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Which out of Warsaw University of Technology CS, Eastern Mediterranean University CE, Maltepe University SE?

internaught 1 | 1
16 Aug 2017 #1
Hey, we always thought if we should go for Warsaw University of Technology with my friend and liked it yet we were concerned about the rumors. Rumors about English programs being worse due to language barrier of lecturers or rumors about opportunities like career days being in native language. We are worried about our marks as well since this situation can effect them and we want to study in a graduate program abroad afterwards from the best university possible that we can apply for and succeed.

Can we at least compete fairly with natives in order to get in a good percent of marks? Are English programs equal for both natives and internationals or do we have chance to get forgotten and left behind, failing is what I'm afraid of the most...

It could help if we did have some statistics like graduation rate of international students and or chance to actually talk with students yet we didn't, so we sticked to our application system in our country.

The results however, were not the best. I got placed in Maltepe University and my friend is in Eastern Mediterrean University now which should be better with ABET accreditation as well. It's ok if we won't be able to study together so I wanted to ask your opinions on what could we possibly do. You can feel free to recommend top 1000 universities from CWTS, Shangai, URAP, QS or THE rankings but we can only afford similar costs to WUoT, thank you.
DominicB - | 2,709
17 Aug 2017 #2
An engineering degree from an ABET accredited school is by far the best option career-wise. That degree has good value on the global market. All the better if it is in your own country. Far superior to a non-engineering CS degree from WUT.

Yes, international students at Polish universities are at a disadvantage compared to the natives. Even for natives, the drop out rate is about 50 percent. For non-EU students, it is much higher. Polish universities are terrible for taking care of their students, and if you get lost, well, then, you get lost. Not their problem.

English-language programs at Polish universities are mostly a joke. I would recommend studying in Poland only for those who already speak Polish fluently, and who have ample money of their own to pay for their studies and living expenses without having to work part-time.

Good luck!
jon357 72 | 21,127
17 Aug 2017 #3
English-language programs at Polish universities are mostly a joke.

The quality is currently improving hugely.
DominicB - | 2,709
17 Aug 2017 #4
Doesn't mean much if you are starting from such a low base.
OP internaught 1 | 1
17 Aug 2017 #5
We are thinking of an engineering degree on all universities. Computer science in Math and Information faculty at Warsaw University of Technology, software engineering at Maltepe University and computer engineering at Eastern Mediterrean University yet the last one is not the case for me so either I have to go to Maltepe University or apply for a university abroad, Warsaw University of Technology in this case.
DominicB - | 2,709
17 Aug 2017 #6
That's too bad, because the ABET accreditation means a lot on the global marketplace. Maltepe seems the logical choice, then. You'll have the home court advantage, and that means a lot in terms of time and money, as well as comfort.

One thing you might want to consider, though, at this early stage in your career is a a more lucrative field of engineering, like petroleum, geological or biomedical engineering. Your lifetime earnings will be much higher than with IT engineering.

Like I said above, Poland does not have a reputation for providing high-quality education for non-Polish speaking foreigners, and it does not provide a good environment to study in. It would be different if you spoke fluent Polish, but the English-language courses are mostly crap, with few exceptions. This is not one of them.

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