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Anyone living in Szczecin? What's the city like?

moonlight 6 | 103
23 Jun 2009 #1
Anyone living in Szczecin? What's the city like? Are they many expats there? Would you recommend living there?
23 Jun 2009 #2
What's the city like?

mmmm. Interesting mix. A lot of German influences (as it used to be Stettin). A lot of terrible post war brutal architecture. But some new shops etc. Szczecin has definitely got some potential, and you can certainly pass a weekend there.

Overall, I like to think of it as a poor man's Gdansk.

Are they many expats there?

Germans, not brits, maybe the odd English teacher.

Would you recommend living there?

For a while, maybe if you have friends/family connections there. Why do you ask?
OP moonlight 6 | 103
23 Jun 2009 #3
Possibility of a job there but it was not somewhere I had considered when I was looking, it has happened by chance. Want to get as much info before I make up my mind.
Avalon 4 | 1,068
23 Jun 2009 #4
An ex girlfriend did her studies there to become a doctor. She quite liked it there and still returns to the area for her holidays.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
23 Jun 2009 #5
Anyone living in Szczecin? What's the city like? Are they many expats there? Would you recommend living there?

I went for a trip there, and I wouldn't move there personally. It's a nice city, near the sea, but dreadfully artificial - even the 'stary miasto' is from the late 90's. There's a great shopping centre, but quite a lot of wrecked buildings around the place.

Quite dreadful links to Germany and Poland too - you're about 2.30 from Berlin and 3hrs from Poznan, so not a good base to explore the rest of Poland.

I wouldn't bank on there being many expats there, at least not of the English speaking variety.

I know some people who have friends there, who can't wait to finish their studies and get out, whatever that means...
23 Jun 2009 #6
i live here. it works for me. love it.
wildrover 98 | 4,451
24 Jun 2009 #7
I thought it was quite a nice city...full of life...some nice places...and i met quite a few Brits and Americans there...
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
27 Jul 2009 #8
Anyone living in Szczecin?

I do...
OP moonlight 6 | 103
27 Jul 2009 #9
I decided to go with Bydgoszcz....but I will definitely visit Szczecin at some point, have to see it for myself :)
nbloom - | 7
27 Jul 2009 #10
I'm a Brit and have lived in Szczecin for 3 years. Bad news ... very few brits but seems to be growing slowly in the time I have been here I know only 3, Many of the buildings are in bad condition and in need of renovation but it all comes down to cash. The good news is that it has a good shopping centre and it's easy to get to the coast or to Berlin. We go shopping in Germany for wine and a few other items and the Germans come to Szczecin for lot's of food and fags. The local government seems to have woken up and are doing quite a bit of civil engineering (with the help of EC money) Lastly, there's a large number of 18-25 year old's her as it's a university city
28 Jul 2009 #11
I live in Szczecin since I was born and I wouldn't move to any other polish city. People here tend to complain about bad condition of roads and buildings and lack of entertainment (oh please,everyone would get bored with shopping centres so I could agree with that O_o these days people think that entertainment=shopping... ) but in fact it's a really nice place to live.Lately there have started many renovations in the most representative parts of city. It's getting more and more attractive for tourists. Szczecin has more "green places" than any other big polish city that I've been to , also it's not very polluted so I would say it's pretty relaxing place ...(which doesn't mean it's boring ;)) Speaking of British and American people in Szczecin,I actually met a lot of them..mostly in Subway and Galaxy centre xD
tornado2007 11 | 2,274
28 Jul 2009 #12

i always get big red and yellow flashing warning signs in my head when i read/hear this name!!!!

I live in Szczecin since I was born and I wouldn't move to any other polish city.

so how would you know that living in Szczecin is that great if you have never actually lived in any other city??? Its like saying that apples are the best fruit when you actually have not tried the others :)
28 Jul 2009 #13
Galaxy sucks the energy out of me as soon as i walk thru the door. they do not know how to keep the temperature the same all year long. 20'c in summer and 20'c in winter. Its usually 25' in the winter and 30'c in the summer. rediculous.

I really hate shopping centers.

yes, there are lots of parks here. WTF is this "Floating Garden" idea?

THere is waaaaaaaaaay too much reklama all over every building and vacant pieces of land. It should be called the "floating garden of advertising" It really is disgusting how much advertising is in this city.

I love how Subway stinks up Kupiec, like it does in any other shopping center/ gas station in North America. :( Their food sucks. Why anyone would eat there is beyond me. I've been told that Barrab is infested with mice.

Does Szczecin really need the new "Kaskada"?? another shopping center?? Good thing that they have halted the building process cuz of some old city ruins they found during excavation.

