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Mr Grunwald 31 | 2,084
23 Jun 2018 #1
Hello! Anybody have any questions or want to organize anything in Norway or ask about Norway your welcome to do so here in this thread
Ziemowit 13 | 4,434
23 Jun 2018 #2
Do you know if Ironside, this great Polish patriot, really lives in Norway?
Ironside 50 | 11,145
23 Jun 2018 #3
Do you know if Ironside,really lives in Norway?

No HE doesn't live in Norway. As you should know very well because it was YOU that started fake news here, you jerk!

this great Polish patriot

Better to be patriot than an a-hole like you.


Hi Grundi, long time no see. :)
OP Mr Grunwald 31 | 2,084
23 Jun 2018 #4
I would be surprised if he lived in Norway...

Eyy Ironside!
The rebel base is down, I guess I'll post here from time to time.

How you doing?
Ironside 50 | 11,145
23 Jun 2018 #5
How you doing?

Thank you for asking :)

The rebel base is down,

Posting here from time to time The thing is the place is overrun by boring a-holes. Maybe you will bring in some fresh ideas or at the very least somewhat interesting.

By the way the rebel base had it coming. Told them years ago. The rebel base was devoid of life and spark you all (we all) would do better on exchanging post on twitter.

Anyway I'm glad you are here.

By the way - is Norway overrun by Muslims like Sweden or not? If not, what is refugee policy in Norway and generally what is considered a main stream stance in politicks in Norway?
OP Mr Grunwald 31 | 2,084
23 Jun 2018 #6
Good to hear from you Ironside

When it comes to Norway, it is pretty calm compared to Sweden. There are immigrant areas but not, no-go zones. Norwegian Police can be very harsh even towards native Norwegians, Norway is very conservative towards drugs (including alcohol).

FRP - which is ┬źNational Liberal┬╗ Even tho it has a more socialist streak for the past 10 years, is most active about asylum seekers and integrating minorities (including Poles, which is a tragedy as many lose touch with the Polish language).

The social control is very strict as scandinavian countries don't have that much of a large population.

Openess and tolerance (of homosexuals mostly, any "openess" towards non-western/non-European looks very fake and forced from my perspective) is quite mainstream and the norm to adhere to. Anything outside the box might get you branded as a fascist. So I predict the extremes will only grow, especially on the left as I followed the elections
Lyzko 30 | 7,464
23 Jun 2018 #7
Although Norway is one of the only Scandinavian countries I've yet to visit (not only Oslo Airport), my wife and I just watched 'Rick Steve's Travel To Scandinavia' from 2015, and we can't wait to some day visit the Fjord country! Plus Grieg (half-Scottish on his father's side, a full "Hagerup" on his mom's) is my wife's favorite composer.

Mine as well, along with that other great composer Sindings.

Know any number of Poles who've visited Norway. The other way round? Not quite as familiar.
OP Mr Grunwald 31 | 2,084
23 Jun 2018 #8
There are medical students in Poland from Norway and some like to travel there in the weekends for vodka shots ;)
Lyzko 30 | 7,464
23 Jun 2018 #9
Oh boy, yeaaahhh! Those pre-meds are awful big drinkers, almost as much as the SwedesLOL
Thanks for the reminder.

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