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driving in england on a Polish license

shady 5 | 7
5 May 2010 #1
Does driving on a polish licence in england present any problems with regard to owning and insuring your own vehicle
szarlotka 8 | 2,209
5 May 2010 #2
I'm pretty sure you can drive in the UK for up to 3 years on your Polish license (or age 70 if sooner than that - you don't sound that old though!) Check out the DVLA site for confirmation of this.

Insurance will be the main issue. As far as the Uk are concenred you have no no claims discount. I know a few companies will transfer no claims from your home country if you have that but a lot of them won't. Worth while searching because without any no claims it will be expensive.

No problems with car ownership.
OP shady 5 | 7
5 May 2010 #3
thanks szarlotka, I think i will get my trousers pulled down either way as my gf is only just taking test in poland, not so many £££££££££££,s, ie: she is new driver with no no claims as you say or she will go on my insurance, yikes!!
szarlotka 8 | 2,209
5 May 2010 #4
Any way you look at it insurance will be expensive for a new driver. Best of luck shopping around for a good deal;)
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
5 May 2010 #5
If you get your old insurance company in Poland to send your papers over along with a copy translated in to English you can get your no claims.

My suggestion would be try Tesco, they'll bascially insure anyone (no offence) and the prices are not too bad and they're a part of Direct Line but a lot cheaper.

As to your g/f, just have one car, have her added as a name driver, it wont be cheap but it'll be a damn sight cheaper than her having her own insurance and a lot of insurance companies will take on board amout of years driving when she is more experienced and offer her no claims after a couple of years..(thats if she doesnt have an accident).
Forfour44 9 | 94
6 May 2010 #6
If your GF passes her driving test. Get her as a main driver on the car and you as a 2nd driver.

There are Insurance companies just for women. It's around 20% cheaper.
Diamond, sheilas wheels. ones like that.

Tesco is cheap. AXA will accept your No claims.

Stuart collins is a little bit more. around 5% more. But you get full EU Cover too. So you can drive back to poland without paying anything extra.

With Tesco you will have to pay around £60 for 3 months extra. (Maybe more)

Try Stuart collins and insurance for women only. They are the best ones.
dnz 17 | 710
6 May 2010 #7
I would definately give tesco a try and also CIS,

Adrian flux were always good for modified, imported, and track vehicles.

Owning a vehicle is easy, much more straightforward than the ridiculous system in Poland, As for insurance the Polish system is much better. Make sure that she realises that she has to be named on a policy to be covered, I've known a few Polish people get pulled up for it as in Poland the car is insured for any driver but in the UK it is car + designated driver.
Brii - | 1
10 Sep 2010 #8
Thread attached on merging:
Converting Foreign Driving License In Poland


I am new to this forum and would be glad to have advise over some matters.
I am currently staying in Poland for about 2+ years now and own Karta Pobytu. I have a Singapore driving license and would like to drive in Poland. I have heard that you can convert your foreign driving license to a polish one and do not have to take the driving test again, maybe just the theory one. Does anyone knows the procedures in converting the license? Thanks in advance :)
Dougpol3 1 | 40
11 Sep 2010 #9
We've already had thi Bri on another thread. No need at all to change your licence - in fact - dont do it - no points can be awarded against you. Simples.
landora - | 199
11 Sep 2010 #10
No no - points can still be awarded if you have a valid PESEL. As he's on a Singeporean licence, he'll have the obligation to exchange after 12 months anyway - or (if he can get away with it) have to possess a valid IDP.

One reason to change your licence is that it does make life much easier - no-one is going to question a Polish (or indeed, EU) licence, but a non-EU licence might very well be a cause for trouble.

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