I'd like to see some real bad potholes get fixed. Esp those nasty bumps on the river side of Niepodległości and Wyzwolenia where the tram tracks cross over. How about get some leveling done. Ever seen an articulated bus go over that?? nearly rips it apart!!

I'd love to see a bridge from Police over the river to Święta/Goleniów to cut off 25-30 minutes of driving when going to the Baltic.
nbloom - | 7
28 Jul 2009 #14
Agree with everything you say.

Interesting what you said about the new shopping centre, I wondered why they stopped I thought they ran out of money
16 Nov 2009 #15
I have just moved to Szczecin for a year to teach, there isn't much of an expat scene here at all, haven't met any other than the other teachers!

If there is anyone who wants to meet a nice English and Australian girl, let me know, we are up for meeting new people and feeling more at home here!

Thanks :)
szczeciniak 4 | 92
17 Nov 2009 #16

did they start with ""gontinka""? google does not show anything?
it was suppose to be shopping center,hotel and swimming pool complex?
20 Nov 2009 #17
If there is anyone who wants to meet a nice English and Australian girl, let me know, we are up for meeting new people and feeling more at home here!

send me a PM and i'll give you my contact details. Your profile won't let me PM you.
21 Nov 2009 #18
Szczecin is the worst shithole I've ever been in. People here are so rude to guests. All the restaurants are terrible...
Theres ALOT of violence too! If you are a foreigner and your going to Szczecin, don't expect friendly faces.
Seems like everyone here is so mad and pissed off because they live in this shithole, so they take it out of each other.
21 Nov 2009 #19
/\ thanks for passing by :/
wildrover 98 | 4,451
23 Nov 2009 #20
Anyone living in Szczecin?

Nooo very few of them are actually living....its kind of like the land of the living dead....lots of undead zombies walking around.....

Only kidding , i think its quite a nice city , quite a few people from other countries around the place , a lot of students , and some nice places to entertain yourself...
szczeciniak 4 | 92
24 Nov 2009 #21
photos of Szczecin,polski,Szczecin,galeria,12850,gmiasto_id,2073.html
moorish - | 1
9 Dec 2009 #22
For everyone living in Szczecin, what do you think of meeting once a month. we can call it "an evening talk" discussing and sharing our thoughts and experiences. I am from Morocco. anyone would like to join the club? ;)
wildrover 98 | 4,451
9 Dec 2009 #23
what do you think of meeting once a month.

Do you have a suitable place in mind to meet...?
13 Dec 2009 #24
I have lived in Szczecin for 7 years and I visit Szczecin 2 or three times a year.
It is 1½ hour from Berlin if you go by car, but you can also take train or a minibus which are highly recommended and popular because they are so cheap (about 70 pl from berlin to szczecin).

The nightlife in Szczecin is nice the music is very wide, you can go to discotecs where they play a lot of popular dance and techno or discotecs where they play hip hop.

Good drinks like whiskey with cola costs about 15 pl (3 euro) and entrance is 20 pl (4 euro).

It will be a perfect place to go for the summer holidays because you are near a lot of beaches but also in the big city. It is a developing city which attracts more and more turists around the world.
28 Jan 2010 #25
ur a teaching in Poland? I am Australian trying to get work as an English teacher... any suggestions on how to get work and any good quality schools to teach at?
30 Mar 2010 #26
I am an Brit working in Szczecin, if anyone wants to meet we can.
Florin 2 | 40
15 May 2010 #27
I have been in Szczecin quite few times and every time I loved it. The only season I haven`t seen is autumn. Stayed there last time this year, 3 months. Is a cozy town and a lot of green areas which I love that. Is near the sea so in summer the easiest way is to go to Międzyzdroje or Świnoujście. I haven't met any British or American but many of young people speak English as it is university city. You can hear there all over, on the street, on the buses etc.

There is a person which makes some meetings every Wednesday at 18.oo in Piwnica Kany. Here is the website [] I actually haven't been there, but next time I`ll meet them.

I've made a short video last time I've been there and post it on internet. Hope ypu like :)

Greetings from Romania.
16 May 2010 #28
Szczecin is the worst shithole I've ever been in. People here are so rude to guests. All the restaurants are terrible...

Thanks for sharing a fair and sincere opinion.

Sounds like Poznan to me
Codenate - | 1
26 Jun 2010 #29
thanks for sharing and i plan to have a trip there, you guys help a lot, thx
forinsz - | 1
1 Sep 2010 #30
I live in Szcz since 3 years. If anyone wants to meet for a beer.. just knock ;)

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