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Buying Polish cigarettes in Manchester.

stinger007 1 | -
3 Mar 2013 #1
Hi All

First post for me. Quick Question my girlfriend is polish and we arw wondering does anyone know where to buy polish Cigarettes in Oldham/manchester. We know quick a few polish shops for food and drink, but none for smokes


pantsless 1 | 267
4 Mar 2013 #2
Hi Wayne, welcome to the Internet and the English language.

Please tell me, what are Polish cigarettes? Are they cigarettes produced in Poland? Are they cigarettes bought in Poland? Are they cigarettes that are called "Polish Cigarettes"?

We are all waiting to help you.

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jon357 73 | 23043
4 Mar 2013 #3

In fact there are very few 'Polish cigarettes' now, most production here has switched to international brands. The OP's girlfriend may well be reassured that most cigarettes sold in The UK are now produced in Poland by Philip Morris down in the south or BAT Up in Augustow.

Better still if she gives up. The health warnings on the packet are not a joke.
tycek - | 1
16 Apr 2013 #4
Hi I have 4 boxes of Malboro Light, soft packets from poland, 40 pounds each, I'm in Leeds.

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