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New Year's Eve 2017 in Poland

Summer Rain
14 Oct 2016 #1
I don't know Poland yet, but my friends want to go to Poland this year for the new year's eve.
I wanted to know if is nice and places to go, parties that not play electronic music. Tnks ;)
jon357 63 | 14,284
14 Oct 2016 #2

You mean actual parties or nightclubs that charge money? Or a traditional Polish Bal Sylwestrowy?
OP Summer Rain
14 Oct 2016 #3
Can be nightclubs or parties, we don't know nothing, so we are open, we saw in youtube some parties close to the river but don't have website or name this parties in the facebook.
jon357 63 | 14,284
14 Oct 2016 #4
For parties,I suppose you'd need to know the host - not sure someone would mention their party on YouTube, that could risk gatecrashers.

There are plenty of commercial things though however you'll need to reserve early rather than on the night. Most of the big Warsaw nightclubs have websites (though to me the music is all electronic; very few live bands).

If you want live bands, there's always a big outdoor event in the city centre.
SarraO - | 8
20 Dec 2016 #5
In my opinion it is worth also to check such options as the New Year's Eve in a Dana Hotel in Szczecin. During the celebration we can taste the delicious dishes and perfect play at the rhythms of disco. After this incredible night, we can relax in well-appointed rooms. New Year but can use to explore the unusual Szczecin :)

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