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Are there any UK-based Polish forums where I can advertise jobs?

12 Dec 2013 #1
Hi, I am a recruitment consultant from Glasgow, Scotland and looking to widen the net with regards to recruiting in the polish community.

We have a lot of Polish workers on our books already, in addition to all races but I am looking to widen the net more in the polish community as I find polish workers very hard working and reliable. Our client also have a couple of polish managers so if they speak polish rather than english it isn't a major concern.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Not sure if moderators will allow us to post a link to our company- if not please edit post and delete link. Just looking to get more interest from polish community so can be mutually beneficial.
Maybe 12 | 409
12 Dec 2013 #2
My advice would be have your job offers written up in Polish, with you companies details etc, then go around all the Polish shops in Glasgow and ask to put the adverts in their windows, bung them a £10 and bob's your uncle. That way you will be directly targeting the local Polish community in their language. Google the phrase 'polski sklep glasgow' and you will have a list of Polish shops you can visit, leave flyers on their counters.

I just visited you site, if your bosses want to spend some money, then have a Polish mirror site for your Website.
If you really want to up your game, either find a Polish recruitment company to partner with or set up your own office in Polska.
Kowalski 7 | 621
12 Dec 2013 #3
googled up some for you
20 Oct 2016 #4
Merged: Best place to advertise a craft job in Ireland to attract Polish worker ?

Have got a nice job for someone to work in woodwork production .....picture framing up on

What is the best way to advertise this job to attention of a suitable coming from Poland ?

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