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Bank repossessed properties database in Poland?

HP0304 1 | 1
9 Jan 2013 #1
Is there a database of this kind with properties for auction by banks or private auction houses on behalf of banks
gumishu 11 | 5,676
9 Jan 2013 #2
banks are not keen on repossessing in Poland
milky 13 | 1,657
11 Jan 2013 #3
So what do they do?
gumishu 11 | 5,676
11 Jan 2013 #4
they are keen to make compromises like lower rates for a time
milky 13 | 1,657
11 Jan 2013 #5
Same as everywhere these days.
Piotr123 3 | 54
9 Apr 2020 #6

Repossessed bank properties in Poland

Is there any website in Poland to browse repossessed bank properties? I guess it might be an increasingly common thing now with the global financial crisis. It is okay if the website is in Polish.
Cargo pants 2 | 974
9 Apr 2020 #7
But dont fool yourself,you will never get anything useful there as there are big fishes lurking.Do let us know your experience so we can probably learn something new.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,076
9 Apr 2020 #8
are big fishes lurking

I would advise keeping well away from bailiff repossessions (komornik) you are likely to end up with a Polish family vendetta against you.

Polish family's tend to live close by especially in the country, its not worth the hassle, maybe commercial properties would be ok.
Piotr123 3 | 54
9 Apr 2020 #9
Yes, I was thinking too that definitely it should be either for commercial properties or new developments where no one moved in yet.
cms neuf - | 1,585
9 Apr 2020 #10
Unless you are connected or willing to bribe the komornik you won't find many good deals. Many of the komorniks are fast operators and a good portion are downright corrupt.

In addition to that title and mortgage issues can be complicated in Poland and take several years to clear.

For commercial properties you're certainly not going to get a well located office block or supermarket on the cheap.

Your best market for this kind of deal is either in the US or the UK where banks and courts move quickly and the liquidation process is much more transparent.
Piotr123 3 | 54
9 Apr 2020 #11
Even with real estate agents when good commercial property is for sale or rent they always have "friends" that they tip off, but if there is a full-blown economic crisis then the situation will surely be different, because then the people with cash will not be enough to pick up the many good properties that will forcibly be sold. I took a look today at repossessed proprties in Spain, and so far there is no sign of any repossesions, but give it maybe 2-3 months and I think there could be a huge number to choose from.
PropertyMngWawa - | 9
20 Apr 2020 #12
finally an interesting thread :). Banks, as someone wrote earlier, do not take over real estate. It is not profitable for them and they prefer to forward the case to court and bailiff at all costs than to communicate with the borrower. There is exactly one real estate office that receives directly real estate from banks. Feel free to contact if someone is looking for an interesting property to buy, but for now it is only in Warsaw
Cargo pants 2 | 974
20 Apr 2020 #13
Feel free to contact

Check PM please.
Piotr123 3 | 54
22 Apr 2020 #14
Why can it not be shared here if it is a legitimate resource for finding properties repossessed by banks?

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