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22 Jul 2011 #31
Exactly - bizarre statement by Milliband.

The Millband's are of Polish - Jewish stock.
isthatu2 4 | 2,704
25 Jul 2011 #32
Funny how their only surviving relatives out east are in Leningrad then.....................just an observation really,20th century did shuffle folks around the map a bit.
30 Nov 2013 #33
I lived in slough big polish problem her school full gp surgerys full . Go home poles ten years time are country will be overtaken if we went to Aus or USA mthey would tell us to f

If we all stayed in are place of birth we will have no problems. Lived in slough all my life The town centre is like a slum And farnham road.
Wroclaw Boy
30 Nov 2013 #34
I lived in slough

Are you Asian then? Not many whites in Slough except for the Poles obviously
Wulkan - | 3,251
30 Nov 2013 #35
Lived in slough all my life

You lived there all you life and still can't speak English? that's an interesting story
12 Aug 2015 #36
Where can I get some polish staff live in butchery job.
3 Jun 2016 #37
What's changed. The Right wing Tory goverment brought ship loads of Carribean here in the late fifties for the very purpose of undercutting the pay of London bus drivers and other services. Each of these individual Caribean people have multiplied in massive amounts. There was no justification for this at the time, as it would have been easier to have given the British staff a fair wage. It proves that these filthy political game is all about dogma and ideology
jon357 63 | 14,255
3 Jun 2016 #38
of undercutting the pay of London bus drivers and other services.

That or they couldn't recruit people for those jobs; not unlike the post-2004 Polish deluge. Nobody was stopping the original population from doing those jobs and some of the largest or highest density Polish populations, Slough, Boston, etc, are in areas with high unemployment.
27 Jun 2016 #39
According to the statistics of the Literary Association of the Friends of Poland, the first Polish refugees to Britain numbered just over 460 in 1851 and over 200 left the country. At that time the general number of Polish refugees numbered about 800 people. The refugees from Turkey came to different English ports: Liverpool, Leeds and Southampton. Many of them decided to emigrate to US.

More came over before WW2 especially engineers to help defend Poland. Many settled in Southampton. When the recent wave of Polish came, many chose Southampton as their home. It is estimated that they make up 10 per cent of the community. They live all over my City but recently Shirley has the biggest population mainly due to it having the cheapest housing. St Mary's and Portswood also has a big population.
12 Sep 2016 #40
Southampton has a large healthy polish community, their are Polish communities across the south coast. The locals are very receptive and inclusive of Polish communities. The only barrier between the English and Polish is the language barrier for some polish individuals in the UK. Integration is key in the UK and the best thing to do is to learn English. If anyone is considering moving to the south coast and is looking to learn English fluently I would recommend -

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