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Best way with car from Szczecin to Bielsko-Biala?

aqp 2 | 1
14 Apr 2010 #1
Hi, i will visit my girlfriend in Bielsko-Biala, and will for the first time drive. I have looked on Google maps and viamichelin and i got several different alternatives. One says the best solution is to drive throug Germany / Berlin and later east again.

But i would rather like to go in Poland. Is there any of you that can give me any suggestion about what road is the quickest and have the best standard?

Road 3 via Zielona Gora?

Or maybe E65/E261 that goes a little bit more east.

Any ideas and experiences are welcome!

delphiandomine 88 | 18,446
14 Apr 2010 #2
Oof, horrible journey. You actually are best to go through Germany - it's maybe 120km further, but you'll considerably make up for it in time wasted on single carriageway roads from Szczecin to Wroclaw. The single carriageway route is simply tedious and full of trucks - going through Germany will be much easier and painfree.

One interesting alternative may be to go via Poznan - you can pick up the A2 there, and it's dual carriageway standard all the way from there. Certainly, it's probably the least stressful route - the DK3/S3 from Szczecin to Gorzow isn't too busy, the DK92 is very quiet between Gorzow and Poznan, and the A2 isn't very busy at all.

But for sheer speed, it'll be hard to beat the German route.
OP aqp 2 | 1
14 Apr 2010 #3
Yes, maybe from Szcezin, road 3 (e65) to Gorzow, Skwierzyna, road 24 and 94 to Poznan.
And from Poznan road 5 ( e261 to Wroclaw? )
Is this a better solution?
Lukasz K - | 103
18 Apr 2010 #4
I would give you 2 opitons:
1- road nr 3 to Legnica, then A4 to Katowice, then S1
2 - va Germany to A18 then A4

But try google.maps...


delphiandomine 88 | 18,446
18 Apr 2010 #5
Is this a better solution?

Not recommended at all - DK5 from Poznan to Wroclaw is a horrific road - you would be far, far quicker to go via Lodz.
Alien 12 | 2,770
10 Jul 2022 #6
S3,A4,S1 very simple.

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