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90% of Poles have university degree?

Miguel Colombia - | 351
3 Jun 2010 #31
I am an immigrant from Colombia, which by all means is as or more ******** than Russia.
frd 7 | 1,399
3 Jun 2010 #32
You are lucky Miguello Columbiano.
z_darius 14 | 3,968
3 Jun 2010 #33
And your daughter who is majoring in history and political science also acknowledges that?

I post for myself, not for others.
Try that. Using your own brain is not that hard.

Ask her.

His daughter is a collage studnet

Actually she does not.

who recently moved to Poland.

She has not.
3 Jun 2010 #34
I post for myself, not for others.

You have written in some other thread that ur daughter is a collage student (or something else... whatever) in Canada but she want to move to Poland to continue education. Am I wrong? So she possibly can compare education in poland and canada. I was just wondering if your thought on this subject are derived from your daughter opinion or observation. That's all.

Panie Dariuszu nie miałam nic złego na myśli - nie ma powodu by mnie obrażać.

I am an immigrant from Colombia, which by all means is as or more ******** than Russia.

Today I heard about some of my father's acquaintance who lives in USA for more than 25 years. He was a graduatee of technical university (building engineering)... technical studies are very difficult and hard to garduate. As an immigrant he worked as... cleaning staff! Its not because of lack of competence or something... its just the fate of an immigarnt. So, yeah, you are lucky!
pawian 176 | 15,325
20 Oct 2019 #35
What is worrying, though, is the fact that more women have uni education than men in Poland. It is sad coz such uneducated males remain morons all their lives and vote for various chauvinist crazies and political gangsters. Also, they are viewed as losers by their educated female peers in terms of becoming potential husbands. But it is their own fault.,156422,23123452,polki-sa-lepiej-wyksztalcone-wczesniej-wyprowadzaja-sie-z-domu.html
RubasznyRumcajs 5 | 488
21 Oct 2019 #36
Papers from Polish unis are useful only as a toilet paper tbh. In the world of best ranked universities, Polish one are almost absent.
only because of dumbing down the courses Poland achieved such a high % of people with higher education (but nowhere as close to 90%)
Sylvio 18 | 138
22 Oct 2019 #37
I resent the recurring theme on this forum that cleaning toilets is something demeening. Such attitude demonstrates communist indoctrination character damage. All work is a noble act of man, as long as it benefits other people. (So spies and political hitmen excluded).The reward for the headlong trend to look down on manual work, is that we now have a severe shortage of public toilets in Poland. Not sure if any stats exist to back my claim, but the per captia ratio of places where one can use a clean and free WC in Poland whilst walking down a street, vs. same in US must be in 1/1000s .
pawian 176 | 15,325
22 Oct 2019 #38
All work is a noble act of man, as long as it benefits other people.

Of course, even prostitutes, both male and female, are worthy of respect.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
26 Oct 2019 #39
...except those that give you an STD? Or if it's your own daughter. Then, that respect gets an asterisk very quickly, doesn't it?
Spike31 2 | 2,224
26 Oct 2019 #40
University degree has devaluated significatly over the last few decades. Universities have become more and more ideological and "inclusive" which means that they accept less intelligent and less creative people. So having mgr in fron of ones face doesn't mean much these days, especially if its an mgr of "human science".
pawian 176 | 15,325
26 Oct 2019 #41
they accept less intelligent and less creative people.

Yes, they do it to survive in the market. If they didn`t, they would go bankrupt.

Another issue arises: in communist times, only 7% people had higher education. Today, over 20%. In the age group of 30-35 Poland leads in European statistics when degrees are concerned.

Now - a question - is it better to have few specialists with proficient skills and vast knowledge or a larger number of graduates with rather shallow uni education?
6 Jan 2020 #42
I think 90% is a bit high of a statistic, I think it is something like 65-70%, but wouldn't surprize me if it went up to 90% eventually. I have a degree as well in English after going to a Liceum and literally all of my friends went to university for various courses. Now I am a gamer on Youtube and Twitch Streamer. Their real life outcome was not dependent that much on what they studied, certainly not their grades, but I'd say it was more connected to their own personalities, not even "intelligence" or "resourcefulness" as it is widely believed, just personalities and mindsets. Sometimes going to a prestigious university helped them with networking, but again that was mainly down to their personality anyway. Of course about half are underemployed, but that is true in many countries as well - Canada, the US, Scandinavia, Israel, the UK, France, Benelux countries. Germany and Austria were exceptions because the vocational technical programmes were popular there but I don't think this is still the case as it used to be, back in the 2000s Germany had some of the lowest % of people with degrees, like 20-30%, and some of the highest % with people with specialized vocational skills.
Miloslaw 9 | 3,032
6 Jan 2020 #43
90% of Poles have university degree?

