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Why do so many Poles work in Norway?

amitgohil4444 4 | 4
7 Aug 2012 #1
Hi my name is Amit.
My question is why maximum no of polish people going for work in Norway.
It is easy for Polish people to find work there.
Or any requiter agency who can help to find job.
Ironside 49 | 10,340
7 Aug 2012 #2
My question is why

Why not?
4 Oct 2012 #3
As far as I know it's because the salaries are quite high. The minimum wage for a cleaner for example is 151 NOK an hour (83 PLN). I have no idea what a similar job would earn in Poland though.
4 Oct 2012 #4
So you're an Indian hoping to jump on the wellpaid bandwagon, eh?

Related: Polish language in a local Norwegian newspaper

NORWAY! Poles only buy newspapers to find classifieds ;)

The local newspaper "Vikebladet Vestposten" in Ulsteinvik will come out with 4 pages with news in Polish! The goal is to reach the many Poles living in the area.

After easter, the local newspaper will have a testperiod with at least 2 pages of Polish news in the week until June. The response from the readers is vital for the future of this project.

- Vikebladet Vestposten will be the most important information organ in Ulstein and Hareid. Now is the time for newspapers having Polish on their pages, says Asle Geir Widnes Johansen.

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