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Learning at Kul Catholic University in Lublin, Poland!

Stian85 1 | 1
3 Dec 2009 #1
Hello Polishforum and greetings from Norway :)

I`m new to this forum and wondering about if anyone have some experience when it comes to learning the Polish language at Kul school in lublin. Is it a good school?

I`m planning to go there next year in February and hope they can teach me polish :D. And also how is it to study in Poland in general? i am not sure what is waiting for me when i move to Lublin. Will it be difficult to find an apartment at the beginning of the 2nd semester?

Hope someone can answer my questions.
TheDale 1 | 7
4 Dec 2009 #2
I met a girl that studied there and was impressive with her polish for just the 1 year program but she seemed to be a very....disaplined with her studies. I know a few teachers there that work in the English department and they are great but I don't know any that work with the teachings of Polish.

I don't think you'll have any issues with a flat. There's always something listed you just might have a hard time finding something in a close and ideal area. Can the school suggest a company to help find you a flat?

There is a few Norwegian students that practice medicine here as well. So there may be a small community that could direct you but I don't know where you might find them. Facebook maybe?

Good luck and I hope you enjoy Lublin!
4 Dec 2009 #3
There is a Polish language school in Lublin but I am not sure if it is part of Kul though.

If you contact this English guy as he knows everything and everyone in Lublin and in fact his wife is a Polish teacher:- Trevor Butcher
Kaleef - | 1
4 Jul 2016 #4
Merged: Catholic University in Lublin

Hello, everyone. My name is Keith, and I am from South Korea. A few weeks ago, I applied and was admitted to study Philosophy in KUL. I don't know much of the school nor Lublin. I've heard that the school was somewhat reputable for their humanities studies. I was also wondering if I should try for a more well-known school like the University of Warsaw.

Any information and/or opinions would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading, guys!
terri 1 | 1,665
4 Jul 2016 #5
KUL is well known,

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