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English elementary schools and education in Tricity, Poland

simotanttu 1 | 2
20 Jan 2013 #1
I have a friend who is moving to Gdansk from Finland and he has 8 years old son. What are the options for school? I would assume there is no possibility to have anything in finnish? How about english choices?

gumishu 11 | 5,993
20 Jan 2013 #2
I have found these:
gordon bennett - | 2
10 Jul 2013 #3
Merged: English primary school education in Gdansk (fees are rather high)


I'm a Pole living currently in the UK (surprise surprise).

We are considering moving to Gdansk. However, our daughter speaks English and Russian only, as I've lived both in Russia and UK for the last 14 years. She's just started learning Polish in a Saturday school, so, given the fact the the relocation is not imminent - we're looking at completing it within 2 years, she might be able to start a state elementary school in Poland.

Still, English is at the moment the dominant of the two languages she speaks, and naturally we'd like her to have as much exposure to it and continuity as possible.

I've found there's an international school in Gdansk (most likely there are more than one), but its fees are rather high.

Does anybody know of any other options for a child to learn in English, on a weekend basis etc or merely to spend time with other English speaking kids?

Looker - | 1,119
23 Oct 2014 #4
Yes, the private English schools are still very expensive everywhere in Poland.
If it isn't a option, you may bring a person who is fluent at English and who may give some individual lessons - lot of people, students are looking for additional income, give an ad on for example.

In addition to the above, there are also different sources of daily English - as you mentioned - meetings with other native speakers are invaluable. And at home - books, internet, educational computer games, even English TV should be very helpful.
ari_bits 2 | 12
20 Nov 2017 #5

English speaking middle school in Gdansk

Hello - Looking for suggestion on any good school for middle school students (Gr 7 onwards) in Gdansk where medium of instruction is English. Also, some Basketball and Soccer teams/clubs for U-14.
20 Dec 2020 #6

Best public primary school in Gdansk / Tricity

Hello there!

We will immigrate in a few months to tricity with my husband (polish origin) and our three kids (6 years old, 3 years old and baby).

I'm looking at public schools for my eldest, I understand that primary school are based on your location. So I would like to have some information about the best public primary school in order to know where to find accomodation

I do not speak polish fluently so I'm really struggling to find information on the polish system, registration, and primary school in general

Thanks a lot
pawian 187 | 17,898
21 Dec 2020 #7
Check this ranking - you need to scroll through the gallery to see the photos with names of schools.

so I'm really struggling to find information on the polish system

How about your husband who is of Polish origin?

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