.this prejudice of all kinds must change in america. (The capital of prejudice)
29 Sep 2013 #49
I saw something on this case years ago and way too many things bothered me . Didnt the mistress take off AND wasnt the life insurance in her name ??? something happened that night and I dont believe it all had to do with Grace . Personally if I was on that jury I wouldnt have been able to convict her .

Oh I sooo agree
I am not polish nopr of polish descent . I am watching a how about this right now witht he slant at guilt and I remembered some of the case and how much it bothered me so re looked it up ..Not JUST at all . Something hinkey about that homewrecker in my opinion!!

No dna No physical evidence . A mistress that there is something wrong with !!! I think the mistress was involved IMHO
1 Oct 2013 #50
I agree with you First the cop is one of the most incompetent cops I've ever heard of
secondly I truly believe Grace was railroaded, what gets me is
they have No Evidence, No Proof, No witnesses, and No Guilty Verdict so they try her again?
And get a guilty verdict, Lord what a shame ,I hope she gets and wins her appeal
What ever happened to being unable to convict someone when there is reasonable doubt?
Virginia and her Husband should both be brought before the court to explain themselves
what a crock they can't find them!!!!! and her son is just as big a liar as his mother,
He doesn't know where they are, Really, how much of Adams money did he get out of it?

Bless you Grace My prayers are with you
10 Oct 2013 #51
how did she get away with this and his money. What ever happened to their life savings
1 Dec 2013 #52
I don't know who killed Adam. But I certainly do know, on the facts presented by Dateline, that Grace should never have been convicted. Reasonable doubt abounds. What was this jury doing--sitting in God's chair and making a wild guess? What is the conviction based on except open-ended, unclear evidence and a multitude of unanswered questions? I hope Grace can win on appeal. I am not Polish. I just think the verdict is wrong.
28 Jan 2014 #53
I am trying to get in contact with Grace, I've looked up her mailing address and inmate ID but need her UNIT #, can anyone help me? Also, someone mentioned that they communicated with her via email, what is the address? I want to send her words of encouragement and such.Thanks... They have recently shown the documentary about the Pianka case on ID again, saw it for the third time, such injustice
12 Feb 2014 #54
31 Mar 2014 #55
I agree. I contacted her atty's & spoke at length about my knowledge of "the other woman" ... I've personally known HER for about 35 yrs & she's capable of any kind of crime you might imagine, including MURDER! I firmly believe she's guilty of this one. After watching Dateline, I contacted Josh Mankewicz, who has never responded to any of my emails. To even speak out on this is risking my own life. However, I feel it's the right thing to do ... Grace is innocent!!! I hope & pray that something comes to light to implicate the one who's actually guilty of this crime.
17 Apr 2014 #56
I wonder if the jurors feel like crap over such a crappy verdict. Putting innocent woman in jail. Awful

Can't someone help this poor woman get out of jail? She's so obviously innocent
5 Jun 2014 #57
I too am old friends with one of these two women....I will tell you they (the jurors) got it right. There are many facts that didnt come out in the trial or got shown on Dateline. Both families (like most families are/were a little odd...We all have a public face we put on and every one of us have a private side. Grace reacted very poorly, yet very understandably when she found out her husband was having an affair. Even if the marraige wasn't a good one at the time when something like that happens you feel like the other person made you look foolish and because of that you do stupid things. Things you wouldnt normally do. Conversly when youre a generally private person and all of a sudden on National TV it is going to be exposed to everyone that you were having an affair and every detail of your life is exposed including IRS problems when you are playing the role of an affluent family you could be thoroughly embarrassed and want to also realize after this is on Dateline you will always be stalked by news people trying to find more details and investigate everything about a private person that possibility could be very un nerving...bottom line is, the correct person is in jail, to this day I believe the whereabouts of Jen are still unknown and this became a tragedy for many people...There are consequenses to your actions so be careful what actions you choose to take part in....
8 Jul 2014 #58
So if you know so much about this case, why not tell it? Why not list references, dates, times? If Jen didn't get the money and his parents did, where is the proof of that? Why did Jen stay with her husband and why did they flee? These questions that I have asked you are reasonable and are based on facts of the case itself...where are your facts? Yours are opinions only as far as I can see. Even if Dateline and other articles showed only half of the story, it is obvious a new trial needs to be given and that this Jen and her husband need to be extradited to be made to testify. In this country you are supposed to be able to face and question your accuser. However, that was not given in this case. Nor were proper police procedures followed. The admitted mistress made the initial 911 call, knew details of the murder scene, and yet was never forensically tested. That is just wrong and unforgivable by the police.

By the way, I am writing the above post as a question to the posting of aaaa???? Why not give the info you have?
scared citizen
26 Aug 2014 #59
Detective Brian Hansen is a complete idiot, but most of the police force in Arizona is anyway. They do not research the facts or interview witnesses, they simply take the easyway out and push all evidence under the rug. Unless you are wealthy they turn a deaf ear to anything you might have to say. Brian Hansen was sloppy and lazy, he took one persons word and ran with it, what a loser.
2 Jul 2015 #60
I want to start a petition online. Any thoughts? ? This woman is obviously innocent I can not believe she was found guilty! ! She needs a whole new trial.

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