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Hiking and Camping Trails in Poland

pawian 204 | 21,119
4 Oct 2020 #31
Is that first picture on Tarnica?

As far as I remember, that is the trail that goes along the mountain top called Połonina Wetlińska - it leads from the shelter called WInnie the Pooh`s House. The walk is a pleasant one, without steep slopes except the last metres where you need to climb giant stone steps to reach the peak Osadzki Wierch.

Tarnica is a real torture, though.

7 Oct 2020 #32
Tarnica is a real torture, though.

You've climbed it then. Is that Winnie the Pooh's hut all snow covered? I can see a small plaque/sign on the side.

Beautiful stag too :)
pawian 204 | 21,119
7 Oct 2020 #33
Yes, we climbed Tarnica on a really hot day ---- I was exhausted and sweated like a monkey. The last few hundred metres are a steep slope with steps carved in the trail, they made climbing even harder.

Yes, that is Winnie Hut shelter in winter.

Yes, the stag lived there for a few years and sometimes made an appearace to tourists We were lucky.

10 Oct 2020 #34
the stag

Are you trying to tell me something with this new picture?

that is Winnie Hut shelter in winter.

Looks picture postcard pretty :) Not ideal hiking weather, but I would love to be up there in winter to see everything all covered in snow.
pawian 204 | 21,119
10 Oct 2020 #35
I am only showing it to proove it was a real wild stag, not a domesticated tame one.

In winter some mountains in Poland are closed to traffic due to avalanche hazard. I am not sure about Bieszczady.
Bobko 20 | 1,046
21 Mar 2023 #36

Camping in Poland

It's all in the title of the thread. How does camping in Poland, work?

Here on the East Coast of the US, I have been camping primarily in three different areas. The Delaware Water Gap (PA), The Adirondacks (NY), and The Catskills (NY). Usually my trips are focused around a river, and involve a kayak or a canoe. The canoe is for carrying the big backpacks, equipment, and the 80L cooler for beer and food. Whoever gets the canoe will be slower, and much more tired than the rest, but it is an important job.

As we go down the river, we look for little brown signs that are nailed to trees facing the river. The signs have a maple leaf and a number on them, indicating a campsite. If there are already kayaks or canoes parked in front of the sign, we continue rowing until we find a site that's not occupied. If we can't find one by sundown, that's when people begin getting nasty (this is why it's important to be on the river by 8:30 AM latest).

At these marked sites, there is typically a fire ring prepared by a ranger (metal or made of rocks), and a nice clearing (ticks are a big problem here). No toilets or water. The sites are free to use. However, if you pay a small amount you can also book campsites online. Those are typically better set up.

The fine for camping "wild" is not large, but if you get a ranger who's in a bad mood, you may be forced to pack your things in the dark, after a long day, and follow the ranger to a preapproved site to rebuild your camp. This is for when camping on public land.

Camping on private land can get you into all sorts of trouble, including getting shot. It's not always clear if you are on public or private land.

So, how does it work in Poland?
Cargo pants 3 | 1,459
21 Mar 2023 #37
Here you dumb fu.cking orc this might help you:
LOL and if you expect these economic migrants to tell you about outdoor activities then who will put food on the table for them.Most migrants here are doing odd jobs like washing cars,housecleaning ,babysitting etc in Poland,try google you will get better info.
Lyzko 41 | 8,871
21 Mar 2023 #38
Zakopane is a popular area for camping, the Polish lake country in the Mazur region too.
jon357 72 | 21,196
21 Mar 2023 #39
Mazur region too.

Mazury is good. I prefer Podlasie and central Poland though.

In Poland, small chalets are a more popular alternative to camping. Some of them are quite basic, others not.
Lyzko 41 | 8,871
21 Mar 2023 #40
The last unspoiled wilderness on the European continent just about.
jon357 72 | 21,196
21 Mar 2023 #41
The last unspoiled wilderness on the European continent

Northern Scotland is much less densely populated as is parts of Norway however they are less gentle environments to camp in than Poland in summer.

There are a few 'glamping' places, however rural tourism in Poland has recreational centres, often very nice, some more spartan. Usually very affordable and popular with large groups who travel together.
Lyzko 41 | 8,871
21 Mar 2023 #42
I was referring to the Continent, not Scotland or Northern Scandinavia.
jon357 72 | 21,196
21 Mar 2023 #43
They're both, like Poland, very much in Europe. If you exclude those parts of Europe, the least densely populated part is in central Belarus. Poland tends to have a lot of small villages which increases the population density as well of course as having a very high level of arable farming.

There are some nice parts in teh south west for camping, up in the hills.
Lyzko 41 | 8,871
22 Mar 2023 #44
Will have to return to Poland one day. My wife's never been (-:
pawian 204 | 21,119
25 Mar 2023 #45
So, how does it work in Poland?

It works fine and is quite cheap, but sometimes campers are too noisy at night - I remember arguing with people over it regularly when we used to go camping. Once I entered a sleeping guy`s tent and turned off his loud TV - it was around 11.30
jon357 72 | 21,196
26 Mar 2023 #46
return to Poland one day. My wife's never been

Would you go camping though? Hotels are far nicer.

Which places would you visit in Poland? Kraków was aways a main attraction but now it's been ruined by over-tourism. Would you go to the countryside?
Lyzko 41 | 8,871
26 Mar 2023 #47
I might. However, I've heard that foreigners can get royally screwed if the campsite is not in good order, no matter how well they might know the language!

Pity I'm not fluent in the universal language of BRIBERY:-)
jon357 72 | 21,196
26 Mar 2023 #48
I've heard that foreigners can get royally screwed if t

Tourists generally and many of the organised camp sites are quite old fashioned. Poles tend to be quite circumspect beforehand.
Lyzko 41 | 8,871
26 Mar 2023 #49
Good to know. However, I need to be convinced! Tourists are usually targets.
jon357 72 | 21,196
26 Mar 2023 #50
Tourists are usually targets.

We go to ośrodki wypoczynkowe every year and have never been scammed. They tend to be run by decent people.
Lyzko 41 | 8,871
27 Mar 2023 #51
I trust you are correct.

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