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Credit Transfer from China to Poland (Warsaw University of Technology WUT?)

13 Jan 2019 /  #1
Hello there,
I am trying to apply for Warsaw University of technolgy, I have finished IGSCE O levels with English also, and could not finish A levels for some reason, I saw Warsaw University have a foundation course, and the deadline is around january-february, even if I apply I might miss some days or even a month because of facing embassy etc. So I for now if could not get a chance in the university, I can go to university In china with full scholarship, and after studying there for a a semester I wanted to credit transfer from china to Warsaw Poland. Is this possible? And another question I have is that do I need IELTS english for poland? Or will my IGSCE O level English will do the job. Please help me someone, I am in a big mess :(
18 Jan 2019 /  #2
I'd advise to take more than only one semester in the Chinese university; otherwise it would be a waste of time and money (you won't easily get scholarship at a uni in Poland if you don't have permanent residency).

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