So what?
University degrees are almost worthless now.
They have the same value in the UK that 3 A levels did 40 years ago.
Cheers Tony Blair.........
Lyzko 30 | 7,378
6 Jan 2020 #44
The degrees might be "worthless", the knowledge never goes out of fashion:-)
Miloslaw 9 | 3,032
6 Jan 2020 #45
The "knowledge" gained from most British university degrees is not just not in fashion but never has been......mainly useless and counter productive drivel.I prefer employing bright, enthusiastic 18 year olds straight from school than 21 year old self opinionated, lazy graduates.
Lyzko 30 | 7,378
6 Jan 2020 #46
"Learning" though is what separates us from animals, never forget that. Without the ability to communicate as literate beings,
what are we worth?? Just make room for us at the local zoo and have us move in with the four-legged fauna:-)
Miloslaw 9 | 3,032
6 Jan 2020 #47
"Learning" though is what separates us from animals

But at 18 years of age you will learn more and quicker in the workplace than in many "universities".
cms neuf - | 1,579
7 Jan 2020 #48
How do you work that out ? Graduates have far more earnings potential, stable marriage potential and wider opportunities than people who quit learning. Most students do some kind of weekend and summer work anyway where they can get all the photocopying and dishwashing experience they need.

Not sure why you start talking about Britain. In Poland that is even more true than in other countries - quite difficult for school leavers to find good work and to have any mobility.
Lyzko 30 | 7,378
7 Jan 2020 #49
Again though, it all depends on the university! A school is only as good as her faculty:-)
Joker 2 | 1,782
12 Jan 2020 #50
school than 21 year old self opinionated, lazy graduates.

You're better off hiring an older person than these lazy millennials, they rather play video games in mom's basement than work.

Again though, it all depends on the university!

What year did you graduate from Trump University in NYC????
Miloslaw 9 | 3,032
12 Jan 2020 #51
You're better off hiring an older person than these lazy millennials

Yeah, my experience has proven to me that an older, experienced, non graduate is much better than a young graduate.
When I went to school only 10% of students went to Uni.
Now it is about 50%, so the value of a degree has greatly diminished.
Lyzko 30 | 7,378
13 Jan 2020 #52
Ha-ha, very funny, Jokster:-) I graduated the same year as you probablyLOL
cms neuf - | 1,579
13 Jan 2020 #53
God knows why you are talking about British and US universities - this thread is about Poland.

When you were younger they were lots of factory jobs and it was possible to earn a good living without going to university. Those jobs have either moved abroad,or been replaced by machines ( that were designed by people who went to university]'

The jobs that have the replaced them - in finance, IT, services, pharmacy ,, etc. generally require different skills and often more formal education.

That is particularly true in Poland where heavy industry has shrunk very much since the end of communism.
Miloslaw 9 | 3,032
13 Jan 2020 #54
God knows why you are talking about British and US universities

Because these are the people that most Polish graduates have to compete against when they move to Britain or America for better prospects.
Unfortunately, when they get here they find that 50% of the population now have degrees as opposed to 10% 40 years ago.
Degrees have been so dumbed down that they are worth less than 3 A levels 40 years ago, or the French and Polish equivalent the Bac.
So many very bright young Poles find that they have to start at the bottom and work their way up.
Tough, but not such a bad thing if they can learn on their way up.
14 Jan 2020 #55
Why go to Britain though? A Polish shop was blown in Leicester by three "diversity bringers" killing a mother and her two children among 2 other people. Not everything is money and security is important.
cms neuf - | 1,579
14 Jan 2020 #56
This thread is not about Britain and certainly not about Muslims - there are several hundred other threads discussing that subject at links Dash and I am sure there are thousands of forums that you could join to talk about Muslims.

Getting back to the subject, in my line of work I would be very hesitant about recruiting or even interviewing someone who hadn't been to University.

Fine if someone had a couple of years working after school and then decided to study, but if they totally think they can get through life without further education and still get a decent job with good prospects then I would not always want to take a chance on them.
14 Jan 2020 #57
Call centers often hire just with languages people without former higher education.

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