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Is Wes watson a fake?

Strzelec35 34 | 904
29 Jan 2021 #1
is he a phoney? whats the verdict guys?

"we keep a tabs on every white boy in every prison on every yard."

imagine being in such an environment. I wonder if they know what ever happened to Mosh?
OP Strzelec35 34 | 904
29 Jan 2021 #2
Listen to the interview guys and don't believe what dirk tells you. I know the California culture and the California prison culture probably the only Polish person to do so at this level. Dont listen to anything dirk tells you. He would be in any from day 1 and its fine but hed be even extorted or robbed there. But anyway, listen to the interview because its interesting. If you see motherfuckas in the west coast with wood on them as a tattoo it is prison ink or means they did time. Evens swastikas or tear drops mean something. But every yard over there from any on up is way more dangerous than any east coast prison dirk has never been at or Poland.

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