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Where to go in winter: Krakow or Warsaw?

18 Nov 2011 #1
Krakow or Warsaw in better and more beautiful in winter or can any one recommend another city

thanks in advance
hythorn 3 | 580
18 Nov 2011 #2

try Zakopane or Torun - they are worth a punt
18 Nov 2011 #3
If I were you I would go to Kraków. From Kraków you can easly get to Wieliczka (for 1/2 day) - its only 18 km from Kraków, and then for 2 days to Zakopane which is 130 km far from Kraków. From Zakopane you can go to "Białka Tatrzańska" for skiing(22 km from Zakopane) and then go to "Pieniński Park Narodowy" for one day - views are beautiful from the top of the mountain (56 km from Zakopane and 27 km from "Białka Tatrzańska")...and then go back to Kraków (119 km).
Natasa 1 | 580
19 Nov 2011 #4
noreenb 7 | 557
19 Nov 2011 #5
Kościelisko near Zakopane, maybe Białka tatrzańska.
Sidliste_Chodov 1 | 441
19 Nov 2011 #6
Anywhere. Polish women look so cute in those woolly hats they wear in winter :D
OP Mute
23 Nov 2011 #7
Thanks everyone

it really helps a lot , true thanks

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