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studying in Politechnika Warszawska

majidma 1 | -
23 Dec 2007 #1
I need help on studying in Politechnika Warszawska for mechanical engineering (BSc )as i am planning to study there in 2009

is it good university comparing to other European university i mean the standard of education ?
hello 22 | 891
23 Dec 2007 #2
I think it's in top 10 of all Polish universities, so it's definitely a good one. Standard may be even higher than the other European universities.
raypratish 2 | 3
23 Aug 2009 #3
Merged: Politechnika warszawska and wroclawska - I chose the former (agree?)

I had made it to both, politechnika warszawska and wroclawska but i chose the u think i am justified?
McCoy 27 | 1,269
23 Aug 2009 #4
warszawska is higher in the rankings. both cities are cool but the capital is much more multiculti.

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