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Polish Community in Atlanta?

willbrowning 1 | -
16 Nov 2008 #1
I am looking for the Polish community, if it exists, in Atlanta, GA. Can anyone give me any advice?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
23 Nov 2008 #2
Atlanta is not a strongly Polish part of America, but some glimmers of Polishness can be found even there including:
· Polish Club of Atlanta at 3661 Southpoint Court
· Polish Restaurant at 3425 Medlock Bridge Rd. in Norcross, GA
· Polish Sunday Mass at 2PM at St Marguerite D'Youville Catholic Church
85 Gloster Road NW, Lawrenceville, Georgia 30044
· People trying to get together to cultivate Polish projects, etc.: /cities/us/ga/atlanta/
23 Nov 2008 #3
You can go to Mary Our Queen Church in Norcross with a polish mass on hte 1st and 2nd week of every month. Polish prist Ksiadz Janusz you can find in other church in Lawrenceville on 85 Gloster Rd. Margarette D'Youville where you can definitly meet some Polish people. There is also a Polish School for children on Saturdays. All you can find out at the church.

12 Apr 2010 #4
my mum is looking for her friend who went to georgia usa with parents after 2nd ww my mums name was czelawa gierek but now is czelawa pilczynski and still lives in australia i cant remember her friends name but her friend had a brother named felix can u help me ?
Polebilly2018 - | 2
11 Feb 2018 #5

Any Polish based companies operating in the Atlanta, GA area?


I am someone who is considering retiring from my job as an environmental laboratory scientist and would still like to keep working. I speak some Polish and would like to become more proficient in the language. Learning polish by immersing myself in a work environment amongst polish speaking people is what I am searching for. Perhaps there is a company here that needs employees to travel on business to Poland.

Also, does anyone know of any Polish based companies here in the Atlanta area?
O WELL 1 | 158
11 Feb 2018 #6
In your field in the state of NJ there are lots of LSRP (Licensed Site Remediation Professional) work in gas station field and lots of Polish people in that field.Infact I deal with 3 of them for my sites.Look at DEP Nj site and you might find lots of Polish names in LSRP section and very good money in it aswell.

I am now in Us but in Poland i Know an american who is in EP work if I remember his name I will let you know who might even hire you.

Just remembered google Randy Mott in warsaw.
22 Nov 2018 #7
My parents and some of my ancestors were born in Henrykow Lubanski, PL. I'm trying to find pictures and other info pre-WWII and other people from there. Maybe even family? Can anyone help?

Thank you
Dee Johnson
28 Nov 2023 #8
Looking for any family members of Felix William Jerszyk.

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