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Anyone living in Szczecin? What's the city like?

Mike00 1 | 29
15 Aug 2015 #61
Merged: Szczecin! What's the city like?

Anyone been to Szczecin? I don't even know how to pronounce it LOL!
Scot Girl - | 5
19 Aug 2015 #62
Hi Mike, I'm here now (Scottish). I believe it's like this but badly to be corrected by a native speaker. Start with a sh sound followed closely by a ch (as in church) then eh then chin (as in what's on your face). Sh-chechin.
Mike00 1 | 29
24 Aug 2015 #63
Thanks for the reply Scotgirl! Its a difficult word indeed but now i think i can manage. Can you please tell me a little about the city? And will I be having a problem since I don't speak Polish at all?
29 Mar 2016 #64
I'm a Canadian, moving to Szczecin this summer for work! English speaker trying to learn polish!
fipik - | 1
29 Mar 2016 #65
Hey Canadian! :) I was born and raised in Szczecin. It's a chilled out city, also known as 'village-with-trams' to locals. It's high population cannot be seen on the streets, as Szczecin is really spread out. Most of the places are hidden - Szczecin suffers from not having a specified 'old town' area, where everyone would go. People are spread around the city for nightlife.

If you want to know more, chat me up or ask some specific questions.
11 Oct 2016 #66
Hey everyone! i moved to Szczecin a month ago, and would be happy to grab a drink ! who's around?
17 Dec 2020 #67
[Moved from]: Szczecin- What is like living in Szczecin?

Anyone living here in Szczecin ? Can you please tell me how is it like living there? How will you describe the lifestyle and the people living there? Can I make friends easily? Is it easy to date or find a potential Polish boyfriend? I am planning to settle in Szczecin next year. Any information will be helpful and will appreciate.
17 Dec 2020 #68
@fipik Hello Fipik can I chat with you or do you have personal email address? Instagram? May I ask more about Szczecin? Thank you
johnny reb 28 | 4,574
17 Dec 2020 #69
Anyone living here in Szczecin ?

Adel does, do you know her ?

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