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Changes to mortgages for EU citizens in Poland with foreign income.

25 Mar 2016 #31
Depends on whether the seller is desperate.
25 Mar 2016 #32

And realistic. Poles have a very strange habit of simply refusing to drop their price below what they think something is worth. I know a couple who were unable to make their monthly mortgage payments because the wife refused to drop the monthly rent she wanted for the flat she rented out and so they had no income at all coming in from that property for well over a year. The same kind of thing happens with people who are selling instead of renting out.
polishinvestor 1 | 362
25 Mar 2016 #33
Quick question : if you're paying cash, can you expect a sizable discount?

Absolutely. In most cases yes, for a quick deal, as organising a loan from scratch can take between a couple of weeks to a month or more depending on relations with you bank. If its been on the market for a while or if theres a pressing debt issue the owner is experiencing a quick cash deal can be the carrot on the stick. But yes its true, often there is no concept of time is money or opportunity cost in this country and some poles will keep an unrealistic asking price for years and then sell for peanuts when the going gets unexpectedly tough for them. So it can be frustrating sometimes but as i say its a buyers market now and plenty of great properties to go for.
cms 9 | 1,255
26 Mar 2016 #34
It should be easier but actually I had the opposite experience once - turned up at the notary and told them no bank was involved and i had the money already. Cue a long argument with the moher sellers who thought i wanted to trick them into signing the deeds and then not sending the cash - i think i left the notary at about 2am.

Home / Real Estate / Changes to mortgages for EU citizens in Poland with foreign income.
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