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Hiking and Camping Trails in Poland

pawian 178 | 15,519
4 Oct 2020 #31
Is that first picture on Tarnica?

As far as I remember, that is the trail that goes along the mountain top called Połonina Wetlińska - it leads from the shelter called WInnie the Pooh`s House. The walk is a pleasant one, without steep slopes except the last metres where you need to climb giant stone steps to reach the peak Osadzki Wierch.

Tarnica is a real torture, though.

7 Oct 2020 #32
Tarnica is a real torture, though.

You've climbed it then. Is that Winnie the Pooh's hut all snow covered? I can see a small plaque/sign on the side.

Beautiful stag too :)
pawian 178 | 15,519
7 Oct 2020 #33
Yes, we climbed Tarnica on a really hot day ---- I was exhausted and sweated like a monkey. The last few hundred metres are a steep slope with steps carved in the trail, they made climbing even harder.

Yes, that is Winnie Hut shelter in winter.

Yes, the stag lived there for a few years and sometimes made an appearace to tourists We were lucky.

10 Oct 2020 #34
the stag

Are you trying to tell me something with this new picture?

that is Winnie Hut shelter in winter.

Looks picture postcard pretty :) Not ideal hiking weather, but I would love to be up there in winter to see everything all covered in snow.
pawian 178 | 15,519
10 Oct 2020 #35
I am only showing it to proove it was a real wild stag, not a domesticated tame one.

In winter some mountains in Poland are closed to traffic due to avalanche hazard. I am not sure about Bieszczady.

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