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There's not a lot wrong with Poles in the UK. There's just too many of them.

PlasticPole 7 | 2,650
14 Mar 2012 #61
You should not be allowed guests in your house.
isthatu2 4 | 2,702
14 Mar 2012 #62
Who in Britain uses Mall for a shopping centre?

Sadly this last couple of years our misguided youth seem to have adopted many 'mericanisms, " Mom" seems all the rage amongst a certain class too......

Mind you, Im hearing ********" more often in US TV shows so... :)
BBman - | 344
14 Mar 2012 #63
Well if you dont want to see so many Poles, then you can try to encourage the UK government to bring in more blacks and pakis.
p3undone 8 | 1,135
14 Mar 2012 #64
To shadow K and Oxon,I agree that immigrants should try to respect their hosts insomuch as they get it in return.To decide that I'm going to

treat my hosts as s**t because their government has bad foreign policy or it's corporations exploit my home is a pretty f***ing weak argument.

If you want to be disrespectful,just say "I want to be disrespectful",but don't justify it with lame excuses for acting like a jackass.
OP oxon 4 | 164
14 Mar 2012 #65 are deliberately being obtuse. As Basil Fawlty said to Manuel..'Manuel, let me explain.....POKE in eye!

I will never run a business here, own another house, buy a car, buy insurance, medical benefits, etc. It suits me fine to rent rooms, be an employee keep my savings in this country under £1,000 because as long as i give the impression of borderline poverty no one can hassle me nor would they want to.

Example....I went to court last year after an abhorrent pack of lies was stated against me regarding me assaulting a London Underground ticket inspector. I produced my electronic Oyster card as the legal terms say I must but didn't put it onto his machine for him to check. I just 'produced it on demand' and held it out his reach. At the same time I told him how his mother must be proud of him being a 'London underground ticket inspector' after 12 years of state education.

He wouldn't let me past and shouted for a B.T. policeman to come to his aid (who I didn't know was there) and that was that. Arrested and 8 hours in a cell handing over my DNA and prints.

CCTV showed I never once raised my hands and that his painful shoulder and chest where I had allegedly punched him were fabrications.

4 months later after stressing about it all, I was given a complete discharge after one whole day in court. I had to quit my job to get legal aid so had a good lawyer. So I wasn't fined ...but the coup de gras? i was ordered to pay £150 in court costs. I sent emails off to TFL asking them to pay it based on their employees lies. What do you think they said?

You see how it all works. TFL and the UK judiciary system conspire together to fleece anyone with cash. UK is a mafiosa type racket. Since the £150 wasn't a fine I never paid it and now somewhere it will have been added on to all the thousands that I owe, all the CCJ's against me etc etc.

Moral of the story....if you havn't got it, they can'y get it.
Barney 15 | 1,500
14 Mar 2012 #66 are deliberately being obtuse

I would love to comment on your ideas except I've no idea what they are
pawian 192 | 19,253
14 Mar 2012 #67
Arr. You missing communism then Pawain?

No, not at all.:):):)

Most of that doesn't read any different to Marx and Engels communist manifesto.

Strange, but I didn`t notice it yesterday. Where exactly? :):):)
modafinil - | 418
15 Mar 2012 #68
Strange, but I didn`t notice it yesterday. Where exactly? :):):)

The first part more than the latter parts of m&e. The bits about the system we have being split into exploiter and exploited or proletarians and bourgeoisie being divided by class system/antagonism for production and of exchange in a world market which has ended idyllic relations between man with the majority being poor workers of the world who are prevented from uniting/integrating.

I should tell the thought police of Poland to keep an eye on you, conspirator!
tuskacz - | 5
22 Feb 2021 #69
Can you imagine Saudi Arabia letting in 2 million Christians?

Typical whataboutism.
Blame your brits, if they wanted to work in low paid industries there would not have been necessary to reach for immigrants.
But now, britons have always felt superior and though it is humiliating for them to take these jobs, they have always wanted to conquer other who work for them as lower class, and brits will be upper class.

This class system is alive and well today. So don't blame foreigners, blame your natives and govt who did against you.
jon357 71 | 20,418
22 Feb 2021 #70
This class system is alive and well today.

Have you only just figured that out?
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,849
4 Mar 2021 #71
Ah yes 'blame Brits' for living in the most corruptly governed country in the world....yes'mate 'blame Brits' for government policy that's very clever.. ...

jon357 71 | 20,418
4 Mar 2021 #72
'blame Brits'

It shows they think about us still.

would not have been necessary to reach for immigrants.

Unemployment rates didn't change much after 2004. It looks like migration from within the enlarged EU fuelled growth rather than taking jobs.

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