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Recommendations for a stay in Krakow? January, winter.

warrosa 1 | 1
31 Dec 2014 #1
Cześć everyone!
I will visit Poland on the 8th of January. I will participate in a youth exchange for 7 days and organization will take place in Poronin. I will spent almost 2 days in Krakow so where do you suggest me to visit? -I will definitely visit Old Townand Kazimierz- :)

Are there any cheap hostels and second hand shops that you can recommend?
What about food? Besides zapiekanki:)
And is there any friend out there to meet up for a coffee&good conversation?
Thanks in advance!
DominicB - | 2,709
31 Dec 2014 #2
The salt mine in Wieliczka is an absolute must-see. Truly an amazing place.
OP warrosa 1 | 1
1 Jan 2015 #3
salt mine in Wieliczka

Thank you so much!
I booked a hostel (Dragon Hostel or sth) if you know any place nearby it would be great
mochadot18 17 | 245
14 Nov 2015 #4
Merged: Going to Poland in January!!!! NEED Ideas


I have been on this site for years, and over the past year or so I haven't really been on much since chat was removed. So I'm sure some of ya'll will know me but many may not haha

Anyway i'm FINALLY going back to Poland!!!! I'll be graduating from University in December and as a graduation gift i'm getting a trip to Europe. I'll be going with a friend for two weeks everywhere we hope haha. And then for a week maybe 2 haha my mom will be meeting me in Poland for us to be together there. Me and my friend will quickly go to Poland as she is part Polish but I don't want to drag her on my trip down memory lane. I know about the crooked tree forest and we want to go there. I'm from Krakow so I'll be spending most of my week to two weeks with my mom there. But I want to know of other cool spots and places to check out. Things that I may not find on travel sites.

Anyway I'm super excited to finally be going back and just cant wait. I've got to brush up and keep learning my Polish. But any advice and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)
Roger5 1 | 1,455
14 Nov 2015 #5
other cool spots

Miejsce Mocy near Białowieża (if you dare), and Grabarka, near Siematycze.

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