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A Portuguese student wants to study in Poland

Piaes 1 | -
1 Feb 2010 #1
I am a Portuguese student who will graduate within 1 semester.
I was thinking of doing masters degree abroad especially in Poland (a friend of mine who was in erasmus convinced me). I researched about Wroclaw and I was very interested.

I have been a few days researching the cost of living, but nothing like talking to Polish guys. In recent years the cost of living has gone up? In research I saw that I can rent a room to pay 250pln. Is it realistic? and food? Roughly, how much spend on average a student in Wroclaw?

I have many questions, because I intend to live in Wroclaw in the next two years. and basically I'm not rich, so I have to search very well.

Since I am still doing research, anyone has advice or suggestions? would be a great help!

Thank you very much!
if there is someone thinking about traveling to Lisbon I can help

Sorry my english (one of the reasons for wanting to study abroad)
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
1 Feb 2010 #2
In research I saw that I can rent a room to pay 250pln. Is it realistic?

Olsztyn is several times smaller than Wrocław and 250pln sounds unrealistic here. Rather 350zł and 4 people in the flat ~ 1200zł - 1400zł pcm

and food?

minimum 20zł per day
mira - | 115
2 Feb 2010 #3

try here perhaps. There are some useful numbers given as well, so you can simply call them and inquire.
It's much cheaper if you live in a campus than if you are to rent a flat.
Also, if you are to dine at a student's canteen, prices over there are usually reasonable, compared to those in restaurants and bars.
easybabe - | 14
18 Feb 2010 #4
try to learn something about the polish language before coming it will be a huge advantage for u
Hello_009 - | 4
18 Feb 2010 #5
Its good to study in Poland. expectation for living expense nearly 600 PLN / month for room, 400 PLN / month for food. I dont think its expensive.
jeden - | 226
18 Feb 2010 #6
In Cracow is a bit more expensive...
jwojcie 2 | 763
18 Feb 2010 #7
250 PLN for a room is rather impossible. I think that current medium prices are around 400-600 PLN. It is cheaper in dorms, but usually you have to live with someone there and dorms aren't/(weren't in my student period) easily obtainable. But sharing room with some cool company during studies is rather advantage in my opinion. In late 90' it was possible to live as a student on about 700 PLN in Wroclaw. Now, I would say it has to be at least 1000 PLN, and considering you are a foreigner (so your supporting family net will be far far away, you know, you wan't get 2 kilos of cakes after some family event and bring it to Wroclaw..) you need something around 1200-1500 PLN per month.

if there is someone thinking about traveling to Lisbon I can help

Actually I considering this in the begining of May :-) but it is unconfirmed yet :-(.
So, I will not bother you now
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
18 Feb 2010 #8
It is cheaper in dorms

In a Dormitory you can usually get a room for 300-400 zl per month. But you have to share the room with 1 student.
convex 20 | 3,978
18 Feb 2010 #9 - There are two dormitories located in the centre of the city

Both of those are central, within stumbling distance of rynek. There are also quite a few dorms in biskupin, but i'm not sure how much they are. I would guess they're cheaper as they are a bit further out, and older. And a bunch of private rooms in Poland.,242.dhtml - and here are some more from the university of technology
darkthejesus - | 5
18 Feb 2010 #10
hey guys ,in Wrocław you can get room in Centrum by 400 pln

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