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Help with Poland mortgages! (not married couple)

Wydma1 1 | 3
17 Feb 2010 #1
Hi all,

I am British and currently living in Poland (I have NIP, PESEL and a karta tymczasowego pobytu). My partner is Polish. We are not married but want to buy a flat together. We need to take out a mortgage to cover about 78% of the purchase and want to be co-owners (50% each). I am not currently on a permanent work contract (naturally I teach English) and the bank is asking for confirmation from the UK that I have no loans/mortgages - can they request this? What will I need to show the bank? If we were married I would simply be considered dependent on my partner - does anyone know the rules for co-habiting couples in Poland? We want to get married in a few years but want to be settled first!

teddy wilkin - | 9
17 Feb 2010 #2
I had to get some kind of credit check done years ago, to show that I was not in massive debt in the UK, before getting credit in poland. There is such a service available. I think I just did a search on the web for credit checks and I paid for one. When it arrived it was a list of all my credit, the dates that they were taken out and how much was left to pay. I then had to get a sworn translation of it and give it to the Polish bank.

Hope that helps
hendyman - | 2
17 Feb 2010 #3
Use experian, equifax or checkmyfile website to order your credit report.
OP Wydma1 1 | 3
17 Feb 2010 #4
Thanks for the help will try this now.

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